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Story 215: Cultural Exchange

The human steps onto the station from her shuttle, and walks into the scanner.  It flashes - no weapons.  I pity her, though there’s nothing I can do for her.  By tomorrow she will be a slave the same as me; the Gaunvans collect ambassadors like trophies.
“Hello there!  Amanda Thorn, ambassador for the Empire of Humanity.  You’re a Ixian, correct?”
Mimicking human body language, I nod my head.  "That’s correct.  Ix Malasan.  It is an honor to meet you.“
She smiles, reminding me again that she has somehow modified herself to breathe atmosphere suited to the Gaunvans rather than wear a respirator like myself.  Other than that she appears to be a standard human, something I am led to believe is less and less common as they pursue the bizarre compulsion humans have to alter their bodies.  Changing hair color, adding pigments to their skins in patterns and pictures, growing long tails or ears that mimic other species from their planet.  No other known species tampers with their bodies like this.
“Not to be undiplomatic, she says, "but the Gaunvans enslaved your people.  Why are you here?”
“We… reached a mutually beneficial agreement.  We would have lost in combat and been eliminated, so we chose to preserve what we could of our culture.  The Gaunvans are not naturally skilled at diplomacy, so they bring me along to assist and to show that peace can be made.”
She nods.  "Understood.  I can respect that choice.  How much freedom do you have, personally?“
Smart of her, to start planning for her future. "A fair amount.  I have free reign on the ship when we are in transit.  At the homeworld I have reasonably comfortable quarters.”
“Have you ever met the Empress, or…?”
“Oh, no.  No, while on the homeworld I am confined to my chambers - but they’re quite spacious.”
“Shame.  Okay, plan ‘A’ then.  Let’s get this over with.”

Despite my attempt at encouraging diplomacy, the Gaunvan commander starts with threats.  I don’t know why I bother.  He looms over the human, chitinous plates almost black in the dim light.  His pod of six is posted around the room, for show more than for actual security since she followed orders and came alone and unarmed.  "Failure to surrender will bring the full wrath of our army upon you.  Humanity will be crushed, and wiped from the universe.“
To her credit, she looks very calm.  "We live in a post-scarcity society.  Bloody conquest just seems silly, doesn’t it?”
“It is for the glory of Gaun!”
“Well, I’m not prepared to get into a religious debate with you,” she says, “since I doubt there’s anything I can do to change your mind.  Since you’re committed to this course of action, what are you willing to offer if we surrender?”
Now he goes back on script.  Maybe I am getting through to him a little?  He talks about the benefits of being enslaved, mainly the protections for up to twelve designated culturally historical sites.  They’ve been mostly good on their word on my homeworld, though they did use the area just outside of the Hahhn Memorial as a waste dump.

She nods as she listens.  There was a part of me that was worried she would argue, because the humans are somewhat childlike.  They don’t understand the horrors of war.  Certainly they fought in the past, but the last time they had to battle was more than two of their generations ago, so these ones have all grown up coddled and soft.  They play games with each other instead, silly competitions.  They make art, and play pretend, and alter their bodies for fun.  They don’t have weapons anymore, and wouldn’t know how to use them if they did.
“Well then,” ambassador Thorn says, “this is about what I expected.  On behalf of humanity, I would like to formally reject this offer.”
Oh no.  Foolish humans.  The galaxy will miss your innocence.  The commander makes an excited clicking noise, looking forward to combat.  He reaches a blade-tipped hand towards ambassador Thorn, but hesitates as every device in the room bleats out an alert - we’ve all lost communications with the outside.

Like one of the dances humans do, she gracefully pivots around while taking his hand.  She ends up close to him and places her other arm against his thorax, then… oh gods. Gods, what… she’s ripped his arm off.  It’s not possible.  The commander is clearly thinking the same thing, staring in mute shock at his dripping limb.
“I’d like to extend a counter-offer,” she says, and flips the arm around before jamming the bladed end into his neck.  The warriors around the room are fidgeting, uncertain.  They haven’t been told to attack, and don’t want to dishonor their commander by intervening in a fight with such a small creature.  She’s still holding the commander’s severed arm in his neck, but she rotates and heaves, lifting him off the ground with it for a moment… and then his head pops off, landing squarely on the conference table.  She allows the corpse to slide to the ground, and straightens her clothes as if they aren’t covered in ichor.

I don’t understand.

The warriors, now with no orders at all, finally act.  She smiles as they come for her, I suppose because she has done her duty to send this powerful message of resistance.  She can die in peace.  Or… no… She’s killing them.  She’s smiling because this is fun for her.  Though they’re partly killing themselves; if there had been two of them, prepared, strategic, they might have prevailed.  Watching six panicked fighters get in each other’s way while trying to stop a smaller, faster, and somehow impossibly stronger foe is almost hypnotic.  At least one is killed by the stab of a friendly lance due to pure confusion.  It’s over faster than I would have thought possible, severed limbs strewn across the room.  I’ve got some fluids splashed across my clothing.  Only one yet lives, and he is retreating.  She seems to be allowing it.

She follows behind, holding a lance.  The wounded and scared warrior scurries down the hallway towards his ship, looking back behind him as he goes.  She’s just… walking.  Calm.  And for some reason I’m following.  The last Gaunvan reaches the airlock and the second he enters his code she throws the lance - throws it! - and spears him.
“Come on, we’re stealing their ship.”  She says it like this is the most normal thing in the world.
“There are thousands more on board!  Thousands!  Almost all warrior caste!”
She smiles again, and keeps walking.  I see errors on the screens that we pass, messages indicating communications have been lost.  They can’t tell anyone what is happening here.  Even the communicators within the ship are on nodes rather than being wired, so the warriors at one end of the vessel won’t be able to coordinate with the other end.  Do they even know they’ve been boarded?

We enter the bridge after she kills a handful of other guards with ease.  They’re too shocked by her presence to act in time.  Once the door are sealed and she is working on the control systems she starts talking to me again.
“Well, you know, we do like to be prepared.”
“But you… you ripped his arm off.”
“Yeah, that was super satisfying.”  She looks at me appraisingly.  "Oh, come on.  Is it really that surprising?  You knew we were into changing ourselves, right?  Being strong enough to pop an overgrown bug’s forelimb off isn’t rocket science.“
"Your people are so peaceful…”
“Oh, sure, most of them.  But we did that, too.  Tweaked ourselves over the years to decrease aggression and some of our tribalistic tendencies, increase empathy… all stuff that can be undone if needed.  Though for a good cause even the nicest of us can squish a bug or two.”
“You bond with Ry'ling devourers!”
“Those are the big fuzzy guys that look like cats, yeah?  Those guys are adorable!  But… look, liking some things that could kill us doesn’t mean we’ll sit back and get enslaved.  We didn’t put up with it well when we enslaved each other, and we certainly aren’t going to go for it now that we’re… finally… on the same page about slavery being unacceptable.  It was, uh, a longer time than we like to admit before the last hold-outs were convinced of that one.”

