how to start your day out right
  • get up early. yes, it’s super hard. yes, it’s painful. but it will help you start your day with enough time to have breakfast and do your morning routine without being rushed.
  • eat breakfast!!! many experts agree that this is the most important meal of the day. it tells your body that it’s time to get up and start going. if you’re trying to lose weight, don’t skip breakfast. it’s actually beneficial to eat breakfast because your metabolism will be get going and be faster for the rest of the day! eat a healthy breakfast, though– you want to give your body good fuel. you wouldn’t try to make your car run on water or something, and the same principle applies to your body. try to eat some fruits or vegetables with your breakfast!
  • HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE!!! I get that you might feel nauseous in the morning, but force yourself to drink a glass of water. headache? drink a glass of water and wait half an hour before you take an ibuprofen. a lot of the time, you’re actually just a little dehydrated. if you can’t eat and are going somewhere later, grab an apple or banana and put it in your bag for later. while you’re at it, fill up a refillable water bottle and put it in there, too. try to drink throughout the day!
  • look at your face in the mirror. is it greasy? does it have dried things around your eyes? does your skin feel gross? did you forget to take off your makeup last night? wash your face! even if none of the above are true! the water will wake you up and it will help clear your pores from all the stuff that built up overnight.
  • now look at your hair. greasy? clumping together? when was the last time you showered or took a bath? unless you showered last night, get in there and clean yourself off. work that shampoo into your hair, making sure the parts near your head get all soaped up, too. maybe even wash your hair twice, if you feel like it. (I like how it starts to make squeaky clean sounds after two washes!) when you’re done, get out of the shower, blow dry your hair, apply lotion to anywhere that needs it, put on some makeup/chapstick/etc, and feel ready to face the day!
  • well, sort of. time to get dressed, right? check the weather on your phone. what’s the highest temperature for the day? choose your clothing length accordingly. look at your calendar and check what you’re doing for the day to decide whether you want to dress formally or not. personally, I check the weather and calendar and set out clothes the night before so that I don’t have to do as much in the morning.
  • check what you have in your bullet journal or planner so far and make a mental plan for your priorities. (you can write it down if you’d like!) make sure you have an idea of how you’re going to manage your time.
  • go outside if you can! getting outside light in the morning helps reset your body’s clock and get you back on track for going to bed at night. also, vitamin D is really important! doctors recommend that we humans get at LEAST ten minutes of sunlight per day, at least where I live! check the stats for your local area and try to meet that goal every day. if you can’t, ask your doctor if you should take a vitamin D pill every morning.
  • take your meds! if you’re on a cumulative medication, such as antidepressants, it’s extremely important to try to take them at a similar time every day so that the levels in your body can stay regulated so that they can do their best to help you. if you haven’t, take a minute to look at your med’s requirements so that you know how you should take it. some say that you should take it with food, and others say to make sure you drink a full glass of water when you take it so that it can dissolve properly. whatever the requirements, try your best to meet them so that the meds can best help you!!!
  • another thing that can help you wake up is a little bit of exercise. you don’t have to run a marathon every morning– you can even just do a few simple stretches or yoga poses every morning. anything will help!

good luck!
♥ theo

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hey uhh i noticed you mentioned somthing about the antisemitism (and idk if you were even referring to hp specifically,) but as a jewish person, i haven't read the books in a while, but i've never noticed that?? and i was curious about where it shows up

snape, particularly, is essentially described as an antisemitic caricature - greasy hair, gross skin, “needs a shower”, long nose, the whole gross-stereotypes deal. it’s super awful but i can see why you missed it. also, goblins, man. goblins. greedy little men who run banks and, again, have long noses.

pretty awful stuff, yo.

How Mercy and McCree got their new skins

McCree: (holds up outfit) Hear me out, Ang

Mercy: No, Jesse.

McCree: Come on….

Mercy: I refuse to wear something like that.

McCree: I’ll give ya an ultimatum-

Mercy: Hm?

McCree: You wear this, and you can dress me up as ridiculously as you want.


