This Must be the Place

I’m gonna be THAT guy now and make a targeted post about my boyfriend. I am going to do that thing where I put it on the internet instead of just telling him so that it is burned here forever and will continue to live on by power of tumblr servers and the existence of space.

Matthew has been my life partner (we say boyfriend, I guess?) for close enough to four and a half years. We accidentally started living together maybe less than a year into this thing and were delighted to find out that we thrive in the exact same mess to not mess ratio environment. Because of this and other factors, we believe that we are pretty much the same person. We interact incredibly well as a couple and have a stupidly sickening chemistry. So much so that people think we are great together and that is toned down so they don’t vomit everywhere when finding out they we are like that, but leveled up to over 9000 just all the time.

We only really ever argue because we are indecisive and can’t select which dinner, sweet, video game or movie to make an activity at any given time. Other arguments spring up because I am a grumpy shit and make noises instead of talking.

For pretty much our entire relationship, Matt has been working on his PhD in Computer Science and just basically hacking shit and being a gentleman and a scholar. On the 30th of April, he submitted his thesis and now plays the months of waiting game to hear about his fate. We documented the day of submission with some photographs and eating of heavy stomach problem causing foods.

I want the world to know (by world I mean, like 3 or 4 people?) that this man is the most amazing for submitting this thing. Especially after the shit we have been through in the past year. He took multiple bus rides on buses with a scent that made him ill to be with me when I was working away. He made me lunch and dinner and breakfast and sometimes bought me little presents. He always makes puns and says the right things. I have trouble with words, but if I just play heaps of Starcraft 2 with him, I think he might get the message.

Love of my life and person I want to sing horrible and overly descriptive long songs to. We’re moving to Japan together and every time we eat ramen, it’s going to be like that scene in Lady and the Tramp (I am Tramp…obvs.).

The mug he got says “PhinisheD” on it. BEST.