grotesque heads

Sometimes I sit down and think about how sad the Omega Flowey fight really is.

Because you take this small, terrified dude and give him nearly infinite power, and throw him in front of a smaller, horrified child.

The OF fight is obviously a fight where Flowey tries his god damn hardest to make Frisk as scared and helpless as he can, and what better way to do it if not by using everything that scared himself?

All the human bits, the eyes all over, the grotesque fleshy head… He’s terrified of humans, and it’s completely understandable after what he went through- he was brutally killed by them on his first time in the surface.
All the machinery (especially the screen from the true lab)… The place where he was created, the place that started his suffering.
The plants all over, rough, spiky, sharp… His new body, an unfamiliar plant body he found himself in after living as a soft, furry monster for his whole life.

And don’t forget the whole “Call for help, I dare you. Scream into the darkness: Mommy! Daddy! Anybody, help!” “… But nobody came.” bit (iirc, I’m doing this without ref)… Especially when you take into consideration what he tells us in the geno run- how he woke up and couldn’t feel his arms or legs, screaming for help for god knows how long… But nobody came.

And the worst part in all of this?

You know at that point, where Omega Flowey’s defense drops to 0, and his attacks grow weaker, slower, clumsier?
You know how it happens after you call for help, after you [ACT]?
How the souls come to your aid…?

It’s not fair, is it. Why do YOU get help, when he didn’t? Why do YOU get to live, when he was left for his own devices? Isn’t it kill or BE killed? Why are they helping you?

He most likely was having a breakdown. He most likely was desperate to do anything to stop you. He most likely didn’t want to believe that in this cruel world, he never got any help when he was scared and alone, and now you are.

Just a thought.

Once, while I was eating lunch, Taako came over and transmuted my food into this….. Weirdly detailed, grotesque mannequin head? Then he looked me dead in the eye and went “Wow! It’s just like you.”

Then he continued the transmute this head, bending the nose at an impossible angle and jutting the chin out and making it even more horrifying while continuing to say things like “Toe to tip, it’s just like you.” and “Take it to the bank boys, this one looks just like you” while staring at me. 

Was I threatened???

Make sure you read that last speech bubble in your sweetest, cheeriest Disney princess voice. Anyway, if you ever use the sick sorcery shown above, you’ll sound cheerier than you’ve ever been in your life, and you’ll get glowing reviews from customers, but don’t do it regularly, because it’s bad for your skin.



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I’m not a music writer but I wanna talk about the tough divinity in women, about how it sounds in our music, about grimes and fka twigs and dawn Richards and kelly lee Owens. I wanna talk about the grotesque heads of the hostas pushing their way out of the matted dirt and slime in my garden beds, twisted cronenberg clusters shedding worm castings to reach the light and air where they can unfurl. How long do they spend underground before they crown? How many of them die before we see them? How shallowly we eye them, commenting on color & stripe & bloom & leaf. We forget the frost. We forget the war they fought to reach us. We do them a disservice to call them pretty. They’re miracles.

the-angry-ox-man  asked:

Companions reactions to Sole bringing home a tamed Deathclaw? Love your page btw!

Cait: “What, the holy shite, are you doing Sole?” she exclaims loudly, staring up into the eyes of the beast, stood contently behind her friend. The Deathclaw snorted in response to Cait’s remark and a small blast of air ruffled Sole’s hair as they just smiled at Cait. They outstretched a hand and patted the Deathclaw on the snout and obediently, the Deathclaw sat on it’s backside, curling it’s tail around itself almost like a cat.
“Fine,” Cait said finally, “Do whatever you like, just keep that thing away from me.”

Codsworth: As soon as he spots the Deathclaw trundling behind Sole into Sanctuary he prepares himself for the worst and tries to get Sole to run away. “Mum/Sir! T-There’s a Deathclaw, right there!”
Codsworth got his flamethrower ready and floated towards the beast, ready to burn him and defend Sole from a devastating attack. However, he stopped in his tracks when Sole shouts at him to wait. They explained that the Deathclaw was completely tame and Codsworth does not believe them at first, staring at the monster who was licking her lips in satisfaction. 

Curie: “Oh my god!” She squeaks, hiding behind a settler who was equally as terrified as Curie when he saw the Deathclaw prowling in through Sanctuary behind the Sole Survivor. The settler ran far away and Sole laughed as Curie stared up at their new pet. “Don’t worry Curie, she’s tame…”
Hesitating slightly, Curie attempted to step closer to the Deathclaw and managed to place her small hand on it’s warm snout. “This is absolutely fascinating! How did you manage to get the creature tame?”

