grotesque heads


“She always looked attractive, too. In the early morning when many stars arrive at the studio bleary-eyed, ghostly without make-up, wearing crumpled slacks, dark glasses, some grotesque head covering and gasping for black coffee, Vivien was different. She was immaculate and could have been going to a point-to-point meeting on a lunch date at the Ivy. Instead of the tired toweling wraps or make-up splattered housecoats that one usually sees on a set, Vivien always wore perfectly tailored pure silk cut like a man’s dressing gown- and looked ravishing. Many of her friends thought that with her transparently pale, fine skin her face had some real beauty when she did not wear make-up.” -Gwen Robyns

Sometimes I sit down and think about how sad the Omega Flowey fight really is.

Because you take this small, terrified dude and give him nearly infinite power, and throw him in front of a smaller, horrified child.

The OF fight is obviously a fight where Flowey tries his god damn hardest to make Frisk as scared and helpless as he can, and what better way to do it if not by using everything that scared himself?

All the human bits, the eyes all over, the grotesque fleshy head… He’s terrified of humans, and it’s completely understandable after what he went through- he was brutally killed by them on his first time in the surface.
All the machinery (especially the screen from the true lab)… The place where he was created, the place that started his suffering.
The plants all over, rough, spiky, sharp… His new body, an unfamiliar plant body he found himself in after living as a soft, furry monster for his whole life.

And don’t forget the whole “Call for help, I dare you. Scream into the darkness: Mommy! Daddy! Anybody, help!” “… But nobody came.” bit (iirc, I’m doing this without ref)… Especially when you take into consideration what he tells us in the geno run- how he woke up and couldn’t feel his arms or legs, screaming for help for god knows how long… But nobody came.

And the worst part in all of this?

You know at that point, where Omega Flowey’s defense drops to 0, and his attacks grow weaker, slower, clumsier?
You know how it happens after you call for help, after you [ACT]?
How the souls come to your aid…?

It’s not fair, is it. Why do YOU get help, when he didn’t? Why do YOU get to live, when he was left for his own devices? Isn’t it kill or BE killed? Why are they helping you?

He most likely was having a breakdown. He most likely was desperate to do anything to stop you. He most likely didn’t want to believe that in this cruel world, he never got any help when he was scared and alone, and now you are.

Just a thought.

My own head canon: Darkplier with some inspired from slender man tentacles on his back.

I called it ✌tentacles✌ but it’s not that much soft or slippery. (of course not because it’s not for a sexual situation)
Those things are really sharp, pointy, and edge.

It’s dark colored. Compose of edge tools, piece of Iron and shapes like bug legs(especially a Spider)

It can grab, lift, throw something.
But it mostly do kill somebody. It stab and rip the body in half.
Very grotesque ew.

Officially he does not murder that much easily. He acting nice and soft to every person he met because he looking for some ✌useful✌ for his benefits, not making a friends or something.

If he get mad so badly and finally decide to kill them, then he takes out those tentacles and kill them with it. Still grotesque wow.

Just a game pt 10 (FINALE)

When a college reunion takes an unusual turn, the reader finds herself amidst a game of truth or dare not knowing that at the declaration of dare would change her life into a spiral of trouble with the mysterious clown that lives in the sewers. Now her thoughts and dreams are haunted by him and she knows he loves to play…

…with the death of her friend caused by the evil creature that was Pennywise, the reader is questioned on what she knows about the incident by police officers. But she realises she can’t say it was a monster clown that lives in the sewers, she has to lie if she is to save herself from being wrongly convicted. But it’s the least of her problems for the clown insists on trying everything in its power to keep you in Derry forever, no matter what.

Here we are everyone, the last chapter of this series! Thank you all so much for joining me on this journey, it’s been amazing and we are over 1,500 followers strong! It means a lot to me and I love you all so much! I will be opening requests soon after this fic is uploaded so please feel free to request and/or ask to be tagged in future work! But now let’s get on with this final part…

If you’re reading this but you’re an anti then what the heckle? I’m not in the main It movie tags so how did you get here, hm? Searching for Pennywise fanfictions are we? 👀


You wished their questions would stop and let you scream and cry instead. But that was not to happen, you were to answer where your friend had been last, where you had been last, did you hear anything suspicious or see anything. And you answered them blankly, your eyes glazed over and red rimmed.