I can feel the ship un-dock.  We’re moving.  "What about all the warriors on board?  They’ll break through the doors eventually!“
"Not according to this control panel here.  Take a look.”
It says there’s no atmosphere in the rest of the ship.  Life signs are negative on all but two of the warriors, presumably the only ones that got to their suits in time.  She disabled all the safety measures, somehow.  She just killed… I check the life signs readout again to confirm the number… three thousand, six hundred, and fourteen soldiers.  Wait, how is it tracking that unless… “Are communications back up?”
“Yeah, I’m calling some friends.  The military is right around the corner, so to speak.”
“But Earth doesn’t have a standing military.”
She laughs.  Not just a little bit.  She’s actually doubled over for a moment, unable to catch her breath.  "Sweet Jeebus, you guys actually fell for that?  No standing military.  Have you read about us at all?“

Three ships appear seemingly out of nowhere, and one docks with the Gaunvan vessel.  Once the atmosphere is restored we head to the airlock to meet them, and I’m surprised by an entire platoon of Gaunvan warriors.  Speaking English.
"Okay boys, send your last goodbyes!  This is in all likelihood a one way mission.  Commander Thorn!  It is an honor to see you again, and might I say you look exquisite drenched in the blood of your enemies!”
She bows to him, blushing, and then salutes the Gaunvans.  Or… humans?  Can they change themselves this drastically?
“You’ve got two holed up in here somewhere.  Bridge is clear, have the techs bring the new brain on board.”
“New brain?”
She looks at me like she’s forgotten that I’m here, and then turns back to the others.  "Men, this is our new friend Ix Malasan who has just been liberated from his captivity.  He’s going to be helping with our intel.  Malasan, yeah, a new brain for the ship.  Once this vessel is cleaned up and back in service with a new crew we’ll be able to take it over whenever we want even if all of our boys get killed.  We cooked up a really sadistic AI for it.“
"But how do you know the protocols?  This was your first contact with the Gaunvans, they’ve never lost a ship anywhere near here!”
“No?  There wasn’t a mining colony disaster two years ago?”
“But that was just an accident… and you weren’t even involved in the war yet… and…”

The faux-Gaunvans have finished boarding.  The one that was talking to them before puts a bladed claw on ambassador - commander - Thorn’s shoulder.  "You coming with?“
"Naw.  Orders said I could only come if they allow ambassadors near extremely high value targets.  Malasan here says they don’t, so I need to wait for my next mission back on Earth.”
“It would have been nice having you with us, Thorn.  Well, maybe we’ll see each other again.  Suicide mission or not, I think I’ve decided to live through it.”
“Bold choice,” she says, and kisses him next to his lower mandibles.
He nods at me, then turns back to his men. “Okay everyone, we are now officially on the job.  And what is that job?”
In unison, they start chanting.


For a moment I nearly feel pity for the Gaunvans.  Nearly.  Commander Thorn leads me off of the ship, and I start thinking about what useful information I can provide the ‘harmless’ humans.  Fuck shit up, indeed.

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PROMPT: D & P somehow get into a debate over who is kinkier in bed. Phil says something like 'Just because you have 5 vibrators doesn't make you more kinky. And yes. I know you have them. I hear the buzzing at two am bc I'm a heavy sleeper but you don't know how to be quiet' then cue rough sex

Warning!! Smut: Top! Phil, daddy kink, degradation, dirty talk, vocal Dan, bantz, dom! Phil, coming untouched (twice), coming in pants (once), etc.

~Thinking about it, Dan was almost positive him and Phil had rarely ever had a proper, real argument. It was usually about silly things when they did; anime, editing, memes, etc. Then when they did have an actual fight, it always resulted in them both crying and saying sorry. This time it was different, this wasn’t a real argument, this was leading into territory that hadn’t ever really gone too before.

~Dan and Phil had been joking around, sat in their lounge talking mindlessly about something, tossing back and forth a small bouncy ball they found and laughing. Dan was a lousy throw, missed, and hit Phil in the eye. To which, Phil replied with, “Kinky.”

~Dan snorted slightly and shrugged. “Nah kinky would be if I had called you daddy and threw it at you acting like a pissed off toddler.” He said pointedly, catching the ball and throwing it back. “I guess you’re right. I guess you aren’t as kinky as me then.” He said mostly to joke, throwing the ball back before seeing Dan raise an eyebrow.

~Dan gave him a questioning look, shaking his head before throwing the ball back to him. “Yeah I highly doubt that you’re kinkier than me, Lester.” He challenged, to which Phil smirked in response. “Just because you have like five vibrators doesn’t mean you’re kinkier than me.”

~Dan felt his ears turn red, looking away and blushing, not commenting back. “Yes I know you have them. I’m no idiot, I can hear the buzzing at like two AM. Or at least I would be able too if you knew how to stay quiet.” He chuckled softly, seeing Dan turn even more red.

~Dan finally looked up, shrugging. “I’ve always been vocal. I just figured you’d be asleep by then..” He trailed off, looking away again and blushing once more. “Dan, I’ve been your best friend for years and you still don’t know I’m never asleep at 2 am?” Phil laughed softly.

~Dan shrugged again, trying to brush it all off and play it cool. “I’m still kinkier than you fuck off.” He attempted to change the subject. “I don’t believe that for a second. Just because you moan like  bitch in heat doesn’t mean you’re kinky, or good in bed.” He smirked.

~Dan gave him an offended look, glaring a bit. “Shut up!” He threw a pillow at him from the couch. “Im plenty good in bed, and far kinkier than you could even dream of being.” He said, to which Phil instant denied. “Yeah no. I would ask for proof, but I don’t feel like being disappointed.” He teased, knowing Dan would get more riled up the more he went on like this.

~Phil chuckled deeply when Dan didn’t reply. “I guess I’m right. Dan Howell isn’t kinkier than me, and he’s shit in bed.” He declared, mostly to himself, seeing Dan’s face turn red from a mixture of anger and embarrassment. “I’m great in bed. Maybe you’re the one who sucks in bed, that’s why you’re harping on me so much.” He accused, seeing Phil raise an eyebrow at him.

~Phil brushed off the accusation, leaning back on the couch and putting his hands behind his head. “Sorry, I don’t get affected by very wrong accusations like you.” He hummed. “Are you saying yours against me was false then?” Dan smirked. “No I still think you suck in bed.” Phil laughed, looking over at him with that damn smirk still plastered on his face.

~Dan huffed and crossed his arms, glaring at him. “And what makes you think you’re so damn good in bed?” He asked. “Mhm?”

~Phil laughed, giving him a small shrug and closing his eyes. “I’d bet money I could make you cum untouched before i was even close.” He said casually. “Hell, I’d bet money I could have you begging me for it within 10 minutes.”

~Dan chuckled sarcastically. “Yeah right. You couldn’t get into my pants even if you took me to dinner and a movie first.” He snorted.

~Phil looked over at him once more, pushing his hair off his face and sitting up, chuckling deeply. “You say that because you know it’s true. You know easily I could have you begging for my cock, whimpering and whining for me to fuck you so hard you can’t walk the next day.”

~Dan swallowed visibly at his words, trying to push them away and shaking his head. “Oh whatever.” He denied. “Don’t lie to yourself Danny. I know damn well you want me. All those cries of my name and daddy over and over again in the middle of the night. You always sound so pretty, almost like you’re purposely putting on a show knowing I’m awake. I bet you look even better.”

~Dan was blushing furiously again, shaking his head but not speaking. “Awe..” Phil smirked, moving a hand on Dan’s thigh and squeezing gently. “Getting all worked up, Dan?” He cooed, leaning over and biting his earlobe gently. “Thinking about how nicely I’d stretch you open, how much better it’d be than all your toys, having me fucking into you, holding you down and marking up your neck and chest, making you my property?” He hummed.

