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The Zodiac Signs as Kitchen Items
  • Aries: the wooden spoon- sturdy and timeless. The favorite of every grandmother.
  • Taurus: the largest mixing bowl- is a mixture of class and elegance with the most uses.
  • Gemini: the electric mixer- new age, technological, able to get more done in half the time thanks to the dual rotating thingies.
  • Cancer: the slotted spoon- drains out the unnecessary things from life to serve on a plate of excellence.
  • Leo: the spatula- flips the grilled cheese that is life, turning new pages when one side is perfectly done.
  • Virgo: the sink- a necessity in every kitchen, washes away the grime and dirt of life to end up with a shiny heart and soul.
  • Libra: the oven- hot on top and on the inside, and the quality of life is determined by what temperature to use in every situation.
  • Scorpio: the meat tenderizer- uses violence and repetition to de-stress and create the perfectly tender life.
  • Sagittarius: the refrigerator- one of the largest appliances in the kitchen, is larger than life in appearance but is cold inside.
  • Capricorn: the coffee brewer- makes grouchy people less grouch most of the time, but can make things very bitter themselves, so they use artificial things to make themselves sweeter.
  • Aquarius: the turkey baster- scary and intimidating on the outside but tends to bring out the best in people after getting to know others.
  • Pisces: the stew pot- contains many emotions at any given time which tends to lead to an incredible success or an abominable failure.

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