Mercy: I get to dye your hair

Shoutout to boys with skin “imperfections”
Boys with acne
Boys with eczema
Boys with moles
Boys with scars
Boys with vitiligo
Boys with dry, flakey skin
Boys with oily skin

It’s okay if you want to cover up your skin with makeup. It’s okay if you don’t/can’t. It’s okay to wear clothes that show your skin. It’s okay if you want to cover up.
Just know that there is nothing wrong, ugly or gross about your skin. And if anyone tells you otherwise, I will personally come and kick their ass

Selfcare Pt. 1 (Skincare)

Hey guys, I decided to make a series of posts about my personal self care. With our busy lives & the workload and stress of school, we can sometimes leave selfcare as a last priority. However, it is definitely an important factor of our success (no matter how unimportant it may seem). So as my first post, I decided to do my skincare routine. Clear skin can help boost your self confidence a lot!

Products I Use

  • Coconut oil ( keep in mind this isn’t for everyone, and can cause more acne for some people. Test it out on your arm first!)
  • Witch Hazel (This also isn’t for everyone. It works best for those with oily skin. It has reduced my oily skin majorly, but may not work for others)
  • Shea Moisture African Black Soap (1. It is just the bar soap form. 2. I saw a post saying someone’s skin reacted very badly to this particular face wash. PLEASE always test out a product on your arm, hand, etc. before using it and causing damage to your skin. However, this product has worked amazingly for me.)
  • Shea Moisture African Black Soap Clay Mask
  • Peel off mask (no particular brand)
  • Sugar & Coconut Oil Exfoliator 
  • Say Yes to Tomatoes Sheet Mask

Monday, Wednesday, Friday


  • Coconut Oil Face Cleanse (Take a dime size amount of coconut oil in your hand and massage it into your dry face. Then rinse a towel under very warm water and hold it on your face for 30 seconds. Proceed to wipe the excess coconut oil off with the towel.)
  • Witch Hazel (I put this on a cotton pad and massage it onto my face, then let it dry. It works as a toner and reduced the oilyness on my face.)


  • African Black Soap Cleanser (can be very drying so its good to moisturize after, but personally I don’t because I use coconut oil in the mornings)
  • African Black Soap Clay Mask (I put this on right after I wash my face to lightly moisturize and help with cleaning pores and reducing blemishes.)
  • Witch Hazel (I use this both day and night.)

Tuesday, Thursday


  • Coconut Oil Face Cleanse
  • Witch Hazel 


  • African Black Soap Cleanser
  • Peel off mask (I haven’t found one that I truly love yet, so I’ve been using a variety of brands. Use what works for you!)
  • Witch Hazel



  • African Black Soap Cleanser
  • Witch Hazel



  • Exfoliate! (with a sugar & coconut oil scrub. It’s really important to exfoliate once a week to get rid off all the dead skin and grossness on your face that has collected throughout the week. Don’t over exfoliate though because it can cause damage to your skin!)
  • Say Yes to Tomatoes Sheet Mask (This works SO well and is great for reducing redness and blemishes! It feels very refreshing and clean! Remember to always test it on your skin before putting it on your face!)


  • African Black Soap
  • Witch Hazel

NOTE: I don’t use coconut oil on the weekend (except in the exfoliator) to give my skin a break from that much moisture. Even though coconut oil is very beneficial, I try not to overuse it to avoid creating more blemishes & acne.

Hope you guys enjoy this post! Feel free to send me any questions you have and comment below what selfcare post you’d like to see next!

Tom Holland x reader

Tom has acne from the spider mask, you help him and tell him he is the cutest tom

Heyhey yall! Im not really getting any requests so I decided to write something I came up with,, Idk where I found this but Tom apparently said that the Spider-Man mask causes acne or something (this probs isn’t accurate but whatever) anyways I hope y'all still enjoy this xx


You launch yourself onto Toms bed, earning a groan from your boyfriend. It’s 2pm and he’s still in bed! It makes sense though, he’s been filming a lot for the Spider-Man movie and giving so many interviews. You smile at how cute he is and try to peck his lips, only to be met with the bedsheets he was laying under.