~Dan didn’t even try to shake his head in denial, letting a small whimper pass his lips as Phil spoke. He felt himself being pushed back, Phil crawling between his legs in a swift motion and ghosting his lips over Dan’s neck. “You’d like that wouldn’t you baby? My thick cock ruining your pretty hole, teeth sinking into your neck and leaving dark bruises, my cum filling you up nicely..” He started placing small kisses down Dan’s neck.

~Phil moved down the side of his neck, kissing gently, occasionally taking the smooth skin between his teeth and nipping quickly. Dan was squirming under him, quickly becoming a mess. “Fuck..Phil..” Dan whimpered out, hands gripping the older male’s shirt tightly. “What baby boy?” Phil smirked gently.

~Dan whimpered loudly, his head thrown back as Phil bit down roughly and sucked a few proper marks against his throat. “Fuck me!” He cried out without thinking, gasping when Phil’s lips detached from his beck and moved to his mouth.

~Phil kissed him for a while, his hands moving under his shirt and rubbing circles into his hip bones. Dan was whimpering into his mouth, kissing back messily as he wiggled under him. “Please Phil.” He whined when Phil pulled back from the kiss, watching the older male tug off his shirt quickly. Dan did the same, looking at him with desperate eyes.

~Phil chuckled and leaned back down, feeling Dan’s hands fumbling with his belt, the metal clinking and Dan’s moaning the only sound in the room. Dan’s hands moved back, his arms around Phil and his nails dragging down his back once Phil started grinding into him, hips rutting together roughly.

~Dan was coming undone too soon, he felt like a horny teenager all over again as Phil’s hips rolled into his own, the friction of his jeans and boxers against the head of his cock almost enough to send him over the edge already, just needing a little more. He moaned loudly, feeling Phil nip his bottom lip and tug it back, attacking his mouth again for another heated kiss.

~Phil moved his hand down quickly, starting to palm Dan through his jeans firmly. Dan was getting louder, his moans and whimpers bouncing off the walls and drowning out all other sound. He cried out, starting to cum hard, blushing a deep red as he did.

~Phil chuckled softly, smirking. “I guess I was wrong..” He hummed. “About..?” Dan panted slightly, feeling Phil’s hips still pressing into his own. “You are good in bed. So far.” He smirked, his lips reattaching to Dan’s quickly, his hips still rolling into his.

~Dan didn’t take long to get hard again, Phil having some surreal effect on his libido he had never seen before, not that he was complaining. He felt Phil’s fingers hook under his jeans, tugging them down with force until they were on the ground.

~Phil did the same, slowly stripping with him until there was a pile on the ground of all their clothes. Phil reached down, wrapping his hand around the younger male’s cock and starting to stroke slowly, his thumb rubbing over the tip and over his slit repeatedly, Dan bucking his hips up in response each time, desperate for the touch.

~Dan wasn’t quiet, he never was, but in the sexual aspect he was a vocal guy. He liked to moan, he liked to put on a show for whoever was fucking him, and Phil would be lying if he said it wasn’t the hottest thing he had ever seen in his life. “Should we go to the bed?” Dan asked between kissing, whining and pouting when he felt Phil’s hand pull away from his aching cock.

~Phil gripped his ass, pulling him into his lap and lifting him up with surprising ease, carrying him to the bedroom with his lips attached to his neck. Dan felt his back hit the bed, Phil between his legs again and his hand fumbling to the side for his top drawer, finding the small blue bottle of lube and handing it to Phil.

~Phil chuckled, popping the cap and pouring a thick layer over three of his fingers, moving his hand between Dan’s legs and circling his rim. Dan shivered, his thighs shaking in anticipation before letting out a loud, strained moan when Phil slipped two fingers into him with ease.

~Phil worked his fingers in and out of the whimpering, writhing man under him, curling them slowly to try and find his spot. He smirked, hearing Dan cry out, his back arching off the mattress once he found it. He added a third digit, scissoring his fingers slowly for a moment before deciding he was stretched enough, spending a few moments rubbing against Dan’s prostate.

~Dan was whining at the top of his lungs, breathless, covered in a thin layer of sweat and his hair curling against his forehead as he was worked open. Phil was in awe, drinking in the sight and sound of Dan. “You sound so good baby..such a slut for me already.” He breathed, pulling his fingers out slowly.

~Dan whimpered, his legs wrapping around Phil’s hips and trying to pull him closer. Phil chuckled, smacking his thigh as a warning. “Don’t be a greedy slut or I’ll leave you here with a vibrator in as punishment. I could get off on my own, come back later when I’, ready to use your hole for my pleasure, just leave you hear unable to cum with a toy against your spot for a few hours.” He threatened, watching Dan shake his head.

~Phil chuckled softly, smirking. “That’s what I thought baby..” he said, stroking over himself and coating his length with the leftover lube, moaning lowly. He positioned at his entrance, pushing in his tip before pulling out, smirking when Dan whined and started clenching around nothing, his head thrashing back in frustration. “Beg.” Phil smirked.

~Dan pouted, looking up at him and whining loudly, no longer caring. “Please daddy just fuck me! I’ve been so good, I’ve been such a good slut for you. Please just fuck me, use me, ruin me, make me yours.” He begged, gasping and arching his back when he felt Phil push in suddenly.

~Dan’s whole body shook, feeling more full than ever, his hands grasping at nothing for something, anything to grip as Phil started to fuck him quickly, barely giving him time to adjust. It hurt, but in all the best ays. The burning, Phil hitting his prostate dead on over and over again as if he had done this a thousand times, his nails digging into Dan;s hips as he gripped them for leverage. Dan was in bliss, tears in the corner of his eyes from the intense pleasure.

~Phil was breathless, thrusting harder and harder into Dan, their hips slamming together each time he pushed back in. Dan was unbelievably tight, warm, swallowing his cock perfectly, screaming his name. He felt Dan move up, his arms around him again and his nails dragging down his back probably hard enough to draw blood.

~Phil groaned loudly, trying to keep quiet and enjoy the beautiful noises pouring from Dan’s swollen and pink parted lips. “God fucking dammit..” Phil muttered, leaning down and resting his forehead against Dan’s as he thrusted hard. “You’re so good good for me. Taking my cock like you were made too, all these pretty moans and curses all for me.”

~Dan nodded, rocking his hips into him as he was slammed into over and over again. “All for you daddy fuck!” He was almost screaming, unable to stay quiet for more than a moment, the build of his orgasm tightening in his stomach. Only a few short moments later he was coming again, white ribbons along both of their chests, loud shouts of Phil’s name and various obscenities pouring from his mouth at high enough volume he was sure everyone on their floor could hear him, but he didn’t care.

~Phil started breathing heavy, Dan tightening around him as he came for the second time that night, the feeling sending him over the edge. His thrusts became less rhythmic as he grew closer, Dan clenching tightly around him until he came himself, deep inside the younger male, gasping and groaning, his hips moving erratically as he rode out his orgasm.

~Phil collapsed onto him, rolling over and pulling out, hearing Dan whimper quietly as his cum dripped out of him slightly. Dan moved over to lean on him, looking at him and smiling a little. “Wanna nap and then we’ll talk about this?” He offered, seeing Phil nod before they both passed out. 