You wanted to be alone, to do anything to forget the last moments you had seen of your friend. But it was so fresh and so painful that every time you closed your eyes you would see her struggle, the way she grabbed at the tightened grip around her neck and her legs kicking as the grotesque mouth engulfed her head. The worst part was when her limbs fell limp and her mangled body was revealed. That was something you would remember for the rest of your life.

It was five hours later when you were finally able to leave the station and head to the friend who lived in Derry’s house to stay until tomorrow. There were tickets given to you to make up for your missed flight that day which you were grateful for. Anything to get away from this place. You blamed yourself. You believed it was your fault for being weak against the clown and his advances which ultimately resulted in (bf/n)’s death.

You barely responded to anything your friends said, you simply would stare blankly at the wall in front of you, but not really seeing it though. And when you finally reached you limit, you stood up briskly and clenched your fists.

“I’m sorry. I’m so tired.” You croaked and excused yourself. And that was how you came to be curled up under the covers in your friend’s guest room, the void in your heart aching and tears staining the pillow. Derry was a place of bad luck, of an eternal loss of too many people over the many centuries that the creature in the sewers had existed. And now you and your best friend had suffered at the hands of the bad luck too.

You couldn’t sleep even a wink, your stinging eyes stared blankly at the wall you were facing and laboured breaths pushed past your lips. You wished that the last interaction with (bf/n) hadn’t been arguing. You wished you could have made up and gone to bed with smiles on your faces. But there was no going back, the least you could do for her was to escape the town with her memory for she would never be able to.


Your body shivered at the sound of bells just beyond your bed. The clown had some nerve to show up now and you were more than ready to let him, that thing know it. You shoved the blankets off of your body violently and swung your legs round to let your feet touch the ground and you stood up, turning to the towering figure in the corner. You were seething, rage overpowering your fear as you approached him. He didn’t smile, didn’t show any sign that he even felt emotion at all and you hated that most. He probably didn’t care about what affect his actions had on you. You pointed your finger at him sharply.

“You. How fucking dare you show yourself to me!” You spat spitefully but he didn’t move still. You were directly in front of him and you jabbed your finger into his chest with every word to follow. “How dare you murder my friend, ruin my mind, my soul. I fucking hate you, hate that you fucking exist to scare and intimidate and manipulate people, especially children, and eat them! You’re sickening!”

Something in the creature before you flinched at your words, his expression changing slightly to show a hint of pain but you didn’t care even a little bit. Your anger seemed to boil inside the longer he stood silent.

“Say something you creep!” You snapped, you finger about to jab him one more time but he moved faster, grasping your wrist tightly and pulling you close to his face.

“I am a creature from a place far from here, I have to feed.” He tried but you growled.

“You could just eat anyone except innocents! Fucking criminals instead of children, instead of my friend!” You cried. Pennywise stared into your eyes, his lower lip jutting out in a pout.


You ripped your hand away from his grasp roughly.

“Stop trying to manipulate me!!” You nearly screamed and he paused in surprise. Your chest heaved after your outburst and your head dipped. “it’s just a game. That’s all it is isn’t it?” You questioned him, slowly lifting your head back up. He stared down at you, frozen in place. Clearly he had never been confronted like this before. The choker around you neck had jingled throughout your rant, reminding you it was still there so you grabbed it and yanked it from around your neck and held it up for Pennywise to see. His eyes glowed in alarm and a choking noise bubbled in the back of his throat. You smiled in your delirious state.

“Well I’m sorry, Pennywise, but this game is over.” You sneered and stormed over to the window, pulling it open and tossing the bell outside. It clattered onto the pavement quietly, rolling away in the darkness. You turned back to Pennywise who was watching you carefully, his arms limp at his sides.

“Don’t do this…” he muttered and you clenched your hands into fists.

“Go. Go back to the sewers and have your long rest and by the time you awaken I will no longer be near enough to this place for you to ever bother me again.” You said quietly. And then you noticed how his body had begun to quiver. The quivers and shakes increased until his head shook vigorously, the bells on his suit jangling until saliva flew out from his mouth. You closed your eyes briefly in fear but when you opened them, there was no sign of the clown, not even a small trace.