“Did you just pull those up so I wouldn’t be able to kiss you?” You ask faking a hurt expression. You’re answered with another incoherent sound.

This isn’t like Tom. No matter how tired or how busy he was, he had never rejected a kiss from you.

You try to pull down the sheets but he has them clenched in his fists. So the only logical thing to do, of course, is to climb under the sheets as well. But again your boy pushes you away mumbling a quick ‘babe stop’ at you.

“Tommo, what’s up? Is something wrong?” Concern is spread all over your face.

He slowly comes out from under the covers, giving you an almost ashamed expression.

“It’s just… I’ve been filming so much and all these hormones and stuff and the Spider-Man mask is just not good for my face but I try to keep it clean but it doesn’t work and I mean look at me! I look ridiculous with all these spots!” He moves his hands in chaotic manner as he rambles on about his skin being unclear.

You can’t help but smile at your boyfriend, blushing and rambling about how he doesn’t want you to be grossed out by his skin.

“Tom, I honestly couldn’t care less about your skin you know that right?” You say finally making him stop rambling. “It happens to everyone, it happens to me too sometimes. And it doesn’t make you grossed out by me now does it?” You counter as he silently agrees. “So can I have my kiss now?” You cheekily ask him. He gives in and pulls you closer to him, kissing you softly.

“How do you get rid of those spots?” He asks you after pulling away, his cheeks still rosy from the kiss.

“I have a skin care routine, face masks, scrubs, you know the drill. It’s quite exhausting really. But we could put on a face mask together now if you want?” You say smiling. The thought of Tom with a funny coloured face mask makes you giggle.

He gladly accepts your offer, and you’re both giggling and laughing as the green masks look ridiculous, and it gets harder to talk and laugh too, which only makes it funnier to the both of you. You make crazy selfies and try to kiss without getting the mask on your lips.

Those spots your boyfriend was so worried about actually turned out to not be a bad thing after all.

I know summer can be tough for people with dermatillomania (like me)

I know how it feels to suffer through the heat in pants and long sleeves because you don’t want people to see your skin

I know how it feels to work up enough courage to wear shorts or a t-shirt or a bathing suit and then people ask “oh what happened” or “what are all those spots/scabs/scars/etc. from” or “are you ok? your skin doesn’t look so great”

So this is for me and anyone else who needs to hear it:

My skin isn’t ugly, my skin isn’t gross, my skin isn’t ruined. And neither is yours.

I can wear whatever I want to this summer. I can wear shorts and a t-shirt, I can wear a bathing suit, I can wear a crop top or a shirt with a low back or anything else that shows my skin. And so can you.

And if I don’t feel comfortable showing my skin this summer, if I need to cover up to feel safe that’s ok too. I don’t need to be ashamed of doing what’s best for my mental health. And neither do you.

And if people make comments about my skin, I will do my best to remember that that reflects poorly on them not on me. I will try to remember that even though their words hurt there are people who think I am beautiful and perfect even with all my spots and scabs and cuts and scars. It’s really really hard but I will try to believe the words of those who care about me over the words of strangers who feel a need to comment on my appearance. And I truly, truly hope that you can too <3

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You should be proud of me!! I've killed all my seedlings (your grandseedlings)!! But my question: How would the 104 th and vets react to all the (smutty!!)fanfictions wrote of them? You are awesome!!


