ground dogging

I picked up a ‘CAUTION’ thing for their collar(s) today but was hoping to find something that said ‘NO DOGS’ or something more specific…There are leashes online that I can get but probably wouldn’t get here for a couple of weeks. It would be nice to have something so people can see that Lola and Kilo aren’t dog friendly from afar. 

You didn’t realize just how blind you were until you went in and got prescription glasses… Now you can see the leaves in the trees, the pebbles on the ground, and that your dog is actually a tiny dragon.

  • Atsushi: *does something*
  • Akutagawa [on the outside]: Fucking nerd
  • Akutagawa [on the inside]: Talented. Brilliant. Incredible. Amazing. Show-stopping. Spectacular.

This is a statue to commemorate a brave little dog by the name of Leo, who died while saving a little 10-year-old girl who was being attacked by a much larger dog. Leo witnessed the little girl being pinned to the ground by the dog who began biting her. Leo immediately ran to the rescue and began biting the bigger dog on the leg who turned on Leo and let the girl go free. Sadly, Leo was killed.

The statue is located in a park in Serbia so he can watch over all of the children playing. There is a quote underneath that reads “To all small heroes with big hearts,” which is a true testament to the courageous nature of little Leo.

Yknow when you talk to the Hahren of the Dalish clan in the Brecillian forest and you sit on benches around the fire but one person of your party will end up sitting on the ground? Idk why it happened but my mabari is sitting on the bench and I’m fucking losing it.

I could totally see Bertha (elite 4 ground type member from gen 4) having a Zygarde pup. I just thought the idea of a cute old lady with a legendary neon green dog was cute.

Ok we are not nothing.
You know the evening sky
like a drunken mother in a nightgown, you know in the morning when she cracks like the axe split
the cherry tree and lies all cold
on the ground,
and the dog inside pawing
at your red toes, your pre-pubescent growth spurts aching
with the dawn.
Something haunting. Like the echo
of the rubber ball rolling
under the bed that your limbs
have outgrown but you can’t
afford much better, your room is tilted down on this side, lower sunk into the earth, punched and swallowed, but cursed all the same. like a loose tooth.
red dawn on your jam and toast, and your legs stop swinging,
you reach a hand in, and yank at that hanging chrysalis feeling, and lick it when it’s free,
and this is why they’ll call you
bucky butterfingers
you just don’t know it yet
Something ugly, and childish, and smeared around your gaping mouth like blood,
we can just
pretend it’s cherry popsicle.
I tried to cut my fingers off with
safety scissors, you left me all alone behind that fence, those great big sunflowers with moving heads and stiff necks, and yellow tongues, I used to run out back with
milky slopping glue in the corners of my eyes
and eat all the carrots and dirt and hedges I wanted, alone,
until a grown up found me,
and peeled me from the garden by scruff of my neck,
she closed the bathroom door behind me, told me to wash my face with blue dish soap,
and I cried when it stung, when it
made my tongue feel like a slug
in salt, but
I said ouch very quiet with
her wrinkly, rubber hands squeezing in under my
play-doh ribs, cartilaginous and still soft, like a tadpole in mud.
she turned her nose and
said I smelled like a wet dog and
plopped me covered in scrapes
and full of wriggling worms like
fly ridden fruit, her black skirts bit
away the feeding curl of ants I fed my
stale cookies to, she sat me with a towel to dry in the time out room to
be eaten by fat clowns with
clocks for faces, and half past midnight for teeth,
I buckled my mouth, I was brave,
crossed arms and wolf fur under
my armpits, wild thing screaming for her mother
the alphabet backwards
smashing doll houses in
velcro Mary Janes, the
sand box bully, the
monkey bar hog with
wood chip splintered knuckles and callouses to prove it,
covered in scrapes and
caved in and hollowed out
like an empty pint of ice cream,
I have spare band aids in my
pockets, like confetti to a cheap
why are those purple things under your eyes
so big? can’t you do something
about them? don’t you
want to be a better girl?
—  bees and their empty homes