Paladin Danse: “Sole! Turn around!” he shouts, readying his rifle, “Deathclaw…” 
Danse aimed down his sights, being sure not to hit Sole and directed his line of firing towards the Deathclaw’s massive, grotesque head. He was about to pull the trigger when Sole ran closer and threw their arms out, trying to protect the monster. Confused, Danse asked what was going on, not lowering his rifle and still intent on blowing that hellspawn back to where it came from. 
“Danse, it’s tame! Please leave her alone…” Sole blurted out, hearing a soft growl from their new pet in response to the Paladin’s actions. Danse finally lowered his gun, and looked at the beast in shock.

Deacon: Deacon takes one look at the Deathclaw. “Don’t tell me that… Is that thing tame?”
Sole nods and he looks at them and whistles in surprise. “Wow, who are you, a Deathclaw whisperer?”
Sole’s new pet chirruped slightly and shook her head slightly.
“You could say that… Yes…”

Hancock: “Sole! Watch out!” Hancock shouts, running towards them and grabbing them by the arm, starting to drag them away from the Deathclaw. They made it about halfway across Sanctuary before Sole wriggled free from Hancock’s grasp and gripped him by the shoulders to tell him to stop. 
“But, there’s a Deathclaw, right there!” he said, looking nervously over Sole’s shoulder at the monster staring in confusion in the distance.
“She’s not going to hurt us Hancock.”
 “She? Does she have a name?”
Sole let go of Hancock and they spun around to face their pet, calling them over and standing in silence as she stomped through Sanctuary. They outstretched a hand and patted them on the nose.

MacCready: “U-Uh… You, noticed that you have a little friend? Following you? Well not… L-Little…”
Sole chuckles at his response, Mac’s face paling. They simply explain that they went out to go get some supplies and ended up befriending this lonely Deathclaw that had just had her Eggs smashed by some unfriendly individuals. They had no idea how it happened, but it did. 
“Lemme guess, the Deathclaw’s name is Fluffy…” he mumbles, growing uncomfortable as the beast stared directly at him. MacCready swore he could see it lick it’s lips. Sole nodded, and attempted to get MacCready closer to Fluffy.
“Yeah, no. I don’t fancy being eaten alive…”

Preston Garvey: Preston acts fast and he pushes Sole behind him. What was he thinking? Could he really take on a Deathclaw? Especially an extremely large one. “Stand back, I’ll handle it…”
The Deathclaw approached, staggering up to Preston and bent her head down to give his face one giant lick. Not being able to control their laughter, Sole introduces Preston to their new friend.
He is utterly confused as to how this Deathclaw managed to not kill both him and Sole but after a while he begins to really like her.

Piper: She is utterly terrified. She really really doesn’t like Deathclaws at the best of times but one here in Sanctuary? Nuh uh. Piper immediately runs to hide, Sole could handle it by themselves, right?
It took a while but eventually Sole manages to coax her out to see their new friend after telling her that the Deathclaw was fully tame. Piper can’t believe that they are actually going to keep it here of all places.

Nick Valentine: “Don’t be ridiculous Sole… Wild Animals can never be fully tamed. Especially Deathclaws…” he says, staring at the Deathclaw who happily scratched the Earth with it’s talons. 
“Nick, you’re just assuming the worst, this Deathclaw really likes me..” Sole says, trying to convince him that the Deathclaw could stay. He rolls his eyes and takes a puff on his cigarette.
“Don’t say I didn’t warn you…”

Strong: Strong, immediately disliking the Deathclaw intensely, starts to fight it. Sole manages to break the two apart but they were both left with some scars and Sole’s Deathclaw really hated the Super Mutant and made a fuss if she ever saw him again.

X6-88: “This is a foolish decision,” X6 begins, looking at the Deathclaw, “The monster could turn on you at any second.”
Sole tells him that they’ve got it under control and they will train it the best they can, however X6 pulls out his gun and takes their Deathclaw friend down by himself as Sole watched on helplessly.

Dogmeat: He hides at first, growling furiously at the Deathclaw. But after a while, he grows to like her immensely and the two of them pal around Sanctuary together and go hunting.

The beauty of tragedy

I have been thinking of a scene for a while now that happen at the beginning of :re, it`s the one where Nico and Roma discuss at the party.

I find this moment really interesting. I think this a rather “Clown” thing to say since all of the members of the group have a weak spot or love for beautiful things, as it was said in :re chapter 105. Do all find tragedy and horror beautiful, I am not sure. 

