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Roller coaster [BTS Jimin Fic]

COUNT → 3169

GENRE → Fluff

PAIRING → You and Jimin

SUMMARY: You are really excited to finally ride the newest rollercoaster of your favorite theme park, but when your friends refuse to get in you have to join seven stranger guys, and sit next to a pink haired guy who looks extremly scared.

N/A: Basically this is inspired by a real life experience I had this summer, althoug I wish the guy was Jimin. If people like i could make a second part, but it’s a drabble for now. 

The summer was coming to an end and you hated every single second that went by. Just a couple more of weeks and you’ll be back in college, which could’ve been worse, you weren’t in high school anymore and that was a win in your book, but still, knowing that you were going back to classes, and deadlines and your-not-so-friendly classmates was torturing you. You time was getting over but you wanted to say goodbye at summer with one last experience, and what best than spend a whole day in your favorite theme park with your favorite friends?

To be honest, you had spent most of the vacations with your favorite girls, but each one of you went to different colleges and you felt the need to have as many experiences with them before stop seeing them for the next months. You already went to the beach, and skating, you spent a weekend camping and even a whole Friday in a spa, a real spa. Parties weren’t your thing, but you end up going to quite a few of them to join your friends, you hook up with a guy, you got drunk, you danced and overall had fun. Now it was time to a last activity, and you loved themes parks.

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This is by far one of my most favorite moments with Ariel. Earlier that day she saw me during the Festival Of Fantasy Parade, and waved at me. When I got to her Grotto, she squealed, and screamed (yes, screamed) just how excited she was to see me. She told me she remembered me from earlier that day, told me exactly where I had been sitting to help verify her story, and then brought up a conversation her and I had 2 WEEKS BEFORE. I’m not ashamed to say I cried. Ariel has, and always will be my idol. As a child, I looked up to her courage and kindness, and always wanted to mirror that in my own life. This meet and greet changed my life forever. <3

if anyone happens to know this friend of Ariel, can you let her know just how much her friend Ariel means to me?

Thanks everyone!


Here’s to the best and last trip of 2015! A big mahalo to my mentor Dr. Goodwil, Bastian the coolest post doc from the Smithsonian, Harry the radest and bad ass dive guide, and Stau one of my best friends/ research partner. Thankful for all that I’ve learned in that short but sweet week. I love what I do and I can’t wait to continue to learn more about our beautiful oceans. 

The sound of weird lyric melody was what aroused me. Chords, vibrations, and harmonic ecstasies echoed passionately on every hand; while on my ravished sight burst the stupendous spectacle of ultimate beauty. Walls, columns, and architraves of living fire blazed effulgently around the spot where I seemed to float in air; extending upward to an infinitely high vaulted dome of indescribable splendour. Blending with this display of palatial magnificence, or rather, supplanting it at times in kaleidoscopic rotation, were glimpses of wide plains and graceful valleys, high mountains and inviting grottoes; covered with every lovely attribute of scenery which my delighted eye could conceive of, yet formed wholly of some glowing, ethereal, plastic entity, which in consistency partook as much of spirit as of matter. As I gazed, I perceived that my own brain held the key to these enchanting metamorphoses; for each vista which appeared to me, was the one my changing mind most wished to behold. Amidst this elysian realm I dwelt not as a stranger, for each sight and sound was familiar to me; just as it had been for uncounted aeons of eternity before, and would be for like eternities to come.
—  H. P. Lovecraft, Beyond the Wall of Sleep

“This is your chance to do something noble,” Fiona said. “You don’t have to remain on the wrong side of the schism.” 

“Oh, Fiona,” the hook-handed man said, and put one hook awkwardly around her shoulder. “You don’t understand. There is no wrong side of the schism.”

The Grim Grotto by Lemony Snicket

I love Fernald’s lines … basically sums up a lot of things about the books …

my fave things abt the sense8 christmas special in no particular order (spoilers ahead!!):

  • wolfgang & sun fighting together and the capheus’ “woooOOOOOOOW”
  • “that’s what family’s for” says riley, who contributed none whatsoever to help the situation
  • the birthday montage bein the happiest thing i’ve ever seen??
  • “u look different” “new barber” “ah”
  • the entire wolfgang/kala sex sequence & rajans………….. incident
  • soo-jin’s sketch that made me cry honestly shes so nice
  • neets & nomi leaving the shelter because they dont want 2 jeopardise other women having a safe place even tho they could b arrested/killed on the outside?? i love them
  • felix making it thru the whole 2 hours w/o being shot again (thank god)
  • lito’s mum?????? an angel
  • kala seeing a pool & INSTANTLY thinking of wolfgang i cant believe this 
  • orgy round 2 except everyone’s in it bless
  • “i hate that word” - including the whole group rage & the range of emotions they all showed it was kinda sad but power to u lito & kala
  • sun! as! a! teenager!!!!
  • & when her brother sends those guys and nomi, will, wolfgang & lito all turn up 2 help???
  • so many scenes like that?? its the best
  • “i’m not going to watch this” “well maybe you should”
  • wolfgang breaking into litos apartment for him bless
  • lito being dramatic:
    • “lito can be a bit of a handful sometimes” “drama queen?” “definitely” “you know i heard that” “oh s h i t”
    • “what are you doing?” “watching my career die in real time”
  • kala + snow = pure happiness
  • sun’s history of breaking nomi’s laptop

notable mention:

  • bug’s love grotto

We had so much fun at the Brockwell Lido Fun Palace this year! 

Mermaid Thalia came along with us for her first event and the pirates made an appearance too =P