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Trouble- Cassian Andor

Pairing: Cassian Andor/OC

Prompt: Jealous/Overprotective Cassian with fluff ending

Warnings: None that I can think of other than the fact that this fic is a monster lol SO LONG

A/N: This took my DAYS so I really hope it turned out alright <3 I did a lot of research, but I also made up a lot of things so if any of it’s wrong, you’ll just have to suspend your disbelief and find it in your hearts to forgive me lol thank you for reading and hope you like it! xD

“Cassian has asked me to inform you that we will be leaving for Kafrene shortly.”

I placed my hands on my hips, raising both eyebrows. K2 stared back, although it was impossible to tell the expression on his face considering he was a robot. Usually I had to wait for him to open his mouth to pinpoint what kind of mood he was in.

“What? He couldn’t drag himself back here and tell me himself?” I asked, turning and heading back into my room to grab my jacket from the bed. “Didn’t take you for an errand boy, K2!” I called over my shoulder.

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Blue Jay

Jack’s world is being consumed with blue, the blue of the Strike Commander’s uniform and the unwanted status of being a Blue Jay, but there’s still one person who still sees him as just Jack. Written for Reaper76 Week 2017. Day 6 Prompt: ‘In Another Life’ (Alternate Universe/Timeline)

Inspired by @infinite-atmosphere and this POST (nsfw)

Disclaimer: As always Overwatch and its amazing characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

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Haunted House Hero

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Scary descriptions
Summary: Prompt- you’re scared of haunted houses and halloween attractions and i don’t even know you but your friends left you behind (what dicks) so i’m gonna hold your hand and get you through this, alright? (x)
A/N: Happy Halloween! Hope you’re enjoying Halloween - as always, let me know what you think!
Word count : 1014 

Originally posted by halloweenhorrorsqueen

 “Do we have to?” you whined, your best friend tugging your arm. The haunted house loomed ahead and so did your worst nightmare.  

“Come on, please? I don’t want to third wheel with those two” she begged, nodding her head in the direction of your other two friends who were currently cooing at each other adorably. Sighing, knowing your best friend you realised you had no choice so you reluctantly started walking to the attraction. “Thank you! You’re the best!” your best friend exclaimed excitedly following you, while the couple trailed along.  

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It was almost always the same

Remus would head to the whomping willow with Peter, he would make sure no one was around and Peter would transform. His animagus was a rat, small enough to touch the nob on the willows trunk. He would close his eyes, concentrate real hard and slowly he would feel popping, all over his body. It felt like being forced into a very small space, like something was pushing on him from every which way. He would get light headed to start then he would shut his eyes tight, hold his breath, and it would quickly be over. 

He would fall to the ground, his fur would itch at first as he stretched himself out and then he would look up at Remus, Remus always smiled fondly at his friend and would nod his head and Wormtail would scurry off to settle the willow. Remus would climb in, thanking his friend and asking him to hurry back and with that Wormtail would be off to wait till after dinner with the others. 

Inside the shreaking shack there was always a plate and as Remus sat in front of it simple foods would appear, he always asked for simple, light foods as he was often sick just before the moon changed. He ate his bread, his milk, eggs and sausage a couple bites at a time. Remus knew not eating was pointless as Sirius would just bug him about it shortly anyway. 

Just as his muscles started to ache and his head started to fog, like clockwork, he would hear the tree silence above him. He would hear them coming, always James first, Sirius then Wormtail would scurry down. Sirius would start rubbing Remus’ shoulders, kissing him lightly on the neck. 

No one can see the bright moon raising slowly over the castle but Remus can feel it, first he removes his shirt. Then he shivers, his body is covered in beads of sweat and not even Sirius can help him.

“Now!” he snarls and with a kiss on the cheek Sirius and James transform backing against the wall. This is Padfoot’s least favourite part, all he wants to do is help Moony, his Moony. Remus runs to the edge of the shack, he is instantly sick in the bucket by the bed, then with a series or pops, cracks and screams Remus starts to change. First his eyes pop yellow then slowly piece by piece his bones pop and jut out at all different angles. He claws the walls as the moon settles directly above the shack. 

Moony rips through his body and his brain shuts off. 

Moony turns quickly, he radiates with heat and shakes from head to toe.

Padfoot his mind stopped, the red faded, the heat passed.

He ran at Padfoot throwing him against the wall they rolled on the floor for a few minutes. Prongs pushed open the door and Wormtail climbed up on his back. They headed for the forest, Padfoot held the front to keep Moony on track. They disappeared into the trees with a loud howl. 