Mikasa: Deletes the internet
Reiner: Saves all of them to his laptop
Bertholdt: Finds out about new kinks he has, reads all the smutty BeruAni fics
Annie: Spends four hours in the bathroom trying to clean herself again
Eren: Doesn’t mind the smut, but those fics just don’t make sense?!
Jean: wishes he was that smooth
Marco: thinks it’s funny until he reads a Marco X Levi fic
Connie: Never have I ever encountered a smutty fic with Connie…
Historia: Blocks everyone who writes her in het!smut
Armin: “I guess it’s part of human nature… in a way?”
Ymir: Laughs forever
Levi: Is so grossed out that his skin starts to peel off clean
Hanji: Ships all the Hanji ships from now on and tells everyone about the read fics
Erwin: Doesn’t quite understand where all of that comes from
Nanaba: Is thankful to only find smutfics with people she likes
Mike: Reads all of them
Moblit: WHY?!

tadhdfw “ok, self, your skin is very sensitive so don’t pick at those weird flakes on your nose or you’ll have raw spots and discoloration for weeks. Just wash your face”
ADHD hell brain: I’m bored, let’s pick at those flakes right before your trip and give you gross skin cuz impulses are hard. Also, what is hygienic self care?

Recipe: Earl Grey Cake w/Chocolate Lavender Buttercream

Because what’s better than sipping Earl Grey tea in your jammies while toppling regimes? Eating tea flavored cake for breakfast with your cuppa while toppling regimes. 

The recipes I’ve posted so far are familiar enough, but this one was new for me. I’ll include my reactions at the end. Image heavy as usual. (I’m sorry.) 

Tagging for @alexandre00q re:Slack chat (I hope that’s right – I was a little turnt in the kitchen last night)

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Hi 💖could you do 42 + 80 with jungkook please ?



PROMPTS: “If I die I’m going to come back and haunt you” + “You’re going to get us expelled”


We parked our car outside of Kim Taehyung’s house, using a tree across the street co hide the car. I turned my head to face jungkook after turning on the ignition and took in a breath. I was kind of getting cold-feet about all of this. Jungkook is my best friend so obiviously I would do anything to help him but this seemed a bit extreme. Taehyung is a known jock and prankster on into our school so it was no surprise to me that he saw it fit to do a little bit of upperclassmen hazing on Jungkook now that he was on the football team. It was however infuriating to Jungkook. He hadn’t stopped plotting revenge since he called me shrieking about the entire situation. He hadn’t even really explicitly told me what Taehyund did.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I ask him , pulling the most “I’m serious” look my face can do. Jungkook nods his head and says, “Yes. For the last time, this is happening.”

Jungkook unbuckles his seatbelt in the passenger seat and reaches behind to grab the small black bag he had brought with him when I picked him up. “With or without you,” he adds, getting out of the car and closing the door as gently as he can.

I groan and look at the time. It’s almost 2am. Jungkook owe me big time, I think to myself. I quickly get out of the car and sprint over to him, crouching in the bush in front of Taehyung’s house. “I’m your ride or die, remember?” and he chuckles lightly. “But if we die, I swear to God I’m coming back to haunt you.” I add and he shakes his head.

Jungkook points to the second story window with a small balcony and says, “That’s the asshole’s room. Here’s the gameplan. I hoist you up on my shoulder and you hop on the lower roof on top of the doorstep and then you pull me up and from there we just hop onto his balcony.”

I look at Jungkook with the most dumbfounded expression and for a moment appreciate who animatedly stupid my best friend is. “Was Taehyung’s prank so severe that it cause you to lose all of your brain cells?” I ask, blinking inquisitively. I then smack Jungkook upside the head and whisperingly exclaim, “WE ARE NOT DOING THAT!”

“THEN HOW DO WE GET IN?” He whispers back. I sigh. “I can’t think of anything that wouldn’t land us in jail for breaking and entering. Why can’t we just tee-pee his house like normal people and not remove his hair with nair?”

“Because he deserves this.” Jungkook says gruffly, getting up and walking onto their lawn. “What are you doing?!” I exclaim throwing my hands in the air.

Jungkook smirks at me, “Ride or die right?”

I silently groan and sprint up after him. We reach the doorstep and just as ill-planned, Jungkook hoists me up on his shoulders. He complains a bit saying I’m heavy which earns him a flick to the forehead. I’ve never considered myself a person with a lot of upper body strength but today I impressed by pulling myself up on the small roof landing along with jungkook.

