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Just a lil something I’ve been working on. 

I like to daydream of different ways Gascoigne and Viola came to possess the music box; I just think it’s cute to imagine that when he was still pretty new to Yharnam Gascoigne was wandering through different shops when he found it. Sharing it with Viola much later on was special.

Also I think I’ve finally found a style I can replicate at will! This one’s nice and relaxing for me to do. I’m glad I discovered it while playing around with lines.

The Zodiac Signs as Kitchen Items
  • Aries: the wooden spoon- sturdy and timeless. The favorite of every grandmother.
  • Taurus: the largest mixing bowl- is a mixture of class and elegance with the most uses.
  • Gemini: the electric mixer- new age, technological, able to get more done in half the time thanks to the dual rotating thingies.
  • Cancer: the slotted spoon- drains out the unnecessary things from life to serve on a plate of excellence.
  • Leo: the spatula- flips the grilled cheese that is life, turning new pages when one side is perfectly done.
  • Virgo: the sink- a necessity in every kitchen, washes away the grime and dirt of life to end up with a shiny heart and soul.
  • Libra: the oven- hot on top and on the inside, and the quality of life is determined by what temperature to use in every situation.
  • Scorpio: the meat tenderizer- uses violence and repetition to de-stress and create the perfectly tender life.
  • Sagittarius: the refrigerator- one of the largest appliances in the kitchen, is larger than life in appearance but is cold inside.
  • Capricorn: the coffee brewer- makes grouchy people less grouch most of the time, but can make things very bitter themselves, so they use artificial things to make themselves sweeter.
  • Aquarius: the turkey baster- scary and intimidating on the outside but tends to bring out the best in people after getting to know others.
  • Pisces: the stew pot- contains many emotions at any given time which tends to lead to an incredible success or an abominable failure.

personally i think what should be in the jojo tag is news, fanart/fic/other fan-made content, mangacaps, screencaps…

pretty much anything but your fucking text posts saying “OH IM STARTING STEEL BALL RUN” or “I JUST BOUGHT A VOLUME OF PART 3” god fucking damn

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Mr. Grouchy Grouch! You have tah come out of there at some point!!

THE SKELETON YOU ARE TRYING TO REACH IS UNAVAILABLE, PLEASE TURN AROUND AND NEVER COME BACK.“ ((after realizing I had a faster blog he just locked himself in there and refuses to leave.))