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Baekhyun as Your Boyfriend

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Request: Hey, can I have a baekhyun as a boyfriend?? Love your blog!

A/N: Awwee, thank you so much! I hope you enjoy~

  • Beagle couple
  • You know that one couple that is the most cheesy, grotesquely cute, absolutely head-over-heels for each other that you just want to hate because it’s so gross yet you just can’t?
  • That’s you.
  • Never shy about pda
  • Although he would prefer to keep your relationship pretty private
  • To save you from hate of course
  • Really protective of you
  • And gets jealous really easily
  • Pouty jealous Baekhyun
  • But a few little kisses makes everything better
  • Knowing every single member of Exo inside and out because he wants you to be a big family
  • Pestering Kyungsoo with the beagle line
  • Running away from Kyungsoo as he chases you with a hammer with the beagle line
  • Karaoke dates
  • Amusement park dates
  • ChanBaekY/n being a thing
  • Chanyeol lowkey being a third-wheel
  • Him being okay with that
  • Baekhyun going to insane lengths to make you happy
  • Because your smile is easily his favorite thing in the world
  • Cuddlessssss
  • So many cuddles
  • “Y/n~ come here, I’m tired and the bed is cold without you.”
  • Having to take care of him a lot
  • “Baek that’s not food”
  • “Wait no stop you’re gonna fALL”
  • I should probably mention how many forehead kisses you will receive
  • That’s like his favorite thing ever
  • And you’re just like okay??????
  • Video game dates while eating 10 pounds of junk food
  • Don’t be surprised if you wake up from a nap and have little doodles all over your arms and legs
  • “You should get these tattooed on you. I’m an artist.”
  • Honestly, pranking each other a lot
  • Also showering together
  • Not in that way
  • He just likes to cover you with bubbles
  • Doing little experiments together
  • You’d just really be each other’s best friend
  • And you would take life one step at a time together
  • Everyone needs a squishy Byun Baekhyun in their life tbh
  • But yeah, just the cutest little bubbly couple ever.

-Admin Yeonie

DeanCas Halloween husbands.

“C’mon, Dean!”

Castiel marches up the driveway, past the distressed-looking jack-o-lanterns and fake spider webs. Though he’d normally be terrified by the grotesque heads hanging from the tree up front and the scary mannequins dotting the path to the door, a husband is brave.

So Cas is brave, too.

He adjusts his blue tie and holds tight to the little bucket in his hands, fingers turning almost white. There’s a witch handing out candy, but she looks nice enough, and Castiel sets his four year-old shoulders before continuing on.

He’s almost at the door when he notices his husband is missing.


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TRUMP. The finished painting. Based on a Trump Nightmare I had. 

The Trump Nightmare: It was just after Trump had announced he was running for President and he was scheduled to visit a nearby Chinese souvenir shop (?) so I’d turned up to take videos and laugh at Trump. When he got out of the limo I was shocked to see an oversized (like 2.5m tall), grotesque, paper mache bobble head Trump. I was videoing and laughing, and silently questioning this world but he spotted me in the crowd and saw into my soul and, with frightening speed, started to chase me through wheat fields and cities, shaky cam style, accompanied by henchmen. Probably my brain telling me that although he’s ridiculous and hilarious to behold, he’s actually a horrifying reality.