Apparently today is Trufflu anniversary (or so I’ve heard) but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t waiting for a chance to draw something for this au anyways so YOOO o/

Shout out to skully for coming up with this thing of beauty and also to all the mods who contributed to it, because even if almost two years late to the party, learning about this au was a blast \o/

The Maze Runner: Imagine

Request: Hey I love your blog! Can I have a request where newt is very serious around the other gladers when he’s with you and very loving when you’re alone? And one night he gets drunk and his true self come out! Haha thanks!


“Are you Track-Hoe’s getting your jobs done?” Newt yells over the top of the casual conversations between you “track-hoes”. A few murmurs sound through the crowd of busy workers, telling Newt that they are, in fact, getting the jobs done. You start to wonder, however, why Newt is acting so… formal. He never “checks up” on you and the other Gladers. But he comes over anyway and starts casual talk. Even gives some of the workers a hand.

“How about you, Y/N. You think you’ll be finished by dinner?” His chest is a little puffed out and his usual playful brown eyes turn serious. Is something else going on behind that “manly” face of his?

A few Gladers to your right let out a chuckle, Newt narrows his eyes at them but before he can start something you interrupt, “I’m doing just fine, Newt.” You stick your shovel into the ground, “You okay? Seem a little… too focused.”

He blinks, his chest lets out a little air as it deflates. “I –uh, Alby.” His eyes light up, “Yeah, Alby wants me to look up on each job now and then since there are a lot more Gladers than before.” And for some reason, you don’t find this reason very convincing.


“Oh, and a tip with these shovels is to clasp your hands here,” He points to a certain spot along the shovel, “and here.” Another spot.

You keep yourself from giving him a weird look but instead decide to play with him a little because of the weird way he’s acting. “Can you show me again?”

“Mhm.” He takes your hand into his rough, dirtied ones and places it along the stick, then the other is placed down too. “This way, you can move the shovel deeper into the ground easily.” You stifle a giggle, he placed your hands in the exact same position as they were before.

“Thanks Newt.” You almost let out a laugh but manage to keep it in, you feel the other Gladers’ stares on you two. He lets go of your hands, and the shovel, waves a little goodbye before leaving the Gardens and you watch as he sort-of struts away.

As soon as he is out of earshot, you say, “Wonder what’s up with him…”

A Track-hoe, Garry, next to you pipes up, “It’s actually kind of obvious, to be honest.”

You turn your head and look at Garry, Sam and Jared. “What?”

They look at each other, amusement in their eyes. “Y/N, he’s obviously got the hots for you.”

“Pfft,” You dismiss it with a wave of your dirtied hand. “I seriously doubt that. And why would he talk all… formal to me like that if he “has the hots for me”. He’s probably got something else going on…”

“Oh come on, Y/N. It’s clear as day!” Sam protests.

“He might act formally to you so we don’t suspect anything.” Garry continues.

“He didn’t care how we were going, he only wanted an excuse to talk to you, Y/N.” Jared says with a chuckle.

“But Newt always asks how everyone’s going…” You counter, and for some reason, you don’t even know why.

“Yeah but not like a bloody shuck-face!” Sam replies and all three of them break out into a chorus of laughter.

“Hey, Y/N?” Zart comes up behind you and you turn around to listen to what he has to say. “Mind if you could go help Newt out with collecting more fertiliser?”

Nerves grab at your stomach, by yourself? With Newt? After what the boys said… You feel a little bit excited for some odd reason. But you rationalise your thoughts, Newt is just a thoughtful, caring person. He probably has something else on his mind. “Sure I can.”

The three other boys scoff as you walk past and you glare at them, demanding that they’d slim it before you made them. You carefully make your way into the patch of trees where, apparently, the fertiliser is kept. You spot a weird sort of mound of dirt and bits, and then you see a blond head. “Hey Newt!” You call out.

He turns back to you and smiles, “Sorry to make you help me but I’ve been having an awful amount of trouble with my limp as of late.”

You walk up opposite of him, “All good.” You both proceed to shovel in the fertiliser until both buckets are almost over-flowing. “That should do it.”

You go to lift up one bucket, make a weird face and then lift it into the air only to have your focus burst by a sudden ring of laughter from Newt, whose eyes are trained on you.


“Your –your face. When you lifted the bucket.” He shakes his head, “Was priceless.”

You drop the bucket, a thunk sounds. You punch him lightly in the arm, “Rude.”

