grotessa asked:

"calm down Vincy, here" Puts a stack of freshly made toast in his hands. "And you won't be gutting anybody. touch me.. I'll rip your dick and balls off." Smiles sweetly.

“Someones hostile” Vincent looks you over with a mouthful of toast “I like that in a person”

grotessa asked:

"My My, Such a messy eater." Grins and wipes the crumbs off his mouth. "Now tell me Vincent.... are you messy in bed?" Teases sticking her tongue out.

“No i don’t bring my food into bed with me, there would be crumbs everywhere”

grotessa asked:

Well.... Vincent I love you. you fucked my life up. capitalism save you.

“Capitalism always saves me, but some would say you have fallen for a snake in human clothing”