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Winter’s Loss

Here’s my truce gift for this year! (take two via tablet since the cell phone ate the formatting 0_0)

@astrophantompines asked for Vlad angst or H/C. I tried to get a little bit of both in there? Much thanks to @cordria for beta reading and helping me out with the ending! I hope you enjoy, and Merry Christmas!


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Maddie was dead.

It was a brilliantly clear, bright winter’s evening. A thick coating of snow covered the ground, glittering in the cool blue light of a waxing moon; bare black tree branches created a delicate network of shadows across the ground that slipped by field by field.

All of this natural beauty was wasted on Vlad Masters, whose barely-contained fury turned his eyes–and therefore the landscape–red. Maddie was dead, victim of a petty cruelty. She was dead, and that was the end of it.

He carried a bulging sack slung over one shoulder, and the odd angles of metal that ground into his shoulder blades only served to fuel his wrath. He’d gotten his vengeance, but it did little to soften the acid eating into his heart.

Little strings of lights winked up at him from a few far-flung farmhouses. They cast soft haloes of red, green and gold onto the snow, all so discordantly festive. Maddie was dead. Just in time for Christmas.

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Imagine #25 || Request #22

Hope this imagine goes well even though it’s short (so sorry about that) :) 


I shouldn’t have read that book.’ You thought over and over again as you felt yourself being picked up from the ground and carried from the field to a room, your chest tightening as your lips started to pale and your vision cloudy.

“Y/N, hey. Look at me,” a voice called. “Y/N,”

“Brett, what’s happening?”

“I don’t know!”

Trying to fight off what you just saw, you forced your lungs to take in as much oxygen with a gasp and before you knew it, your sight changed into Brett’s face looking at you with a worried look that mirrored the faces of the others in the background.

Tears started to fill the rim of your eyes blurring your vision as you felt yourself being enveloped in a hug, a hand rubbing your back in a comforting manner. Stiles and Lydia made their way towards you as Brett helped you up on a bench in the girls’ locker room.

“Breathe,” Brett said with a hand cupping your face, squatting in front of you so you he was on eye level with you.

“Y/N?” Lydia called, holding your hand as she sat beside you and waited for you to respond.

Still staring off into space, you tried to gather yourself and understand what just happened and what you saw but you only ended up with tears flowing down your cheeks uncontrollably. Trying to wipe as much of the waterworks, Brett only wrapped his arms around you tight and just stayed there while Lydia took Stiles out of the locker room to head off to Scott to tell him what happened.

“It’s okay,” he whispered, pressing his lips on your temple then your cheeks.

“It’s not,” you spoke up, your voice cracking. “It’s going to get worse, and you-”

“I won’t leave you,” Brett interrupted, pulling away and cupping your cheeks before he pecked your nose and looked at you with eyes that made you believe him for a second.

Witch Tip: Astral Travel

A relatively easy way to begin astral traveling is with meditative imagining. This method allows a safe way for your mind and body to get used to the experience.

Create a safe place in your mind. Whatever you choose, it must remain fundamentally consistent, even if you change the content. It could be a house, a play ground, a field or a cave. Anything at all as long as there is a set edge or boarder. Mine for example is a birch Grove, but occasionally I will add a pond to swim in or a stone altar.

When meditating, imagine yourself there. The feel of the air, the grass or stone, are their animal sounds? What is the decor like? Make it as vivid as a fond memory. Sink into that day dream. Eventually things in the background will move or function without your thought, and you will focus less on your physical body.

This is a safe space half way between here and there. You can practice abilities and learn who your astral self is. When you feel ready, imagine a way out. A door, a tunnel, an archway of trees. Before leaving,make sure your astral haven is heavily warded so only you and those you explicitly allow can enter.