“Maybe I should ask you to help me more often if you’re facial expressions are as funny as that.”

“Oh, slim it!” You stomp your foot.

Newt takes a step forward and engulfs you into a sweet, loving hug, “Oh don’t be so serious, Y/N. I’m just bloody joking with ya’.”

You pout as his arms tighten around the front of your chest. “You sure are strange, Newt.” The thoughts from the conversation with the three boys before suddenly pop up in your mind. “Serious one moment and then loving the next.” You pry away his arms and turn to face him, “Is something else going on that you need to talk about?”

His eyes dart nervously for a moment before he looks towards the ground, a nervous itch on the back of his neck. “No, no everything’s fine.”

But, of course, you’re still not convinced.


It’s just after dinner time and the Gladers are out celebrating the new arrival of yet, another Greenie. Another boy. You don’t even know his name, and you don’t even care. You’ve just finished eating your dinner, away from everyone else. Being around these Gladers 24/7 is tiring for you so you appreciate the alone time you get once in a while.

“Y/N!” Newt slurs as he sits down beside you, holding a glass jar of some kind of liquid which smells faintly of alcohol. You look at him worriedly, is he drunk? The liquid spills over the edges of the jar as he shuffles down comfortably, squishing right beside you. You feel slightly uncomfortable, not really used to this amount of intimacy but you put up with it. You expect Newt won’t remember any of this tomorrow morning.

“Partying hard, I see?” You say, your voice filled with amusement.

“If you call that partying then,” his sentence is separated by a small hiccup which makes you giggle, “Then you’ve obviously never partied before.”

“Well, being stuck in the Glade has its limits, Newt.” You say.

“There’s no limits when I’m around!” His voice rises, and cracks a little. He pulls you up from the grass and clasps his hands over yours then does a little twist. You mimic his moves with a smile on your face, maybe you should get Newt drunk more often.

He finishes his twisting and then starts to wiggle his butt. You laugh and so does he as you shake your butt back. If only you two had some kind of music to dance to. “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.”

You raise an eyebrow and stop dancing, “What?”

“Make it last forever friendship never ends!”

“Newt… what are you doing?” Is he singing? But, what is he singing?

“If you wanna be my lover, you have got to give, taking is too easy, but that’s the way it is.” Newt has is eyes closed as he sings and dances, all the while you stare back at him very entertained by his show. He slowly opens his eyes and looks over at you, his head tilts. “Wanna be my lover?” His voice no longer sings, his tone flat and normal. His eyes look soft and warm, the worry from before disappears as if it never even existed.

“Sorry?” You ask, a tone of surprise washes through your words.

He takes a few steps closer and plops his forehead onto your shoulder, your cheeks redden from the touch. “You asked me earlier if anything else was going on.” He sighs, “I lied. There is something going on.” His voice is quiet, but not nervous or shaky like you would expect.

“Wh-what’s going on then?”

“I’m surprised you haven’t figured it out yet.” He lifts his head and his brown eyes stare deeply into yours. “I love you, you shank. But I was too scared to tell you.” He laughs, “Guess this alcohol is good for one thing.”

You open your mouth to say something but no words come out, what do you say to that? It’s not like you don’t like him, you two have been through so much. Hell, it’s been almost a year since you came to the Glade, but you never even considered he’d feel that way about you. Ever.

Suddenly, Newt’s singing voice comes back, “What do you think about that now you know how I feel, say you can handle my love are you for real, I won’t be hasty, I’ll give you a try. If you really bug me then I’ll say goodbye.”

“You’re a stupid shank, you know that?” You say as you realise that he continues the song from before. You wrap your arms around his neck, “I’ll be your lover.”

“Make sure you remind me tomorrow.” He whispers just before you give each other a loving kiss, something you both wanted for a while now.

Hope you guys enjoyed yet another imagine. This was fun to write, especially drunk Newt. The song doesn’t belong to me, of course. 
It’s “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls. (Just to clarify)

Thank you so much for all your likes/reblogs on my other imagines, it means so much to me that people actually like my imagines! Thank you for all the follows too, you guys are the best. 

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You wanted to write something worthwhile. You wanted to make sense of it all. You wanted to tell the truth. You wanted to understand why you felt like this.