A/N: Can I just with the fact that I still always listen to Often by The Weeknd whenever I write lmao. This is 2.3 k, so t’s seriously official, I can’t write a short hc. 

Ride Me (M) ~ Jungkook

I wrote this at 2 am and a mystic messenger chat opened so I delayed writing oops

Originally posted by purelyjimin

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut

Words: 1.3k


Jungkook had an obsession. Being young, his hormones ran wild. Meaning that Jungkook was horny all the time. Before concerts, after concerts, while filming ‘Bangtan Gayo’, everywhere.

But that was only part of it. His sex drive was extremely high, not that you minded, but it was high enough that you had to at least give him a blowjob daily.

Jungkook loved anything to do with riding. He wasn’t always submissive, but when you were getting him off, riding in some way always came out of his mouth.

‘Ride my face.’

‘Ride my cock, babygirl.’

‘Ride my thigh, I know you like that.’

Today, it was almost a repeat of last night. Except that it never got boring. He always made sure you enjoyed it, throwing in new kinks frequently. They were in the middle of filming for the 14th episode of Bangtan Gayo. During a short break, Jungkook sent you a text.

'I miss you.’

You looked up from your chair, locking eyes with him immediately. The hair stylist was adjusting his hair, with a comb before walking away, trading places with the makeup artist. She handed him his chapstick, letting him apply it while the reapplied a little bit of his concealer. His eyes were on you and as soon as she took the chapstick and walked away, he smirked and raised and eyebrow at you.

You sighed and rolled your eyes, deciding not to text him back for a few minutes. When he realized you didn’t type a reply, his eyebrows furrowed and he took his seat. As soon as they started filming, Jungkook was focused on the game. Jimin was currently guessing what Seokjin had drawn when you sent him a text.

'Really Jungkookie? What should i do about that?’

He jumped as he felt his phone vibrate and he wanted to see what it said. He turned to the side, out of the cameras view and quickly unlocked his phone, reading the text.

He scoffed and typed a reply in only a few seconds, 'You know what I want. Be ready for when we get home.’

And he turned around and acted like nothing happened, quickly getting back into filming.

“Chim? (Spit)” Jimin guessed, eyebrows furrowed as he tried to comprehend what in the world Seokjin was drawing.

“ChimChim?” Jungkook laughed as he already knew what Seokjin was drawing. Jimin only guessed one correctly and it was Taehyung’s turn. You rolled your eyes, surprised on how he switched so quickly. He crossed one leg over the other and left his hands in his lap, and thats when you started smirking. He could feel your gaze and you watched as he avoided it completely, trying to joke around with Namjoon to get rid of his boner.

You were proud as he stood up, he wasn’t hard. You smiled to yourself as he shot a quick glance at you, showing off how he quickly got himself under control. They finished the episode and as soon as he got to leave, he grabbed onto you and went home as quickly as possible.

“Yah. Someone’s eager.” You smirk as he pulls you into the house. You’ll even admit that you were wet, Jungkook had you thinking the entire time.

He quickly picked you up and carried you to the bedroom. You squealed and wrapped your legs around his waist, hanging onto him for dear life. He laughed and laid you down, beginning to kiss you softly. You hummed into the kiss as his hands began to roam your body. They went down to your hips and he flipped you both over so you were above him.

“Undress,” he ordered.

You quickly pulled off your shirt and unclipped your bra, leaving you with just your jeans and panties. Jungkook’s jeans were tight and black, practically suffocating his cock. But he held on as you pulled off your jeans and panties, throwing them onto the ground with your other clothes.

“Ride my thigh,” he sighs, placing you directly on it. A leg was on either side and he smirked as he watched what the hardness of the muscles did to you immediately. You adjusted your position slightly before beginning to move back and forth, rubbing your clit against his clothed thigh. Jungkook leaned forward and began sucking on your neck, leaving dark red marks on the skin. He bit down on the skin of your collarbone, and then ran his tongue over it, slightly soothing the now broken blood vessels.

You moaned out at the pain but the pleasure you felt at once, you began moving faster and made sure that your clit came in direct contact with his jeans. He flexed his thigh as you moved, the sudden hardness of the clothed muscle against your clit making you whine.

“You like when I do that? Huh,” he flexed his thigh again and you bit your lip, feeling yourself nearing your high. He continued to flex it and just as you were about to reach your orgasm, he grabbed onto your hips and stopped you from moving.

“Sit on my face.“


“You heard me, do what I said.”

You nodded and moved up to hover his face. Your hands went to the headboard and his arms hooked around your thighs, locking you in place. Without a warning, he pulled you down and ran his tongue from your entrance to your clit, circling over the bud of nerves before sucking on it. You shivered and moaned, trying to move with the pace of his tongue but he held onto you tightly so that you were unable to move. He groaned at your taste, the wetness was dripping onto his tongue and he licked it all up. Jungkook pushed his tongue into your entrance and you cried out his name, “Jungkook! Oh!”

Continuing the same pattern as before, he hummed against your clit sending waves of pleasure through your body. You saw stars as your orgasm washed over you, legs shaking in the process.

Jungkook couldn’t get enough of you. He loved the taste of you and kept licking over your entrance until he collected all of the cum he could.

“Good girl. You took that well,” he compliments as you literally rip his clothes off. As soon as he felt your hands on his shaft, he almost exploded.

“(Y/N), don’t. The only place I’ll be coming tonight is inside of you. Ride me,” he says, voice almost dropping an octave.

You nod and quickly line him up with your entrance, slowly sliding down on him. He didn’t give you any time to adjust and started helping you bounce yourself up and down on his cock. Jungkook knew he wouldn’t last long at all, his thumb quickly rubbed your clit as he thrust up to meet your hips, pushing even deeper and right against your spot. He held on as long as he possibly could, determined to get you to cum first.

“Ah! Jungkook!” You cried, walls clenching around him during your release. You could feel his cock twitch as he groaned, releasing into you, slightly whimpering as you tightened around his sensitive member. You could feel the warmth of his cum as it laced your walls with as much as it could.

As you lifted yourself off of him, you softly sighed at the feeling of his cum, slowly sliding out of your entrance. He groaned and turned away, “Go shower before you make me hard again.”

You slid your fingers over your entrance and collected his cum on them before sucking on your fingers in front of him.

“Aish, go do what I told you,” he rolls his eyes and covers his face. Only removing them when he’s sure you walked out of the room and into the shower.


Alec visits “Magnus”

2x12 | You Are Not Your Own | Sneak Peek

too late || isaac lahey

word count: 3954

request:  can i get an isaac imagine where he cheats on you and you two fight and he wont apologize for what he did. and then a mission comes up & it ends where you die in his arms? just really angsty please. maybe base it off of “too little, too late” by jojo?

warnings: lots of angst, breakdown, death

author’s note: this request is from my old blog, but i had the idea in google docs, so here it is! enjoy xo (not my gif)


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Chivalry is dead (Roomate!AU)

Pairing: Steve X Reader

Summary: After a rough night, reader wakes up with the worst hangover and the news that her long time crush is planning a romantic dinner for his date.

Warnings: Reader is a crazy dickhead.