A knock on your bedroom door brought you out of your trance and you exhaled, walking over to it and opening to reveal your friend’s sleepy but worried face.

“Hey, I heard shouting, are you alright?” He asked and you bit your lip. It was then that you realised you had been crying the whole time, your cheeks wet and your eyes stinging. Now you cried harder, a quiet wail escaping your trembling lips.

“No, no I’m not.” You sobbed and flung your arms around his shoulders and burying your face into his chest. He hushed you gently and rubbed circles on your back to comfort you. For some reason, you felt a weight lifted on your chest. Like everything would be okay eventually. And your new future would begin tomorrow with your departure from Derry forever.


Ten years forward


It rained a lot in Seattle. Nearly every day there would be a full rain shower of a decent amount of rain with at least one heavy down pour a week. You’d adapted to life though and you found it peaceful. You couldn’t really remember anything from 10 years ago, it was very vague and fuzzy and would make you feel uncomfortable so you didn’t bother trying to remember anything.

One thing you had noticed though was romantic relationships never lasted for you. Something just caused a part inside of you to shut down and your feelings would fade and you and your partner would be stuck in a situation neither wanted to be in. You were taking a break now from a guy named Jamie, your relationship barely holding together by a thread.

Sitting on the worn leather couch in your living room, you switched through the channels on the t.v. without really paying attention. It was only when the news channel flashed upon the screen that you let the remote clatter onto the coffee table in front of you and your eyes stared blankly at the screen. You didn’t listen much, only barely taking in the words of the news reporter. That is until a familiar name fell from their lips.

“…in Derry there’s been an alarming increase of missing people, more around the ages of children going missing 17 years earlier than the unfortunate average 27 year gap. Investigators are heading to Derry to try and find out what’s going on….”

Your senses faded out as your mind replayed the words through your head. Missing. Derry. 27 years. It hurt. Your brain felt as though it was pressing against your skull, making you wince. You shook your head and grabbed the remote, switching the television off and standing up to leave the living room. You decided to busy yourself with boxes from where you hadn’t unpacked when you first moved here. You didn’t mind doing such a mundane task because it wasn’t as though you were going anywhere in the rain anytime soon.

There was a total of 10 boxes of forgotten clothes, possessions and other miscellaneous things that you couldn’t even remember about and in the space of two hours you were working on box number 7. Inside were simple clothes that you must have had when you were last in Derry. Every time you grabbed a shirt or a pair of trousers you would unfold them and hold them up to see if they would fit, keeping the clothes that did in one pile and those that didn’t in another. You grabbed a woolen jumper and shook it open and were surprised to hear a tinker of a small piece of metal fall onto the floor. You frowned and discarded the jumper to the side and searched the floor for the unknown object. You stared for a moment when you finally found it.

Attached to a piece of velvety string tied into a choker was a peculiar bell striped white and black. It was worn and slightly battered, showing it’s age. You grabbed it and froze. You remembered something. Pain. Heartbreak. A friend. You shuddered and dropped the bell again.

“No…” You whispered. It was impossible. You stepped away from the damned bell when everything came back to you. The dare, the dead friend. The pain you had felt 10 years ago flooded your senses and tears had begun to threaten to fall because you had never truly mourned when you’d forgotten. One name now settled in your mind and you hated to think of it. Pennywise. The creature that had both frightened you and fueled your sexual desires but was also the murderer of your friend. Just the thought made you feel warm and angry inside. But no matter how you felt about Pennywise the dancing clown, you’d sworn to never return to Derry, Maine.


And that my friends is the end of Just A Game. Thank you all so much for reading! It’s been a rollercoaster but a fun one too! Don’t worry about the end of this series, a sequel is in the works for the future!

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Any tips for someone who wants to design their own species or terato? I have lots of ideas but I don't think they're good enough for their own species and others I have are already overused a lot. Thank you and I really love your art

okee anon, I’m going to reblog a thing that i found recently, but here’s this here:

it’s by @synaya found right here (X)

So overall concept with this is basically human body, object head and it’s seriously so clever, I’m really drawn to this kind of aesthetic where something still has a humanoid body (cause i’m weak oop) but here’s some ideas for creating a character and maybe a whole species.