It was scary hopping onto the balcony even though there wasn’t much of a jump. Jungkook jumped first and hed his arms out once he reached the other side to comfort me into knowing he would never let me fall.

Once we were on the balcony, it was easy to get into Taehyung’s room; the window was already open.

We tiptoed inside onto his white carpet our shoes were sure to leave grass-stains on tomorrow.

We adjusting to the darkness of the room, I eventually was able to make out the shape on the bed Jungkook approached, holding out a bottle of Nair.

I moved closer along with Jungkook. “Does the school get involved with this kind of stuff? You’re going to get us expelled.” i whisper and Jungkook shushes me.

I see Taehyung now. His hair is messy and his body is sprawled on the bed. Taking in his body, I can see that he sleeps shirtless. Even in the very dim lighting I can see his tanned glistening skin.

“Gross. Stop ogling him.” Jungkook whispers shoving me a bit.

I blush. “I never notice how hot he was.” I say and Jungkook rolls his eyes. “Let’s see if you like him without eyebrows,” He mumbles.

He taked a slob of nair cream and is about to brush it on Taehyung’s face when I stop him. “Jungkook, no.”

Jungkook whips around and says, “What is it Y/N?!”

“You can’t do this. I don’t know what he did or said but you can’t just take his eyebrows off. This is wrong and you’re a good person Jungkook. What kind of friend would I be if I let you go through with this?” Jungkook sighs, letting his hand drop.

“You couldn’t have given me this speech like ten minutes ago?” He laughs lightly and so do I.

I give Jungkook a hug and rub his back, a weight off my chest lifted.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” We hear Taehyung roar and we whip around in the opposite direction so he doesn’t see our faces. Jungkook grabs my hand and we race out of the bedroom through the front door. Taehyung grabs my foot when I’m jumping off the balcony but jungkook catches me and we roll onto the roof landing still struggling to cover our faces. “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? I’M CALLING THE POLICE!”

Jungkook and I sprint to my car once we land on the ground and I unlock the car. We hop in and just as we pull of the street, I see Taehyung running onto his lawn in just his briefs.

It’s minutes until either one of us say anything as we sit in my car parked inside my garage. Finally Jungkook breaks the silence and says, “Good thing we used those fake plates.” And then he’s laughing hysterically. Either because the situation is funny to him or because it’s the only real reaction we have in the moment, His laugh is contagious I can’t help laughing either. The next morning I wake up lying on Jungkook chest still in the car. I feel a tingling on my face and feel for my missing eyebrow, I see that Jungkook’s hand still had some of the Nair cream.



Heyo heyo heyo heyo (no diggity)! Hope you liked this or thought it was funny because that’s what I was going for…in a way… Check out our prompts list! Send us requests! Keep reading! Keep breathing!

ALSO: Happy International Women’s Day!!!


evgeni malkin // jealousy

requested by @price-devant-la-cage

warnings: alcohol

who: evgeni malkin x reader

premise: you, sid and geno are all at a bar when your ex walks in and geno gets protective


The whole thing was incredibly awkward already. The three of you, your twin brother, Sidney Crosby, his best friend Evgeni Malkin aka Geno, and you were all squeezed together in a too small booth, sipping on overpriced, fruity cocktails. Normally, that would be fine, but today, things were different.

Last night, as you were over at your brother’s house, you had drunkenly confessed to him that you were sort of in love with Geno. The next morning, when Sidney called you, you half expected him to make fun of you as he normally did, but instead he told you that Geno liked you too, he just was too shy to say anything, so he was going to play matchmaker. You wanted to scream “no”, but before you could retaliate, Sid was already forcing you to get drinks that night with just him and Geno. You assumed that it wouldn’t be too bad. You assumed wrong.