Words: 4K

A/N: This is my entry for @tatortot2701 ‘s AU Writing challenge! (I believe she has still some prompts available) I hope you like it! Tried to make it angsty but I somehow couldn’t.

Originally posted by mackievanstan

“Oh man, oh man… Not again.” You groaned as the first rays of sunlight hit your lids, your arms wrapping around the pillow as you bent it over your head. “This is the last time I’ll–” You were sure your tongue had been replaced by sandpaper.

“It won’t.” The deep and loud voice resonated right in both sides of your temples, making you moan, the soft cushion muffling the sound. “Your relationship with vodka is the longest affair you’ve ever had.” He mocked, still leaning against the door frame, his playful smirk getting wider as he saw you showing him your middle finger.

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Tonight’s All About You

Summary: You’re not super big on sharing your feelings and when dinner goes terribly at your parents house, Bucky helps you forget about it all.

Warnings: angst, abuse, smut; oral sex (female receiving) and fingering

A/N: I needed to write this to escape another panic and depression attack. I swear I’ll get to requests soon.


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Intake (Pietro Maximoff)

Originally posted by marvelprincesspants

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff/Reader
Words: 1000
Warning(s): blood, injury
A/N: its mY BOY PIETROO Im glad to write him im so sorry this took forver.
Request: can you do a pietro one shot where the reader has the ability to absorb other injuries and she takes in all his wounds, almost dying for him but it ends in fluff??

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Little Tease

Pairing: Kyungsoo x reader

Genre: smut

Note: yo yo yo, so haha first smut I’m writing on this platform, I didn’t really proof read so if there are a couple mistakes I’m sorry. So yeah, enjoy.


It was early in the night, the sun had just set and you were currently bundled up in blankets, sprawled out on your best friend’s couch. School had been taking up every second of your time for the past couple of weeks as finals was coming up, you thought that today you should give it a rest and go visit your best friend, Kyungsoo.

“What movie are we watching?” You heard Kyungsoo’s voice come from the kitchen.

“Hmmmm, what about… Star Wars?” You said, you knew he loved Star Wars so there wouldn’t really be any conflict in the matter.

You turned on the movie and felt Soo plop next to you on the couch. He set down a bowl of popcorn on the coffee table and focused his gaze on the movie as it started.
After a while you began to feel bored, the screen in front of you no longer was interesting so you began to let your mind wander.
You started thinking about school, about your friends. And then your mind absently wandered to the topic of Kyungsoo. You two had been best friends since you were Freshmen in high school. You two had grown up together. But as you both started to grow up, you watched Kyungsoo turn from a boy into a man. A pretty attractive one to be exact. It wasn’t long before you started to have feelings for him, your heart would jump every time small touches were exchanged or the way he would say your name, in his ragged deep voice would make you quiver in your seat. But Soo was your best friend. Only your best friend.

You snapped out of your daydream.

“What?” You said, you leaned your head against the couch.

“I’m bored” he said, leaning his head against the couch as well as he shifted his body to face you.

“Me too.”

He got up. Your eyes followed him as he climbed the stairs.

“What are you doing?” You yelled after him.

“I forgot to give you pajamas, plus I think my parents put the bored games up here.”

You climbed the stairs, it’s better then sitting there bored out of your mind. You reached Soo’s room and saw him rummaging through his drawers.

“All I have is an oversized shirt, is that okay?” He asked as he held up a plain white shirt.

“Yeah that’s fine.” You said, taking the shirt.

You changed in his bathroom connected to his room. The shirt was oversized, but it wasn’t as long as you had hoped. Your underwear were definitely going to be on show if you walked or bent over wrong.
You walked out of the bathroom and didn’t find Kyungsoo in his room. You heard noises from what seems to be the living room so you headed downstairs.


“Yeah I’m in here.” You heard Kyungsoo say, probably from the couch.

You awkwardly walked in, trying to not let your panties show by holding the shirt in place as you walked. Kyungsoo was resting on the couch. He had changed into a plain black t-shirt and some gray sweats. His hair was messy and his hand was resting on the inside of his thigh while the other took place on the top of the couch. He looked so hot.

“We can watch the office” he said. You realized you had been staring.

You just nodded your head and took as seat on the couch with what seemed to be a comfortable distance. The Netflix home screen took over the tv and you watched the little pointer click on “the office.“p>

When you looked up from the tv you caught Kyungoo’s eyes, wandering up and down your legs and torso until his eyes met yours. He then quickly and awkwardly turned his attention back to the screen. Did that just happen?
You started thinking. Why was he looking at you like that? His eyes looked dark. Was Soo… checking you out?
This was it, if he wanted to tease you with that little look, then you were gonna tease him right back.

“Hey Soo? I think my phone needs your wifi password again, I accidentally pressed ‘forget’ when I was trying to connect it. Can I check?”

He looked up at me, nodded slightly, and pointed towards the black box on the floor next to the television, “the wifi box thingy is right there, the password should be on the bottom.”


You got up and walked over to it. You then kneeled and bent over slightly. Panties now definitely showing as you put on your little show. You then slowly put in the password on your phone, making sure that Kyungsoo was definitely watching.
You got back up and sat on the couch. This time you say pretty close to Soo, maybe an inch dividing the two of you as you pretended to pay attention to what was going on in the show. You put your head on his shoulder and scooted closer to him, he rested his head on yours and you felt so comfortable.

“Hey.” You said sitting up.


“Can I get something to drink?”

“Yeah sure go ahead” he said “the cups are on the top shelf” you nodded and got up, now in the kitchen.

“Kyungsoo.” You called out.


“I can’t reach the cups”

You heard him enter he kitchen. You were standing on your very tippy toes, your shirt lifting past the waistband of you undies. The next thing that happened shocked you.
Kyungsoo spun you around and pushed you against the counter. His eyes looked dark as he look down at you.

“What are you doing.” He said. You swallowed hard, you didn’t expect the aggressiveness.

“Tr..trying to get a cu…”

You were cut off by his lips on yours, pressing hard and hungrily. His hands were on your hips as you tangled your fingers in his locks. He lifted you up, legs wrapping around his waist as you now moved up the stairs.
Everything was such a blur, you couldn’t believe this was happening. Soo, the one that had been your very best friend was now kissing you and carrying you up to his bedroom. You had dreamt of this night after night, and now it was so surreal.
You felt yourself being pushed up against a door. Your feet now planted on the ground and your clothes were now being removed. The t-shirt that covered you was on the other side of the room as you struggled to lift Kyungsoo’s shirt and put it with your own.

You took in his torso. It was so toned, and he was so tan. You moved your eyes up his body and your eyes met his.
He moved toward you and joined your lips together once again. He spun the both of you around so that you were now walking backwards towards the bed until you felt it hit the back of your knees and you fell backwards. You shifted up the bed, Kyungsoo following after you as he hovered.
His lips traveled down your body. They were so plump, they felt so good on your skin. And then he met with the band of your panties. I assume that they had been annoying him all night by the way he ripped them off your body.
He kissed down both thighs, and kissed everywhere but where you needed him. He was now the one teasing.

“You’ve been a little tease all night. You’re lucky I’m even touching you.” You felt yourself growing even wetter than you were before at his words.

His lips attached to your clit. You became a mess as he added his tongue to the mix. He began to lick and suck harshly, you could barely contain your small gasps and moans. He then inserted a finger and then two. It was all over from there. You came. So hard.