As for me:

Rooks came out of nowhere, Doll was just a design based off all my aesthetics: (cat + black + fave color combo + humanoid = DOLL) then suddenly came Stud, then Honey, Playboy, Hunk and Jock and so on, I just followed a theme / set of criteria for the species:

  1. Animal Base
  2. Color Exaggeration (multiple colors used in single character, bioluminescence, individualized markings etc.)
  3. Humanoid Torso (regardless of whether or not they had an extra three pairs of legs), Exaggerated Proportions for some (larger hands, thicker legs, broader shoulders, tiny pinched waists) and Animal Properties (claws for some, webbed feet for others, wings for some, ears and tails).
  4. Body Modification / Trauma / Extra/Missing Parts (armor, plating, and wounds, as well as extra arms, extra eyes, missing limbs, no mouth etc.) this is really the only part that appointed to the terato factor

These properties came from what I noticed I was drawing, what similarities each character that kept popping up had. You can see the difference between my original Rooks and the Rooks that I’ve drawn as requests.

But enough about me:

The point I’m trying to get at is for you to use your own aesthetics! The reason the ideas you’re talking about are overused is because people like them!! I know you want to be original, and you absolute can, you have to add your own flare into your characters. If I just stuck cat ears on Doll, gave him anime boy hair and called him a monster, I’d wouldn’t have what I do now, you really just have to think outside the box.

If you have a lot of ideas, write them down and combine two of your favorites. 

I’m sorry I can’t tell you exactly what I did, cause I have no idea what I did, oh my god. Flat out, design a character, design another one. What do they have in common? What do you see that you realize, “gee i tend to use that a lot”. 

With terato, I’m going to explain this in Digimon omg, in terms of monsters, terato ranges from this:

It’s cute, but it’s a monster! Nothing humanoid about him, but if you found that big ol eye staring at you under your bed you have a mild panic attack before cuddling it.

To this:

If I saw him, I’d drop dead, find Lucifer’s armory and nuke him from beyond the grave, I was scared as shit of this asshole when I was younger. But guess what…………….. THAT TINY BBY TURNS INTO THIS FUCKER.

SO!!!!!!!!!! If you plan on making a monster character/species, find your aesthetic first, do you like horror? or do you like cute, but still a monster? (← that’s me)

Do you like organic forms or metal ones, a combination of both?

Do you like solid, dark colors or the rainbow?

Fluffy or scaly? Big or small or ranging? Will they interact with humans? Are they more a cryptid legend or an existing, flourishing species? What would their environment be? 

But REMEMBER NEVER BE AFRAID TO LOOK FOR REFERENCE OR TAKE INSPIRATION FROM SOMETHING ELSE (just don’t fucking copy from someone or i will find you).

Take the Galra from Voltron:

PURPLE every single one of them is a shade of purple, cat like and humanoid. Some have a more humanoid face, others are more beastly. Some have fluffies, some are actually scaly and have armor. Some have soft cat like ears, some have elf like ears. Even with these differences you can see similarities in their species. 

Subterraneans from OPM:

Underground earth dwellers, humanoid figure, steam punkish aesthetic with sort of Mayan inspired armor, dull brown coloring, covered or grotesque shaped heads, gold and jewelry.


It’s all about finding something that you like and individualize each character similarly when it comes to creating a whole species. 

If you need more help, here’s some an ALIEN SPECIES GENERATOR!

I really don’t know what else to say, I rambled and this asks is EVERYWHERE AT ONES OOPS but I hope this helps, don’t hesitate to ask any more questions if you need, I’d be glad to help!

And thank you bby Q///A///Q 

- Dolly ❤

Another Pennywise fanfiction story

Okay so people didn’t pick up on the fact that my story was a joke. So they asked for smut so fine. I’ll write some.

Warning: pr0n up ahead.