You wanted to know why something in you is not satisfied with dull. Won’t sit still in social settings. Asks the wrong questions. Gets nervous and leaves without explanation. Is always scratching itself and looking away. Takes up too much space. Takes up none. Something in you has feet always half-off the ground. Itching to leave. Planning escape routes. Not fully trusting. Always knowing how much money I have in my account and how far that will get you.
—  Lora Mathis, Something In Me
Solangelo Headcanon

I saw this, and I immediately died. I want this to be headcanon so bad.

Saw it from @loveofsunshineandshadows here you go, hoping this satisfies you a little bit.


Nico couldn’t help murmuring things out loud. He just did it. Usually it was in Italian. Usually it was whilst he completed an online course. All things considered, it was understandable that Nico didn’t go to school. But, even if he stayed at camp all year, where they were taught mortal classes, he had missed a lot of his schooling.

So he did catch-up work.

“Parabolas?” He moaned softly, rubbing his eyes. It was getting too late. Maybe he should just pray to his father to do his work for him.

There was a simple solution to his problems that didn’t involve the gods. Instead, he decided that procrastination and a little Will-time would do him well. He slammed the book shut, along with Chiron’s borrowed laptop. It was a far inferior prototype of Dedalus’ laptop, that Annabeth used to own. They were very inferior compared to his.

He shut Cabin 13′s door behind him, crossing the space to Apollo’s cabin. It was very late: Everyone should be asleep. Considering the children of Apollo tended to wake early, they slept early too.

But Will’s bed was empty. Nico crept around in the shadows, peering through all the windows. There wasn’t a single light on, a single movement within the cabin.

Bathroom. Will had a small bladder. If he wasn’t sleeping, he was going to the bathroom. That would be where Nico would find him.

With a hop, skip and a step (Through shadows–it was easy at night), he landed at the door of the boy’s bathroom. He slid through, but there was no one occupying a toilet or urinal. He did, however, hear someone’s shower shut off.


Who was showering at midnight?

Nico leaned around the corner, seeing a certain blonde-haired, sun kissed, broad shouldered figure. His throat closed up. It had only been a month and a half, and no one even knew about them yet.


He had a pair of pyjama shorts on, but was standing by the sink, looking down. Nico’s stomach flipped like an acrobat. He could tell something was wrong. The way Will hunched his shoulders, slouched down, arms retracted in closely to his sides…that wasn’t Will. That was Nico. Will was tall and confident and had brilliant posture and a brilliant personality to go with it.

Nico flushed. He was spying on his boyfriend, mentally making a list about how wonderful he was. He looked at the mirror: Will wasn’t hanging his head. He was concentrating on doing something.

Nico concentrated on Will’s shadow, appearing right behind him. WIll made a faint noise of disgust, before sniffling. Like he had a cold. “Will?”

Fucking–!” Will slipped but regained his balance. The tube in his hands dropped to the floor. If he had been wearing a towel, he’d be buck naked. “Nico!”

“No meddling with darkness, I get it.” Nico batted off Will’s reaching hand. “What are you doing–”

Nico stared. There was a large red, splotchy patch on Will’s toned stomach. It looked very weird. It was also covered in a thin layer of cream. Will snatched a towel off the bench, covering his stomach. Nico picked the tube off the ground.

“Vagisil? An itch relief cream? Will, what are you doing?”

Will’s eyes were red and watery. “It’s n-nothing.” He sneezed.

The son of the god of healing–who never got sick–sneezed. He sniffed, glancing back to Nico, who was glaring. He looked sheepish, but the look turned into shame. He turned away.

“Will? Why are you showering at midnight?”

“So no one sees me.” He said, softly. “Why are you shadow-travelling at midnight?”

“To find you. I got sick of math.”

Will grinned over his shoulder. It didn’t last very long. “It’s nothing, Nico.”

“You’re sick, aren’t you?” Finally, Nico could grasp his payback. “Three days in the infirmary, Solace. No buts.”

Will grinned again. It wasn’t strong, like Nico knew Will’s smiles were. “It’ll be gone by morning. I hope.”

“In that case, you can tell me what it is.”

Will looked down at the ground. The towel dropped away. “I suppose so.”


It was all fun and games until someone released the empousa.Will wasn’t a coward, but he’d rather go back to Chiron and help set up the temporary hospital. He’d rather put his talents to good use, rather than get himself killed.

But the empousa were young and weakened. He had Kayla and Austin and off, hiding in the shadow of some tree, Nico, the constant overbearer of every situation.

If that boy dared to do anything funny, Will would exercise his wrath over that boy.