He cleaned you up with his tongue and crawled up your body.

“Wait condom.” He said looking down at you.

“No it’s okay I’m on the pill.”
He simply nodded and once again looked up and down your body.

“Are you sure you wanna do this?” He asked, he seemed concerned.

“Kyungsoo please.”

He aligned himself up with your entrance, then slowly pushing in. He was big. Really big.

Your eyes fluttered shut for a moment at the pain, until he pulled out and sunk back in again slowly.

“Kyungsoo please, faster.”

He obeyed and started thrusting in and out, starting kinda slowly and then picking up the pace.
He felt so good. Your moans filled the room, thank god his parents were out of town, you thought.
He was so deep inside of you, he then lifted your left leg over his shoulder and somehow managed to go deeper. Your screams of pleasure announced that you were close.
He felt you tighten around him and went faster. You came again for the second time tonight and basically went cross eyed from the pleasure.
Kyungsoo followed soon after you and rode through his own orgasm.
He plopped next to you, breathing heavily with a sheet of sweat covering his body. He wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you close to him.

“Are you okay?” He asked, holding tightly.

“Yes, very.” You said, giggling.

“What, what’s so funny” he said, a smile caught his lips as he watched you giggle away.

“I can’t believe we just did that.” You said looking up at him.

He then started giggling with you, so cutely as you laid together.


Note: I didn’t know how to end it!!! I didn’t want it to be cheesy but I also wanted to end it a little cutely so here’s what i came up with. I really hope you guys liked it. PLEASE tell me what y'all thought and send me requests if you would like. 😊

Office hours

Originally posted by got7wings

“Get to my office now.” You heard a raspy voice as soon as you answered your desk phone. You  already knew exactly who it was, and you didn’t want to keep him waiting. You stood up quickly got up from you desk and went to the office, with the door labeled , “CEO Tuan”.

You slowly turned the knob and entered. He was leaning against his desk. His jaw clinched. He didn’t look happy, and he seemed to be impatient so you hurried and walked over to him.

He stared at you for a moment. Your breath hitched, at his gaze. He was lightly biting his lip and as you moved closer he stood up and closed in the space.

“yes?” you asked as you. You tried not to show how effected you were by the look on his face.

“I asked you to come see me last night after work, why didn’t you?” he asked you sternly.

You thought about what you were doing last night, you clearly remembered it involving dinner with a handsome co-worker.

He offered to buy you dinner, since neither of you had eaten and you both worked late.

After a good steak and a bottle of wine you forgot the promise that you made to Mark.


“I kind of just forgot, I’m sorry.” You said. He didn’t say anything. He just started looking at his phone.

“you forgot or you were busy with your date?” he asked. He tilted his head to the side waiting for your response.

His jaw was clenched tightly and his arms crossed across his chest.

You and mark were dating for a long time. He wasn’t the jealous type but every since his promotion, he barely did anything; but work. It was stressing you out; but you didn’t let him know that. You blew him off a lot when he could see you. Loving him and missing him wasn’t the issue. It was just so much work to see him lately. You never wanted to loose him; but you just didn’t try anymore.

“it wasn’t a date Mark, just a bite to eat after work.” You said. You looked up at him, smiling softly.

A smirk stretched across his face, you knew that meant he believed you; but he was gonna play with you.

               You bit your lip, knowing exactly what was coming. It had been a few months; but your body was already reacting to his irresistible look.

Mark closed in the little space that was left between the two of you. His hand snaking around your hip, smoothly. His lips, slowly moving closer to yours.

He leaned in and whispered into your ear, “as much as I’ve missed you, you’ve been avoiding me.”

You didn’t say anything, your heart pounding with excitement.

He was really gonna do this in his office. You and Mark had certainly had made love in some wild places; but you didn’t think he’d be one to do it at work. Mark was very careful and professional. You didn’t know what had gotten into him; but it was already really sexy.

His hand carefully slipped down to your ass, lightly squeezing as he began kissing your neck. You shut your eyes and melted into his arms as rough kisses landed on your neck.

“Did you miss me, baby girl?” he asked between the kisses on your neck.

You nodded quickly, holding in a moan. You knew how good Mark could make you feel, and how loud you could get, when he did.

“Don’t just shake your head at me.” He said, his voice in a low growl.

“what if someone walks in.” you said gripping the bottom of his shirt.

“I told my secretary that I’m taking a break baby, no one even knows I’m still in the building. No one is gonna walk in on us.” He said.

He pressed a button on his desk and it turned the lights off. You were still able to see each other clearly through the light that shinned through the big glass window.

Thank goodness you were on the 23rd floor or anyone could look in on the situation.

“show daddy just how much you missed me baby.” He instructed. He walked behind his desk and sat down in his chair.

You followed him, unzipping your skirt carefully, and letting it drop as you stood in front of him.  

He watched hungrily, his eyes following you as you dropped down in front of him. You rubbed him through his pants as you unbuckled his pants.

He leaned his head back, letting you work on him.

After taking him out you heard a knock on the door. You  looked up at him with wide eyes.

               “shh…” he said, bringing his finger to his lips.

You looked around quickly, grabbing your skirt and moving under the desk.

He looked at down at you, too make sure you were okay, before he told the person they could come in.

The click of high heels rang moved into the room after the door opened. “Your secretary told me you were on break; but I was hoping you were still your office.” You heard.

You tried to recognize the voice; but you could just tell it was annoying.

“I’ve missed you since your promotion, Mr. Tuan.” She said.

You raised your eyebrow, was she flirting with him? You squeezed his leg softly, very much wondering why he hasn’t telling her to go away.

As she began to ramble on about how she’d come visit him, you began recognizing her voice. She was an employee that worked under you. She was one to date around the office, especially the ones in higher positions.              You knew she was always friendly to Mark but this was down right flirting with him.

               You decided he should make her leave. She was getting to giggly and you didn’t like it at all.

You slowly began stroking his still exposed member. He shifted in his seat a little. You slowly brought your mouth to the head of his cock.               You swirled your tongue around him, as your hand moved slowly. As he spoke his voice became unsteady as you worked on him.

You moved your hand up and down around him, as you took him deeper into your mouth. He reached down, lacing his fingers in your hair. He gripped lightly, pushing your head further down on his cock.

You relaxed your throat letting him in more.

“I-I have to get back to work.” You heard him say after clearing his throat.

“I guess I’ll see you late.” She sounded disappointed. You rolled your eyes, pulling away when you heard her heels clicking towards the door.

Mark’s foot tapped impatiently. As soon as the door shut he stood up and walked to it. He locked it as you made your way from under his desk. He walked back over to you, rather quickly.

“Back on your knees.” Mark demanded as you were getting up off the floor.

               You immediately dropped back to your knees, looking up at him.

“That wasn’t fair at all baby girl.” He said.

You smiled sweetly, “it wasn’t fair she was interrupting our time to flirt with you.”

He smiled down at you lovingly,  at you, “You being jealous is the cutest thing on earth.” He said moving closer.

He pressed the tip of his cock to your lips.

You licked around it slowly, before opening your mouth to allow him entrance.

               He slid into your mouth swiftly, rocking his hips back and forth, lightly, as you worked him with your hand.

He leaned his head back, enjoying the warmth of your mouth.