There were very few places to get a drink in Derry. There were a couple of bars, but nowhere drastic. You were sat in one of the bars at that moment in time sipping on your favourite drink. But drinking wasn’t your focus point of the night. No, you were there because being single was a major problem. You could only do so much to deal with your desires, it wasn’t the same as another one’s touch. So you were sat there now on a cracked leather bar stool, your eyes darting around to find a potential one night stand. You’d not had such luck yet, however. You grew more frustrated as people came and left the bar without so much as a glance your way. But that was to change. Your senses were heightened as the scent of men’s cologne invaded your nostrils, causing your body to shiver. The stool beside you creaked as the person wearing the cologne sat down on it. You dared turn to see who was there and boy were you glad you had done. His skin was creamy white, hair pushed back and dark. His nose was pointed at the end and his lips were a pretty pink and plump, almost pouty. His must have felt your gaze on him for he turned the stool to you and your mouth gaped. His eyes were brooding, mysterious as they were cast in shadow from his low brow but you were still able to see the colour. They were intensely blue, even in the dark room. He smirks.

“Hi there.” His voice is velvety and deep. You close your mouth and chuckle nervously.

“Hey. Uh, I didn’t mean to-”

“-to stare? Don’t worry about it.” He cuts you off. You smile and push your hair behind your ear. You grab your drink and take a sip.

“So what brings you here?” The handsome stranger asks. You smile a little.

“I- well, it’s not to drink.” You say confidently. The male raises an eyebrow.

“I catch your drift. If it makes you feel any better, I’m here to find someone to fuck as well.” He says. You blush and look down with a smile.

“So forward…I like it.” You murmur. You look up at him and notice he has leaned in close to you. Your automatically place your hand on his thigh and he twitches slightly.

“Well then…stranger, I was thinking of showing you my bedroom furniture, my place isn’t far from here.” You say. He grins widely.

“I would love to have a tour.”

You take this as a sign to stand from your seat and he copies, towering over you. You take his hand and lead him out of the bar. You fail to see his deranged look in his eyes.

It doesn’t take long for the two of you to remove one another’s clothes and to be grinding up against each other, the stranger in between your spread legs. You pull away from the kiss to gasp for air and the two of you gaze at each other’s faces. His hands are upon your exposed breasts and your heart races under his palms, making him smirk.

“Your heart is beating so fast.”

You smirk a little.

“Well, you’re quite rough. I like an animal in bed. Someone who’s a monster.” You say.

This pleases the stranger as his mouth stretches into a grin.

“Oh? You like a monster, huh?” He questions. He slowly begins to move down your body and you shiver with desire. But he doesn’t do as you expect, for he kneels up and stares down at you with blank, now golden eyes. Your brow furrows.

“What are you-”

He giggles and you tense. It’s high pitched and unnerving, much like his stare. And then you’re frozen in fear as he begins to transform before your eyes. His head is grotesquely large, his hair now puffy and orange and his face is pale white and red cracking paint of a rejected clown of sheer terror. He wears silver, out-dated clothing instead of being in only boxers. You quiver.

“What are you?” You dare ask. He giggles and his grin widens obscenely, saliva dripping from his mouth.

“Oh well I’m Pennywise the dancing clown! And the last thing you’ll ever see.” He crackles. You scream as he pounces onto you, his weight pinning you down. You beg and scream as his eyes roll back and his mouth opens, dislocating so much that his face is no longer visible. Within the cavernous mouth are hundreds of sharp teeth. You let out one more scream of fear but it is cut off when his mouth envelopes your face in a ring of pain. The pain is the worst you’d ever experienced and there’s a trio of lights that seem to shine brighter and brighter…and you feel yourself drift.

Pennywise wipes his bloody mouth on his sleeve as he finishes his meal. This was an interesting way of capturing prey, he had to admit, but it was nonetheless a fun way. He left the now empty apartment and was back in the sewers in an instant, back to his lair. Now he had two methods of finding food, and he was certainly eager to find another victim soon…

Okay okay I’m sorry this isn’t what you expected lmao. People didn’t get the point that my story before was a joke and instead requested for something smutty. Thus I tried but I couldn’t. I’m sorry lmao please don’t be mad that I fooled you all again.

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Werewolves: You hint in so many things about Maria coming back. When does she? What causes it? How does it happen? I need to know!