Will couldn’t help but smile. Kayla asked if he was alright. He had to lie and say he was excited. He truly wasn’t. He hadn’t fought an empousa in a long while…not since the battle of the Titans, he guessed. Maybe whilst fighting Gaia’s army. That had been a big blur for him.

Like most battles, this ‘faux’ battle was a blur too. He was constantly looking around, trying to see if anyone was hurt, if anyone needed help.

“Standing still won’t do you any good.” Someone’s fingers loosely and briefly entwined with his. Will was shocked, to say the least. Nico didn’t even look at him in public. It was kind of…I’m getting used to it, but I’m so head over heels that even looking at you could tip me over completely and blow this whole thing up.

Will had called him out on it. That had been his response. Kind of. Not in those words.

“I figured I’d better be on stretcher duty instead of stabbity-stab duty.”

“You’re always on stretcher duty, sunny boy. Come on.”

“You’re serious?”

Nico looked up at Will, right into his eyes. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

Will grinned. He probably grinned so wide that Nico was blinded. He managed to catch Nico off guard for long enough to steal a quick kiss. Nico’s cheeks went red, a line of blush all the way up to the tips of his ears. He shoved the hair out of his face, muttering under his breath about Will being an idiot as he stalked away. Will followed him.

A loud horn echoed through the woods. “That’s another one. How many left?”

“One, I think. Maybe two.” Another horn. “Okay, now there’s one.”

“Great. I want to steal your laptop and watch Netflix instead of being stuck out here, as useless as a melted marshmallow.”

“That might be your soul, but I’ve seen you practise fight.”

“Against a rice sack stuffed with stuffing hastily stitched together to look like a bigger rice sack stuffed with stuffing. Not a monster.” Will wandered around. Nico stood still, head moving slightly, as though he was listening. Will looked up: The sky was blue, the birds were tweeting, and here were two boys, trying to kill a vampire-monster with a donkey leg.

Will whirled around. The empousa was behind his boyfriend. Grinning at Will. Slowly reaching out her hand, ready to close it around Nico’s thin neck.

Will’s anger spiked one-hundredth-fold. He practically saw his future without Nico flash by his eyes: Misery and regret and blame. He would have sprung from his place if he wasn’t frozen, but he didn’t need to.

The empousa dropped to the floor, curling in on herself. She was sneezing repeatedly. Nico had whipped around, glaring.

“What in Hades’ name…”

“Allergies.” Will said, reaching for his boyfriend’s hand. Relief let his heart start beating again. He could push his knife through the back of the empousa’s ribcage, after watching her nearly end Nico’s life. And he did. “They get you at the worse of times.”

But Will knew that the empousa would be suffering from a spreading rash and an intense head-cold. He could have given her gangrene, but she was already dead.

Besides, he knew the consequences.


“Apollo’s not just the god of healing and medicine. He’s the god of plague, too. It’d make sense, wouldn’t it?”

“Will…” Nico could hardly believe his boyfriend. “Why have you never told anyone about this? It’s really…amazing.”

“Amazing?” Will choked out.

That had been the wrong word to use.

“Amazing. Plaguing people to sickness and death is amazing.”

Powerful. I mean powerful. Not amazing.” Nico stuttered. “Does–does Chiron know?”

Will shook his head. “I don’t want anyone to know. It’s…I hate it.”

Nico knew the feeling. He’d never expect Will to be able to truly sympathise with him about being the child of darkness, but even Will had his shadows and ghosts. They weren’t minor, either. “It’s a part of you. You’ve got no choice but to accept it.”

Will smiled weakly. “I…I always knew you’d understand. Well, actually, I didn’t. I didn’t think anyone did. Would you want to date someone or be friends with someone that could give you the Black Death? Or HIV? Would anyone want to date–”

“A monster?”

Will looked sheepish. “I must look so stupid to you.”

“I don’t think you look stupid. I’m just glad you told me.” Nico grabbed Will’s wrist before the boy could scratch his stomach. “It makes more sense now.”

“What does?”

“Why you chose me, out of everyone else. You think you’ve got this big, bad darkness, and so you can relate to me. Well–news flash–sunny boy, everyone thinks you’re a shining ray of sunlight. Nothing else.”

“But they don’t know.”

“But they won’t care.” Nico rose his boyfriend’s hand on impulse, kissing Will lightly on the back of his hand. “I’m the Ghost King, and I’m not completely alone. I’ve got a few idiots up my sleeve. A boyfriend, too.”

Will smiled shakily.