You hollowed your cheeks, sucking in a bit harder. His light grunts filling the room.

You loved the sheer pleasure over his face.

You bobbed your head faster. His hand gripping onto you hair as he moved his hips quickly, pushing  himself deeper into your mouth with each thrust.

he suddenly pulled you up, picking you up and wrapping your legs around his waist. His hands fondled your ass, as he laid you down on the desk.

He looked down at you, with dark eyes.

You were soaking wet through your panties, and as Mark ground against your  clothed pussy, your body shuddered.

You were so ready for him; but he was taking his time.

               He moved your panties to the side. One of his long digits slowly slipping into your entrance. Your back arched as it slowly moved in and out of you. He quickly added a finger. A moan slipped passed you lips.

His fingers stopped immediately. “Daddy needs you to stay quiet baby, or I’ll have to stop.” He said. You quickly nodded, wanting him to continue.

He looked into your eyes lovingly, as his fingers began moving in and out of you once more.

You gripped his biceps, biting your lip, trying to hold in your moans.

His thumb rubbed you clit in rhythmed  circled. Soft whimpers escaping your lips, you ground yourself on your fingers.

“fuck, you’re so beautiful baby.”

He used his free hand to unbutton your shirt enough to reveal your breasts.

He fluttered kisses down them, a soft contrast to the roughness of his fingers inside you.

               “Fuck me daddy, please.” You whispered to him. You wanted him inside you so badly, that you begged for it.

Just hearing those words from your lips, Mark was growling and ready to fuck you senseless.

He pulled his fingers from you quickly. He stood up straight, and pulled your body closer to him.

               In one swift motion his full length was inside you.

You moaned as softly as possible. You reached down and massaged your clit. You matched the swiftness of mark’s thrusts.

You threw your head back. Your eyes rolling back from the pressure.

“Yes daddy!” you moaned out breathlessly. He was fucking you hard, his hands gripping your ass. You contracted around him.

You could feel yourself being pushed over the edge, and marked seemed just as close. His thrust falling out of rhythm.

Mark suddenly pushed your legs to your chest, angling himself, now hitting your g-spot with each thrust.

Your loud moans were muffled by your hand covering it. Your nails dug into his arm.

“That’s it baby cum for daddy.” He growled into your ear.

He pounded harder into your pussy. You climax washed over you like a huge wave.

Your held onto him as he followed you.

He held your body close to his, gently caressing your thighs as you both settled down from your high.

               Mark watched you get dressed with a frown. “what’s wrong?” you looked at him with a soft gaze.

“You’ve been avoiding me, right? When I want to spend time together you always say you can’t, or you forgot about our plans.” He said. He looked very disappointed.

You sat in his lap, laying your head on his shoulder, nodding softly.

“You just got this job. You don’t have time to worry about me too. It’s too much work.” You said.

He wrapped his arms tightly around you.

“No matter how important my job is, I always have time for you baby girl. So let’s spend that time together when we have. Don’t avoid me again. “ he said sternly before softly kissing your cheek.

a/n: i hope you like it 

-admin jazzi🥔 

anonymous asked:

Can I pretty please get some headcanons for Hanzo, Mercy, Reaper, McCree, Reinhardt, and Sombra accidentally walking in on their s/o changing and seeing the deep self harm scars on their thighs that their s/o had been trying to hide from them since they got together?

Before you read, please note that I have never been in this situation before so I don’t have the personal experience. I write solely from knowledge via research, reading, and watching similar experiences that have happened to others, and I apologize if I’ve made any mistakes.

Also, for who’s been in the situation of self-harm in any way, shape, or form, please, for the love of any and every god that exists, talk to people you know you can trust about the situation. Call a hotline. Find help of some form, whether it be a self-care app, talking to a friend online, talking to a doctor or therapist, etc. You’re a bright, beautiful, magnificent person, no matter who what anyone else says or does, and it’d be a great shame to lose someone so absolutely amazing to something so tragic and painful.



  • His heart breaks for you
  • He silently walks over to you and wraps his arms around you, which scared the crap out of you briefly because you didn’t realize he was there at first
  • Then you’re terrified because you hadn’t planned for him to see these, not yet
  • But all he does is hold you and brush his hands along your scars
  • Finally after a while
  • “I’ll tell you my story if you tell me yours.”
  • You are confuzzled so you turn to look at him but he lets you go and removes his shirt
  • He has thin repetitive scars along his sides
  • And there’s thicker ones along his thighs when he removes the rest of his uniform
  • “Now we’re on the same ground. No clothes, a lot of scars.”
  • You’re both a bit emotional, seeing each other like this
  • And then he says it again
  • “I will tell you my story if you tell me yours and we’ll figure out how to deal with it together.”


  • He’s shocked at first
  • The biggest gasp ever made was what gave him away, standing in the doorway of your room
  • You hurry to dress yourself but he reaches you in two long strides and picks you up before you can
  • He just kind of stands there and holds you tight (luckily not enough to hurt you with full-on Rein strength) with his head resting on yours
  • You don’t realizing he’s crying until you notice your hair becoming wet
  • You might try to reassure him that everything’s okay
  • He shakes his head and plants you on the bed
  • Forces himself to stop crying so he doesn’t seem weak/incapable of taking care of you
  • He spends the rest of the day kissing every single scar just about a thousand times and requesting to hear your “war tales”
  • He promises that with every fiber in his body he will listen and that he will be here to help you through it from now on


  • He just walks up behind you while you’re searching for a pair of pants that you approve of
  • You jump and try to cover yourself but he just wraps his arms around you and sways with you a bit
  • He doesn’t even ask about your scars, he just stands there with you and kisses the top of your head
  • Eventually you relax against him and quietly apologize that he had to find out about your past this way
  • He meets your eyes; his eyes are a bit sad but his smile is the most loving thing ever
  • A kiss to your jaw and soft talk in your ear
  • “My brave darlin’, you take all the time you need until you feel like you’re ready to tell me what you wanna say. I’m never leavin’; we’ve got all the time in the world. When you’re ready, we’ll work this out together. All I’m asking you is to remember that I am here for ya and that’s never gonna change.”
  • You know he has his own scars, from a long time ago, when he wasn’t who he wanted to be
  • You can’t help but break down in his arms and he gently picks you up and takes you to bed
  • He doesn’t try to shush you
  • Instead he lays with you and rubs your back as you cling to him
  • “Let it out, sweetheart. I’m right here, just let it go. I’ll be right here every step of the way.”


  • Tbh, as a doctor, she doesn’t handle it the best at first
  • She actually freaks out a bit
  • She practically interrogates you, which only results with you closing yourself off more
  • She’s really not trying to be overbearing; she’s just worried about your health and your safety
  • She leaves the room for a few minutes, allowing you to get dressed and for her to calm down and realize her mistake
  • She comes back and sits with you on the bed
  • Rubs your thighs and tells you that you can always talk to her about anything
  • She’s a medic; she’s seen a lot of battle scars
  • Speaking a lot more gently now
  • Has you promise to talk with her about ways to help you and prevent this from happening anymore
  • Today, however, is a day of her showing you just how much she cares about you in any pampering way that she can


  • He just kind of whispers your name from the doorway, causing you to freak a bit and try to hide yourself
  • He smoke-travels over to you before you can, catching your hands lightly in his and looking you in the eye
  • He looks absolutely devastated
  • “My love, why didn’t you tell me..”
  • You stutter and look away while trying to come up with some excuse
  • You stop in surprise when he drops to his knees and nuzzle your thighs
  • “(Y/N)… I don’t ever want you to think I’m someone you cannot talk to, especially with things like this.”
  • He meets your eyes again, briefly; his are shining with unshed tears
  • “You’re my heart and soul, my perfect ending. I need you to survive.”
  • All the while kissing each of your individual scars
  • “I don’t want to lose you because you feel you need to hide from me. Please, never hide from me.”
  • Then he trails his kisses up your body until he’s standing again, his fingers intertwined with yours while he stares at you pleadingly
  • Please don’t leave me.