It would seem that on a number of occasions during World War II, between 1942 and 1944, the occasional need for a high altitude interceptor was met through modification of the Spitfire by ground crews working in the field. These photographs show such modified Mk IX’s and Wing Commander Dereck “Bill” Kain, likely at RAF Idku in Egypt. The aircraft were stripped down with the removal of radios, 20mm Hispano cannon, all armour and it would seem even paint. They used ‘tweaked’ Merlins, four-blade props, only one oxygen bottle and just two .50 cal Brownings, with very little ammunition. Successful interceptions were made above 45,000 feet, with one Ju 86P reported shot down at 49,000 feet.

I’m admittedly actually pretty bad at double battles but nothing will match the satisfaction of double-battling friends when I played SoulSilver and watching as they try to electrocute the fuck out of my Gyarados only to have my Rhyperior’s Lighting Rod activate

in general I’ve always liked taking advantage of the whole-field-effect electric move+ground type partner or whole-field-effect ground move+Levitate/Magnet Rise combos too bc for the most part any Pokemon that can pull off that tactic are also different enough types to cover each other’s weaknesses

solopuppy said: That brings up a curious question I don’t if it’s been answered. If the Grass Field Kingdom is mainly comprised of Grass and Bug types, what’s Ty doing there?

I figured this would be a follow-up. You answered it yourself: the kingdoms are mainly compromised of certain types, not completely.

Fire types wouldn’t be banished to go live in volcanoes, and there are several which belong to the Field Egg Group, which allows them to naturally co-exist in locations that line up to their natural environments.

Typhlosion and Delphox both belong to the Field group, and therefore can live in grassy locations without having a barbaric switch in their brains commanding them to burn the place down.

It’s also how a Pokemon like Nidoking (Poison & Ground, but also Field) is able to lead the kingdom. Certain types are more common, but they do not alone make a kingdom. It’s similar to how nature itself is made up of multiple forces and components.

Every March, thousands of Sandhill cranes stop in Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve on their way to their northern breeding grounds. The fields and wetlands of Colorado’s San Luis Valley provide excellent habitat for these majestic birds. With the dunes and mountains nearby, they dance and call to each other. It’s one of nature’s great spectacles. Photo by National Park Service.

It was part of his life, this routine. After his daily shenanigans, be it with another girl or simply from certain characters, he would stand under the moonlight ground and in the open field. His breath would be so incredibly paced that it was impossible to even observe. He stepped, slipper in snow and swung. He cuts the snowman he had made earlier cleanly with a twig. 

His lack of hearing provides a serenity to his figure that no other can achieve, though… it also provides a keener eye for observation. He knew he was being watched, and turning to where the gaze is piercing him, he stared curiously, and confusedly. Who is his little stalker?


Where To Find Certian Pokemon Types

Normal - Normal Pokémon are the most common and are found in every climate. Look within parking lots, cities, schools, parks, and anywhere with a decent sized population.

Fire - Found in neighborhoods, residential areas, and dry climates.

Ice - This rare type has been found near water, but not necessarily frozen water.

Bug - Open fields, farms, forests, parks, playgrounds, and the countryside in general.

Flying - Similar to Bug types, Flying Pokémon dwell near farms, open fields, and parks.

Grass - Near grassy areas, such as golf courses, farms, gardens, or residential areas.

Water - Near bodies of water, including streams, rivers, lakes, beaches, oceans, or harbors.

Poison - Found near ponds, marshes, lakes, cities, parks, and industrial areas.

Electric - Near industrial buildings, college campuses, and dry climates.

Ground - Open fields, beaches, ditches, streams, railways, and airports.

Psychic - Near the beach, and within grassland locations.

Fighting - Found near local gyms, stadiums, and arenas, as well as residential areas.

Rock - Towns, parking lots, and near streets. Check rock quarries too, for good measure.

Steel - Within cities or near railroad tracks (please stay away from the actual tracks!).

Fairy - Found near churches, cemeteries, monuments, or landmarks.

Ghost - Within parking lots, usually in the evening. Check near cemeteries too, just in case.

Dark - Found in dark places, such as movie theaters, cemeteries, and landmarks.

Dragon - Found in cities, but have been known to appear near golf courses.