Nico grasped his boyfriend’s hand, leaning up. He felt pretty smooth. They appeared inside the dark interior of Cabin 13, but Will didn’t notice for a few seconds, a little preoccupied. He yanked himself back, looking around.

Grabbing the nearest pillow, Will his Nico over the back of Nico’s head. “Death boy! No. More. Shadow. Travelling!”

Nico snickered.


You likey?

I love my gay babies. Not my actual babies. Just like…my OTP. Ah!


More oneshots to come. xoxoxo

Deerperfalls Chapter 4: The Other End of the Deal

Hello my dear readers,

Well, time to start ripping your hearts into tiny bits and peaces- MUHAHA!!! No really, I hope you enjoy and like this chapter ;)

And once again, many many thanks to Luciles amazing art for this AU and Bahrlies beta work who makes it readable for you ;)

You can also read the fanfiction here on the chapters here: Ch.1/Ch.2/Ch.3/Ch.4/Ch.5/Ch.6/ Ch.7

The picture you´ll find in the text is my little work this time ^^, I hope you enjoi it!

Chapter 4: The Other End of the Deal

His heart was pounding wildly in his chest while he made his way through the twilight of the forest. His fur was wet, while his hooves brushed the still damp grass of the early morning. Dipper was skittish. Neither his determined thoughts or his calm face could fool the panic pumping through his vines.

The Journal was hidden under the clothes he wore. The thick, green pullover he had brought with him for the summer, a pink scarf Mabel had borrowed from Grenda a few days ago, even if he didn’t know why on earth a mermaid needed one anyway, and lastly a pair of oversized orange gloves he took from Stan. The amount of fabric combined with his fur and the heat of the Summer morning was more than enough to make the sweat bead on his brow. But Dipper gritted his teeth, looking for a quiet place far from the Shack to finally get the answers he was looking for.    

All the times when his behavior slipped he tried to tell himself that it was normal, that he had to live with that, being part deer. He brushed the little voice in his head aside, the one that was screaming at him that something was wrong. He tried to ignore it…

Until this morning.

This wasn’t something that someone could ignore or that anyone could call normal. Because this morning, his itching, sweating body had ripped him out of his dreams. And the very moment his fingers touched his arms to scratch himself he froze. Only a second later he shot out of bed, running for the mirror to find his fear confirmed.


Thick fur, like that of his deer half was covering his whole body, except for his face, the inside of his palms and- of course, his chest.

´Why do I have hair everywhere but there?!`

But the silent anger couldn’t be compared to the panic Dipper was feeling. He was changing, more and more, until-

´No, don’t think about it Dipper.´

The fact was, this wasn’t normal. And it definitely wasn´t part of the deal. If he wanted to know what was going on there was only one way to do this. He had to summon the demon himself.

Dipper swallowed hard, pressing the Journal close to his chest. He had collected the Journal and everything able to hide his new appearance and left the Shack before anyone would notice him missing.

A heavy sigh escaped him as he finally stopped in a clearing in the forest. He took out three of Mabel’s aromatic candles he had grabbed this morning, placing them in a triangular shape on the ground. His nose itched after he lit them and the air began to smell like a mixture of green apple, raspberry and chocolate cookies.  With a deep breath the more-than-half deer boy opened the Journal and found to the right page. Dipper hesitated for a second, swallowing down the heavy feeling in his gut before the summoning chant left his lips.      

“Triangulum, entangulum. Veneforis, dominus, ventium. Veneforis vene tisarium!”

Dipper gasped as the world began to swirl around him, he took a step back, his ears close to his head while the colour began to be sucked into the vortex in the center of his small summoning circle, like someone had pulled the plug of the bathtub. Colour filled the triangular shape on the earth until one big eye opened right out of it, so that his own and Bill Cipher’s contrast was all that was left.  

The demon rose in the air, looking around and coughing, waving his hand in disgust as he looked at the colourful candles that were now blown out. Cipher raised his single eyebrow skeptically, while his voice echoed in the sudden silent forest.

“Where the hell did you buy these candles? In a candy shop? That´s disgusting, even for you!”  

Dipper swallowed. The aura of the demon made his hairs stand on end.

“Sorry that I didn’t have the time to care about that this morning. I was a bit distracted when I saw this!” He gestured wildly to himself, ripping away the scarf and gloves and stripping out of the pullover, leaving him in his plane old shirt and fur.

Lots of fur.    

Bill blinked in fake surprise and circled around him with a thoughtful look.

“Ah, I see.”

