Passion Pit - “I’ll Be Alright" 

About an hour ago Passion Pit released another new song from their upcoming album Gossamer. Unlike "Take A Walk”, I am completely in love with “I’ll Be Alright”. Sped up samples, sporadic beats and a good amount of synth layering make the song very similar to their debut EP Chunk of Change (most notably to “Better Things”. This song has been on repeat nonstop for me so far tonight and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. Head to their soundcloud if you’re interested in downloading the song. 


Passion Pit - Constant Conversations

New Passion Pit

So I downloaded the free track off iTunes and I was like……..

It sounded like a mix of the many M83 bands out there -.-

But I kept going and well glad to say that not all of it is wash of sounds. I guess I can be happy and not hate D: 

But It definitely does not top Manners.

The record is good in its new sound though. Definitely worth a hear.