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Gamer culture:

-always being tired
-problems with Skype when trying to call and play online with friends
-having old wrappers and dirty dishes and napkins in your room that you keep forgetting to deal with
-trying to explain esports to people who don’t understand
-“your head will turn into a square!”
-failing to save up money because that new really cool DLC came out
-portal references
-disapproving adults
-having a playlist specifically for gaming
-seeing guys go crazy over girls that play games
-people with mics too close to their mouth
-the feeling of a sweaty keyboard/controller (gross)
-making fun of people who say “noob”
-our minecraft phases
-screaming 10-year-olds online
Feel free to add more

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Please post pics of your new mixer attachments?


(spoiler: maybe the ice cream maker, almost certainly not the juicer)

when last we left our heroes, i did not have a stand mixer, but then my dad bought me one and then very recently bought me some fancy attachments for… my brother’s birthday?? i don’t really know why, maybe he just likes buying kitchen shit but has run out of room in his own kitchen and is living vicariously through me. who knows, whatever.

i’m using this recipe for ice cream, and this kitchenaid ice cream attachment thing. at least i assume that’s the one, it’s the most popular one on amazon and that’s generally how my dad makes purchasing decisions. the new york times claimed to have the only ice cream recipe i would ever need, but it involved, like, cooking some egg yolks and milk in a saucepan and basically making a fancy fucking custard as step one, and that’s too many goddamn steps. all of the recipes that came with this fucking attachment were just as bad so fuck that, if this recipe is good enough for ben and/or jerry it’s good enough for me, i’ll save the fancy shit for when i’m in the mood to really hate myself. where was i.

don’t @ me about the imitation vanilla, i know i should be using real vanilla and not dollar store fake shit, i don’t care. this tiny corner of the counter used to be my designated tea corner but it’s kind of become overwhelmed by fifty million fucking appliances, but especially this goddamn stand mixer. it’s huge. it’s fucking monstrous. i’m really hoping we can get a table, or an island, or a buffet or something to keep this thing on once we get rid of the kitchen couch. don’t ask about the kitchen couch.

that picture is from last september, why the fuck have we had a kitchen couch for so long. anyway this recipe says to whisk together eggs and sugar until they’re fluffy but not firm, which i guess means whisk the shit out of it but don’t make a meringue? i don’t know what constitutes fluffy.

once i arbitrarily decided it was fluffy enough i dumped all the milk and cream and fake vanilla in there, but like, there ended up being just a bunch of egg yolk sorta stuck to the bottom of the bowl that i didn’t find until later when it was too late. this happens every goddamn time i use this fucking whisk and you’d think i’d learn but i do not. @kitchenaid why

here’s the real moment of truth, the ice cream maker. i’ve been keeping the bowl in the freezer since i got it and it takes up literally half of my dinky little freezer. they say to freeze it for a minimum of 15 hours but to keep it in the freezer all the time so you can make ice cream on a whim, but they sorely overestimate the size of my freezer or underestimate how much room i need for pizza rolls.

when i took this picture i had actually already started making it, but originally i was going to just… idk. ladle the mix into the ice cream bowl out of the big silver bowl. that was A TERRIBLE FUCKING IDEA, and ice cream mix got everywhere, and i don’t have any pictures of that because it turned out you could see my reflection in the silver bowl and i’m not wearing pants. i haven’t been wearing pants this whole time. wait, does that picture from earlier have my reflection in it? shit. it fucking does. i’m going to edit that with a sticker or something but only people who’ve made it this far into the post will know why that’s there. there’s going to be a cut here but to people on mobile it will just look like the post ends and for that i apologize (or maybe… you’re welcome???)

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Glow (T)

Title: Glow
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Reaper76
Content Warnings: Fluff, Mutual Pining, Love Confessions, Kissing, Hand Holding

Gabriel could feel his breathing go a little shallower some days when the smog in LA was particularly bad, but the humidity of Bloomington — “We’re not really in Bloomington, Gabe, it’s just easier to say I’m from Bloomington for simplicity’s sake…” — made Gabriel feel like was outright suffocating on some of the worser days. And let’s not get started on the days when it rained…

Jack and Gabriel spend part of their summer vacation on the Morrison farm.

A sequel and companion fic to Melt. For the @reaper76summerevent.

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