Dipper froze as he touched his fur covered neck with one of his black fingers, until he floated up again, forcing the boy to look up to him.

“Well, that’s certainly happening faster than I thought!” he said in a chipper tone.

“You- what?!” Dipper’s mouth went dry, he could feel every muscle of his body going tense at the demon’s statement. “You knew this was going to happen?”

A cruel laugh made it out of Bill’s form, making the whole forest shiver in it´s echo.

“Of course I did. Omniscient being here, remember?”  He pinched the boys tail, making it flick in silent protest, while he eyed his work with a sinister, smug smile that, while non-existant, oozed off of him in waves. “Even if I didn’t expect the progress to be that fast.”

Dipper blinked, he could feel his heart pounding wildly in his chest, telling him to run away as fast as he could.

“You did this? But, why?!” His voice quiver, fear and anger filling his tone. “You promised me that I wouldn’t change!”

“Ah, ah, ah..” Bill scolded him, lifting his index finger in the air. “Not quite, Pine Tree, remember?” A monitor-like window appeared on the demon’s chest, showing Dipper himself with Bill just a few days ago. 

He saw the past Dipper chewing on his lip, shivering when Bill’s cold hand reached out for his shoulder, touching it gently while the demon’s voice brushed his ear in a whisper.

“I promise to change everyone back to their normal, ‘ol human selves.“ he paused. “Everyone… but you.”

The picture flickered out again, leaving a stunned Dipper and a sneaky demon behind.

“See, I only promised that I wouldn’t change you back. And I didn’t.” Dipper could feel his heart sinking in his chest, the amusement in Bill’s voice sending shivers down his spine. His own words came out dry and raspy, he didn’t know if he really wanted an answer to the questions he was asking.

“But why? What’s the point of turning me into- into this?” He couldn’t say it out loud, instead gestured down to himself again. But Bill just laughed, his colours changing back and forth between red and golden yellow.

“Besides all the fun and power I get out of it?” A cold finger reached out to tap against Dipper’s head. “Think, kid.  All of your beloved meatsacks are back human now, after you turned them into monsters.” Dipper could feel the guilt rising again, but this time his own fear was stronger while he listened to Bill. “I needed to replace this monster side in them again. I needed a human part to cover it up and make them turn back.” Bill radiated joy, the fear the boy was feeling in that moment was delicious, getting better every second as Dipper slowly comprehended what that meant for him, but of course he tried make it even sweeter. Such a nice chance to mess with Pine Tree wouldn’t come that soon again.

“Well, let´s make a game out of it!” He circled around Dipper, laying a hand on his shoulder.

“Just whose humanity do you think I used to change them back?”

Dippers eyes went wide, the world suddenly coming out of focus when Bill’s words sunk in.

“Mine…” His mouth was dry, the word left his lips without him notice, the answer kicked everything in place, his strange behavior and the change he had been through, all of this made sense now.

“You used… me.”

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Monster Haus AU Part IV. 

A continuation of this AU. I need to stop, but I’m not going to. Here’s some more random thoughts on the frogs and tadpoles. 

Chowder the Demi-God

  • Chowder has a very odd ability that he doesn’t share with everyone. He is a walking lie-detector. Not even just outright lies either, but anyone with a secret sets off an alarm in somewhere in Chowder’s chest. He can’t always pinpoint exactly what the secret is, but he can still feel it.
    • He knows sometimes he needs to let it go. Not every secret needs to be told, but sometimes it just bothers him until he can’t take it and he needs to know.
    • He’s very sorry. Honestly.
  • He can fly. Just straight up. He loves flying so much and has made a few of his friends fly.
    • Farmer LOVES it. She gets so hype to be up in the air. She thinks it’s romantic and it makes Chowder melt.
    • Bitty gets excited to have someone help with his broom flying, but other than that it makes him nervous.
    • Nursey says he likes it. “It’s chill man, flying around.” It’s not chill, he’s terrified. Hell no please stop.
    • Dex hates it. He has enough trouble keeping his head on while he’s on the ground please put him down he was not BUILT FOR THIS.
  • Chowder’s mother has wings. And scales and fangs and claws and she all together looks incredibly imposing and gorgeous. Chowder has none of this. Yet. It might be coming. For now he’s okay with his slightly sharper than average nails and flying abilities.
    • Chowder’s older sister is just starting to get her wings and her scales might be coming in. Chowder is both jealous and nervous.
  • Sometimes, especially when he’s bored in the net and the guys are playing really heavy offense, he messes around with his powers a little. Not to affect the game or anything, but maybe blow a few of the hats off the heads of the opposing team’s fans.
    • One of the players for Yale is basically a sentient cloud mass in the shape of a person, and once before a game (just to see what would happen) Chowder sent a little air his way. The guy reformed pretty quickly and was just confused more than anything. 
  • He uses his powers 90% of the time to shut Dex and Nurse up, or separate them when their fighting gets too bad.
    • He has knocked Dex’s head off on purpose more than once.
    • He does feel a little bad.
  • No one, including Chowder, is fully aware of the full extent of his powers. He just doesn’t feel the need to explore them that often.
  • His father is completely human and understands none of this, but he loves his wife and children very much.