  • When she sees your scars, she makes an audible gasp
  • Of course, you finish dressing yourself as fast as you can, and you refuse to look her in the eye
  • She hurries over to you and gently holds you close
  • “I’m so sorry I was unaware, (Y/N). I should have noticed signs or something.”
  • “Sombra, it’s not your fault..”
  • “Well, it’s not yours either, okay? I should have noticed changes or something.”
  • She holds your cheeks and brushes her thumbs along your cheekbones
  • “Please, don’t hide things from me anymore. Okay? Nothing. I want to know everything. I’m going to be there and I’m going to help to the best of my ability, okay? We’re in this together, you and I. I will not leave you.”

Weird things trolls will eat:

  • Bugs, especially fat juicy beetles but any random ass bug off the ground is fine
  • Fabrics & clothing (kanayas favorite)
  • Raw eggs, shell and all
  • Small animals like birds, squirrels and mice (Nepetas favorite) 
  • Grass occasionally 
  • Glue 
  • Toothpaste
I’ll Love You, Always (Part 3)

Story summary: After finally realizing that you and Dean are a bad pair, you decide it’s time to leave him, Sam, and the bunker; to be with Cas.

A/N: There’s one part left after this!!! 

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Smut, oral (female receiving) 

Word Count: 1.7k

Part One | Part Two

Originally posted by mebeingbored1

“So what are you doing here so early?” You asked Cas as you both moved to sit down on the bed. You were quite surprised to see him - but happy.

“I couldn’t wait any longer-” he began, as he took off his trench coat- “Seeing the way Dean was over you was…difficult.”

Your stomach flipped just from the thought of Dean, you had shut everything out during your time alone.

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*Guess who got access to other Chronicle files~~*

[ Chanyeol| Monster ] 

  \ consequences


The dinner was very eventful, you decided with a grin as you could picture the innocent little Haerin biting her frustrated mate. The second Jongdae’s eyes turned red you knew that girl was in some sweet trouble, and you giggled under your breath, splashing water over your face to clean off the suds.

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Kingdom Come Pt. 3 [Damian Wayne x Reader] AU

Pairing: Damian Wayne x Princess!Reader

Warnings: It’s here

Word Count: 947

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The townhouses were burning, people were running, soldiers were lying lifelessly on the muddy road and the fire radiated intense heat. The stench of blood and corpses hung in the air. Children were crying for their mothers, some sitting helplessly beside the body of their parents or older siblings. There were burning piles of what could only be assumed as the dead. It seemed everything was dyed red; the ground, the clothing of the fallen, their dirt-covered skin.

“Cover yourself.” [F/N] heard Damian whisper into her ear as he forced her hood over her head. He maneuvered the horse around the bodies lying mangled on the road. However, she barely registered his command. There were too many thoughts swirling in her head for her to register anything.

When they approached the castle, arrows flew towards them. Damian drew his sword and deflected them all, his arm wrapped around [F/N], protecting her from harm. They quickly got off the horse as unfamiliar soldiers surrounded them, their weapons coated with blood.

Damian pushed [F/N] back. “Stay behind me.” he ordered, staring at his enemies with cold, unforgiving eyes. There was a moment of silence, then the sound of thunder tore that silence apart and the battle commenced.

The young princess stared at Damian as he flawlessly took down his enemies one by one. Even when outnumbered, he seemed to have no problem in destroying them. However, he also showed no mercy. Seeing the way they fell to the ground, a new, alarming thought came into her mind; her parents. With newfound fear running through her veins, [F/N] turned away and ran towards the throne room, ignoring the cries from Damian.

As she sprinted down the hallway, lifting her dress up just like how she did in the grove, she noticed the remains of the castle servants. Her eyes burned when she recognized them; they were such good people, such loyal subjects. They didn’t deserve such cruelty. They deserved happiness and freedom, yet because they were here, in her kingdom, in her home… they suffered this undeserving fate.

When she reached the throne room, [F/N] hesitated. She had no idea what she would find behind those large doors, but she had a sinking feeling in her stomach that she couldn’t get rid of. She knew that behind the doors was a sight she wouldn’t like to see, but she mustered her courage and pushed the door open.

However, before she could open it fully, someone gripped her arm, causing her to gasp and panic. When she saw those familiar emerald eyes of Damian’s though, she relaxed. Her eyes urged him to allow her to enter the room, but Damian simply shook her head and nodded his head towards what they could see through the small opening of the door.

[F/N] peeked through the opening and she knew that what she saw would be forever plastered in her mind.

Her father, her strong, courageous father was kneeling on the floor, holding what was unmistakably her mother. He was shaking–in sadness or in anger, [F/N] couldn’t tell, but she could tell the crimson liquid that soaked her mother’s dress. She could see how her mother laid still, how her hand laid there, drained of life.

[F/N] covered her mouth to stop the cry that would’ve left it. A few tears slid down her face and she wanted nothing more than to run in there and hold her mother for herself, but Damian’s hold on her prevented her from doing so.

“Don’t. You’ll only get yourself killed.” Damian said quietly to her ear.

“You’ll pay.” [F/N] heard her father growl, lifting his head up to face his attacker with grief-stricken eyes. “You will pay, and when that day comes, I will marvel in your despair.”

“I’d like to see your pathetic followers try, old man.” his attacker mocked, gripping the sword tighter. [F/N] knew what was going to happen next, but she couldn’t tear her eyes away. “Any last words, your majesty?

Her father stared at his wife’s killer and spat out, “go burn in hell.”

[F/N]’s eyes followed the sword as it was lifted up. Her hand fell when it came down, and a scream–muffled by Damian’s hand which came to cover her mouth–erupted from her throat when it went through her father’s neck. His head rolled aimlessly on the floor, creating a disgusting trail of blood.

She struggled against Damian’s hold on her and tried to reach her parents, her caring parents who had been slaughtered in cold blood, but Damian wouldn’t allow her. He ignored her pleas and tears and instead picked her up and ran the opposite direction.

“D-Damian! Damian let me go!” she begged, hitting him to no avail.

He placed her on the horse, and when she tried to get off he stopped her. He looked at her sternly, but his voice when he spoke was soft and gentle, “my duty is to protect you, my princess. I beg of you, let me fulfill it.”

[F/N] stared at him through her tears, and although she was angry and miserable and shocked and confused all at the same time, she found herself nodding. She stayed on the horse as Damian climbed on, and she stayed on as he commanded it to run, run as far away from her home as possible.

Droplets of rain began to fall and soon it became a downpour as the world wept for the tragedy that occurred, but no amount of rain could wash the blood that tainted the soul of the princess of a kingdom that was now lost.