I mean it’s not so much a hint as a foregone conclusion lol. She was always going to come back. I’m not certain when it would happen in the timeline but rest assured that this AU actually exists specifically because of the scene for her return:

The Avengers are fighting a villain. Haven’t decided which villain yet. It’s not important except for that the villain wants the Avengers dead. And Tony, that reckless idiot, dives to push someone else out of the way of harm and gets smashed into a building so hard that the suit dies on impact. Tony is not entirely unscathed. He has a serious concussion; he’s bleeding a little on the back of his head where his skull met his helmet. Confused, disoriented, he struggles his way out of the armor and steps away from it. He can’t focus on anything. He thinks he was probably fighting someone? But his head hurts and the world keeps tilting whenever he tries to focus. So maybe he wasn’t. He takes a few more shaky steps away from the armor.

The other Avengers are scrambling for him as quickly as they can, but the enemy’s closer, and they keep having to duck down to avoid the enemy’s attacks as they try to move in. Natasha actually screams in anguish when the enemy looms over Tony and Tony just blinks up at it and tries to swallow down the vomit trying to surge up his throat. The enemy leans closer, about to sink its claws into him–and then it just… stops. Stands there for a few seconds that feel like hours with its claws inches away from Tony.

Then the enemy’s head tilts grotesquely, as if its neck had been severed, and it crumples to the ground.

There’s a giant wolf standing behind its body, fur dark and dusted with silver, lips pulled back in a snarl. The viscous blood of the enemy is dripping from its teeth, staining its lips and the fur around its mouth. It doesn’t take much thought to realize the wolf had crushed the enemy’s neck with its powerful jaws, had severed the spine and most of the flesh around it with its sharp teeth.

The Avengers renew their endeavors to reach Tony first. Tony is too injured to realize how much danger he’s in. He just keeps staring at the wolf, squinting against the light making his head pound. The wolf takes a step closer to Tony, hackles still up. They need to get to Tony. He’s going to be hurt. He doesn’t see the danger he’s in.

They’re nearing him but not near enough as the wolf takes another step toward him. Clint manages to call out a desperate, “Tony!” But Tony either doesn’t hear him or it doesn’t register.

The Avengers stumble to a confused stop when Tony smiles, wide and bright, and spreads his arms for the wolf to step into. “Mom!”

Once, while I was eating lunch, Taako came over and transmuted my food into this….. Weirdly detailed, grotesque mannequin head? Then he looked me dead in the eye and went “Wow! It’s just like you.”

Then he continued the transmute this head, bending the nose at an impossible angle and jutting the chin out and making it even more horrifying while continuing to say things like “Toe to tip, it’s just like you.” and “Take it to the bank boys, this one looks just like you” while staring at me. 

Was I threatened???

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Companions reactions to Sole bringing home a tamed Deathclaw? Love your page btw!

Cait: “What, the holy shite, are you doing Sole?” she exclaims loudly, staring up into the eyes of the beast, stood contently behind her friend. The Deathclaw snorted in response to Cait’s remark and a small blast of air ruffled Sole’s hair as they just smiled at Cait. They outstretched a hand and patted the Deathclaw on the snout and obediently, the Deathclaw sat on it’s backside, curling it’s tail around itself almost like a cat.
“Fine,” Cait said finally, “Do whatever you like, just keep that thing away from me.”

Codsworth: As soon as he spots the Deathclaw trundling behind Sole into Sanctuary he prepares himself for the worst and tries to get Sole to run away. “Mum/Sir! T-There’s a Deathclaw, right there!”
Codsworth got his flamethrower ready and floated towards the beast, ready to burn him and defend Sole from a devastating attack. However, he stopped in his tracks when Sole shouts at him to wait. They explained that the Deathclaw was completely tame and Codsworth does not believe them at first, staring at the monster who was licking her lips in satisfaction. 

Curie: “Oh my god!” She squeaks, hiding behind a settler who was equally as terrified as Curie when he saw the Deathclaw prowling in through Sanctuary behind the Sole Survivor. The settler ran far away and Sole laughed as Curie stared up at their new pet. “Don’t worry Curie, she’s tame…”
Hesitating slightly, Curie attempted to step closer to the Deathclaw and managed to place her small hand on it’s warm snout. “This is absolutely fascinating! How did you manage to get the creature tame?”