But to my main point: Roma wants Kaneki to return so she could see Kaneki`s personal tragedy continue. I guess Kaneki`s suffering for Roma was like she was watching an tragic play, movie, book, comic being continued. In a way, isn`t that a bit of what us, the readers of Tokyo Ghoul too would like too see? I think this thing reaches further than to just Ken`s return, but to tragedy and horror too. We want Kaneki to have lots of happy moments and to see him be happy at the end, but like Roma there, I think we find this odd, grotesque beauty in the horrible happenings that Kaneki/Haise and all of the other characters go trough. 

I surely am one. I want Kaneki and all of the characters to be happy, but I find this strange beauty when something terrible is happening to him. When he was going insane back at Kanou´s lab, muttering to himself and quoting poetry, I found that scene very fascinating as probably majority too. I will also never forget V14 where Arima stabbed him to the eyes and he starts to cite poetry again in the middle of flowers, now with his other eye missing. Also the scene where Haise breaks, he is choking himself and saying how he should just die. That is some messed up stuff right there, but at the same this really twisted beauty. 

The messed up beauty is something the character themselves notice too. One scene with Karren is especially interesting:

A person`s head has been removed and Kanae stares at it, like it`s some piece of art, like it`s beautiful a rose. “What makes roses beautiful is that you pluck it before it withers away.” With the earlier dialogue in that scene and the torture where Eto basically broke Karren I think it`s implied that her mind is not in the right place in that moment.  Still, I find it interesting that she vies something as grotesque as a removed head beautiful. What a strange world. 

I think in the end of the day, Kaneki himself said it best back in V14, when he saw Arima, the Reaper of the CCG, in middle of flowers that smelled like rotten corpses:

 Why do we find beauty in death, why do we find a man beautiful who is standing at the middle of corpses? What is it about tragedies that binds us?

Baekhyun as Your Boyfriend

Originally posted by yixingofficial

Request: Hey, can I have a baekhyun as a boyfriend?? Love your blog!

A/N: Awwee, thank you so much! I hope you enjoy~

  • Beagle couple
  • You know that one couple that is the most cheesy, grotesquely cute, absolutely head-over-heels for each other that you just want to hate because it’s so gross yet you just can’t?
  • That’s you.
  • Never shy about pda
  • Although he would prefer to keep your relationship pretty private
  • To save you from hate of course
  • Really protective of you
  • And gets jealous really easily
  • Pouty jealous Baekhyun
  • But a few little kisses makes everything better
  • Knowing every single member of Exo inside and out because he wants you to be a big family
  • Pestering Kyungsoo with the beagle line
  • Running away from Kyungsoo as he chases you with a hammer with the beagle line
  • Karaoke dates
  • Amusement park dates
  • ChanBaekY/n being a thing
  • Chanyeol lowkey being a third-wheel
  • Him being okay with that
  • Baekhyun going to insane lengths to make you happy
  • Because your smile is easily his favorite thing in the world
  • Cuddlessssss
  • So many cuddles
  • “Y/n~ come here, I’m tired and the bed is cold without you.”
  • Having to take care of him a lot
  • “Baek that’s not food”
  • “Wait no stop you’re gonna fALL”
  • I should probably mention how many forehead kisses you will receive
  • That’s like his favorite thing ever
  • And you’re just like okay??????
  • Video game dates while eating 10 pounds of junk food
  • Don’t be surprised if you wake up from a nap and have little doodles all over your arms and legs
  • “You should get these tattooed on you. I’m an artist.”
  • Honestly, pranking each other a lot
  • Also showering together
  • Not in that way
  • He just likes to cover you with bubbles
  • Doing little experiments together
  • You’d just really be each other’s best friend
  • And you would take life one step at a time together
  • Everyone needs a squishy Byun Baekhyun in their life tbh
  • But yeah, just the cutest little bubbly couple ever.

-Admin Yeonie

Speaking in Flowers

Rating: G

Pairing: Saitama/Genos

Summary: Hanahaki au

A/N: I really fucking love @ynna-anny’s hanahaki au art so I wrote this. Please check out their work

It’s a warm day out and you’re sitting at home with your teacher. He’s watching you write, fill in the lines of your notebook with carefully printed characters. His manga hooked on his thumb, momentarily forgotten as he rambles on about the small cactus he keeps on the balcony. It’s beginning to bloom and he’s talking about how he’s never seen a cactus flower bloom before.

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