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I’m pretty sure this is the longest I’ve stayed in Wisconsin in a few years… It’s been two months that my feet have been on the ground, but I’m itching to get to some sunshine, hop on a plane, and get out of my house (my homebody tendencies have been at a whole new level lately!) Next week I am off to Austin, Texas for @illumeretreat and then to Waco for a quick rendezvous (so I can attempt to find @joannagaines and take her picture! 🙈) The travel bug is real, friends. by jennakutcher

yuzu-maki  asked:

Prompt: Widowmaker and tracer get stranded together in the wilderness (as enemies) and when night falls so does the tempature... There's one tent, it's tracers, she seems to keep everything handy, and now she has to keep widowmaker warm by sharing body heat and it's embarrassing as hell. Survival!

(Since Amelie’s body temperature is naturally very low thanks to Talon’s conditioning, I can’t imagine her being bothered by the cold. Nor, unfortunately, can I imagine cuddling being helpful for Lena if it’s like holding onto a popsicle. So! I altered the prompt a bit.)

Like ice in ice, ice in the fresh, suffocating freeze that only the snow and frost could tolerate in comfort, Amelie breathed and exhaled and observed as her throat recalled no tenuous breath, no cloudy footprint on the night air. In that, no proof of the breath, and no proof in Amelie still being alive after her many years of emotional hibernation. Like the frozen web of crystals that littered the grassy matrix beneath her, she sat with solid, cold resilience and watched the fire waver impassively.

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You wanted to write something worthwhile. You wanted to make sense of it all. You wanted to tell the truth. You wanted to understand why you felt like this.

You wanted to know why something in you is not satisfied with dull. Wont sit still in social settings. Asks the wrong questions. Gets nervous and leaves without explanation. Is always scratching itself and looking away. Something in you has feet always half-off the ground. Itching to leave. Not fully trusting. Always knows how much money you have in my account and how far that will get you. Something in you does not match up with the rest of you. Does not flash smiles at polite strangers. Does not brush its hair for a week. Only takes a shower when it is asked to. Something in you knows. And the rest of you wants to find out why.
—  Something In Me, Lora Mathis
?? | mysterymanjoseph

With her tonsillitis being at the very end, she had returned to her usual cheery self. She wasn’t sleeping as much anymore, she focused her time on spending with the kittens, but since the snow had been on the ground, she had been itching to go outside in it. While she knew it wasn’t allowed while she was sick, she was now better and determined to have a day outside. She could open take being cooped up for so long. 

After dressing herself in the warmest outfit she could throw together, she made her way out of the bedroom, practically waddling with all the layers she had on. “Joseph,” she called out as she walked to find him. She didn’t want to go out without him, but she would if she had to. 

You wanted to write something worthwhile. You wanted to make sense of it all. You wanted to tell the truth. You wanted to understand why you felt like this.

You wanted to know why something in you is not satisfied with dull. Won’t sit still in social settings. Asks the wrong questions. Gets nervous and leaves without explanation. Is always scratching itself and looking away. Takes up too much space. Takes up none. Something in you has feet always half-off the ground. Itching to leave. Planning escape routes. Not fully trusting. Always knowing how much money I have in my account and how far that will get you.

—  Lora Mathis, Something In Me
Quote #116 of 365

“You wanted to write something worthwhile. You wanted to make sense of it all. You wanted to tell the truth. You wanted to understand why you felt like this.
You wanted to know why something in you is not satisfied with dull. Won’t sit still in social settings. Asks the wrong questions. Gets nervous and leaves without explanation. Is always scratching itself and looking away. Takes up too much space. Takes up none. Something in you has feet always half-off the ground. Itching to leave. Planning escape routes. Not fully trusting. Always knowing how much money I have in my account and how far that will get you.” 

 -Lora Mathis