Paladin Danse: “Sole! Turn around!” he shouts, readying his rifle, “Deathclaw…” 
Danse aimed down his sights, being sure not to hit Sole and directed his line of firing towards the Deathclaw’s massive, grotesque head. He was about to pull the trigger when Sole ran closer and threw their arms out, trying to protect the monster. Confused, Danse asked what was going on, not lowering his rifle and still intent on blowing that hellspawn back to where it came from. 
“Danse, it’s tame! Please leave her alone…” Sole blurted out, hearing a soft growl from their new pet in response to the Paladin’s actions. Danse finally lowered his gun, and looked at the beast in shock.

Deacon: Deacon takes one look at the Deathclaw. “Don’t tell me that… Is that thing tame?”
Sole nods and he looks at them and whistles in surprise. “Wow, who are you, a Deathclaw whisperer?”
Sole’s new pet chirruped slightly and shook her head slightly.
“You could say that… Yes…”

Hancock: “Sole! Watch out!” Hancock shouts, running towards them and grabbing them by the arm, starting to drag them away from the Deathclaw. They made it about halfway across Sanctuary before Sole wriggled free from Hancock’s grasp and gripped him by the shoulders to tell him to stop. 
“But, there’s a Deathclaw, right there!” he said, looking nervously over Sole’s shoulder at the monster staring in confusion in the distance.
“She’s not going to hurt us Hancock.”
 “She? Does she have a name?”
Sole let go of Hancock and they spun around to face their pet, calling them over and standing in silence as she stomped through Sanctuary. They outstretched a hand and patted them on the nose.

MacCready: “U-Uh… You, noticed that you have a little friend? Following you? Well not… L-Little…”
Sole chuckles at his response, Mac’s face paling. They simply explain that they went out to go get some supplies and ended up befriending this lonely Deathclaw that had just had her Eggs smashed by some unfriendly individuals. They had no idea how it happened, but it did. 
“Lemme guess, the Deathclaw’s name is Fluffy…” he mumbles, growing uncomfortable as the beast stared directly at him. MacCready swore he could see it lick it’s lips. Sole nodded, and attempted to get MacCready closer to Fluffy.
“Yeah, no. I don’t fancy being eaten alive…”

Preston Garvey: Preston acts fast and he pushes Sole behind him. What was he thinking? Could he really take on a Deathclaw? Especially an extremely large one. “Stand back, I’ll handle it…”
The Deathclaw approached, staggering up to Preston and bent her head down to give his face one giant lick. Not being able to control their laughter, Sole introduces Preston to their new friend.
He is utterly confused as to how this Deathclaw managed to not kill both him and Sole but after a while he begins to really like her.

Piper: She is utterly terrified. She really really doesn’t like Deathclaws at the best of times but one here in Sanctuary? Nuh uh. Piper immediately runs to hide, Sole could handle it by themselves, right?
It took a while but eventually Sole manages to coax her out to see their new friend after telling her that the Deathclaw was fully tame. Piper can’t believe that they are actually going to keep it here of all places.

Nick Valentine: “Don’t be ridiculous Sole… Wild Animals can never be fully tamed. Especially Deathclaws…” he says, staring at the Deathclaw who happily scratched the Earth with it’s talons. 
“Nick, you’re just assuming the worst, this Deathclaw really likes me..” Sole says, trying to convince him that the Deathclaw could stay. He rolls his eyes and takes a puff on his cigarette.
“Don’t say I didn’t warn you…”

Strong: Strong, immediately disliking the Deathclaw intensely, starts to fight it. Sole manages to break the two apart but they were both left with some scars and Sole’s Deathclaw really hated the Super Mutant and made a fuss if she ever saw him again.

X6-88: “This is a foolish decision,” X6 begins, looking at the Deathclaw, “The monster could turn on you at any second.”
Sole tells him that they’ve got it under control and they will train it the best they can, however X6 pulls out his gun and takes their Deathclaw friend down by himself as Sole watched on helplessly.

Dogmeat: He hides at first, growling furiously at the Deathclaw. But after a while, he grows to like her immensely and the two of them pal around Sanctuary together and go hunting.

Make sure you read that last speech bubble in your sweetest, cheeriest Disney princess voice. Anyway, if you ever use the sick sorcery shown above, you’ll sound cheerier than you’ve ever been in your life, and you’ll get glowing reviews from customers, but don’t do it regularly, because it’s bad for your skin.



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