[LIST] BTS is afraid of..

V is afraid of:
Gross things

Suga is afraid of:
Firework noises
His dad

Jin is afraid of:
Bugs - He gets scared if they crawl on his body.

Jungkook is afraid of:
Microwaves - He thinks that is going to explode.
Bugs (except beetles or stag beetles)

RapMonster is afraid of:
He hasn’t said something about it (correct me if i’m wrong)

Jimin is afraid of:
Butterfllies - When he was a kid someone put a butterfly inside on his underwear.

Jhope is afraid of:
Everything in general

All are afraid of:
Jungkook because he beats them
Waking up Suga because he is going to curse

•uniquely cool music videos you should check out•

The Avalanches - Beacause I’m Me 🌸 (adorable kid, 70s vibe, everything is good in the world)

Declan McKenna - Why Do You Feel So Down ☀️(a nerdy white kid dancing that will make you smile)

Dua Lipa - New Rules 👑 (girl power to the max)

morgxn- home 💕 (I️ watch this religiously because it’s so uplifting)

Made Violent - Wasted Days 💥 (the 360 degree camera makes this song so much better)

The Regrettes - Seashore ⚓️ (bright colors and angst)

Ghosted - Get Some 🌚 (the most surprising video ever lol)

Tom Gross - Son of a Preacher Man 🌈 (warning: will make you cry nonstop)

The Revivalists 💃 (just a bunch of cute old people it’s adorable)

Khalid - Young Dumb & Broke 🌫 (makes school look nice)


This is it. I’m officially dead. RIP me.


A compilation of Woohyun being… Woohyun

Embarrassment, embarrassment ~~
I’m a loser
Gross aegyo sounds
Weird laughter
I had a dream, a dream about a ghost
More gross aegyo sounds
Imitating Sungjong
Let’s go eat tasty food! Let’s go to the restaurant!
Heheh that was my revenge
Even more gross aegyo sounds
Imitating Dongwoo
Getting scared of a ‘ghost’
Voice breaking halfway through a sentence
This is a girl’s hanbok, a girl’s hanbok!
I’m going crazy
Why is (the answer) L?
And lastly, gross aegyo sounds

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Beetlejuice was a fucked up movie. I mean it's about two people drowning to death. Not only that but it's a PG film that features a gross perverted ghost who doesn't give a shit about anyone AND NEARLY KILLS A GUY??? THERE WAS A WHORE HOUSE HOLY FUCK!!??! THEN to top it all off they have one of their leads, a sixteen year old girl, nearly marry a middle-aged dead guy. Did this movie even exist??? I loved every minute of it, give me a sequel
Spirits and Summons

“I’m coming. I’m coming,” Alec shouted as he nearly tripped on his way to open the door before whoever was outside pounded the door the floor. He was peacefully sitting beside the fire, pretending like he wasn’t home with hopes of avoiding any children. Now it was ruined by whoever thought it was funny to continuously beat a hole into his door. He yanked the thing open to find his friend, Jace, standing there, alongside Clary and Simon who also decided to tag along to their little event. He greeted them all as they entered his small house, his gaze, however, frozen on the pale box in Jace’s hands. “Why the hell did you bring a Ouija board? You know how I feel about that shit.”

“It’s Halloween,” Jace said as though that would make it better, “make an exception.”


“Come on,” he whined, “I want to see if this thing works.”

“No.” There was no way he was going to let Jace summon something into his house and then try to hide as though it was never his idea in the first place – that is, if it actually worked – which it doesn’t. He still didn’t want to take the risk.

“One try. That’s it.”

Alec rubbed the bridge of his nose to try and relieve the headache he could feel coming on – or perhaps that was just Jace’s presence. “Will you never bring it up again?”

“I swear.”

“One try? Even if we decide to call quits early?”

Jace’s eyes said no, but Alec stared him down. He pouted. “Fine.”

“Set it up in the dining room,” Alec sighed reluctantly.

“YES!” Jace cried out and bolted off to the dining room around the corner like a kid on Christmas. Simon and Clary laughed, but Alec really didn’t find the humor in it. He just wanted to keep Jace quiet for a couple more minutes. “Hey, do you have any candles?”

“No, Jace.”

“Dammit.” Alec shook his head as he listened to whatever Jace was tossing and turning around in the dining room to get situated for the evening. Jace had always been so invested in Halloween and the supernatural forces. He didn’t understand it and he really didn’t want to. There were no such things as demons, ghosts, angels, or anything else of the sort. There was no higher being that answered prayers or questions with obscene signs like turning on a light or blowing out a candle. Alec knew. He’d given up a long time ago.

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Not Just Pretending

Summary: Nat, Clint and Sam won’t stop teasing the Reader about her crush on Bucky so Bucky comes up with an idea to make them shut up. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,813

Warnings: while writing it I kinda thought it was angsty but when I read it it kinda was really funny? so idk

A/N: I really hope you guys like this one. It was so much fun writing it :)

Tagging: @bovaria @sammywilsons @ntashromanov @eshahiddlebatch @poedamerontho @khaleseei

In short, it was all Natasha’s fault. 

A few weeks ago she’d started talking about that fact that it was “so obvious” that you and Bucky were in love and that the two of you should admit it already and tell each other about your feelings. In her opinion it would do everyone a favor because the sexual tension between you and Barnes was getting out of hand and the dumb bet between Steve and Sam would finally come to an end. You didn’t knew exactly what the bet had been about but they were probably both wrong. You and Bucky were just friends.

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anonymous asked:

Why did you reblog that post about Bay/Weinstein and their disgusting behavior but still support (like you’re a real big fan of) films like A Ghost Story that has equally as disgusting Casey Affleck in it

i mean…. this is really about personal opinion so if you think that’s shit of me for enjoying like… a ghost story and manchester by the sea… i understand. for me personally i’m not a fan of casey himself (same goes for other actors that have done repulsive things) like… i fuckin hate casey. i don’t support him but for me i will still see a film depending on the situation and the actors/directors involved. there’s a line but it depends. i flat out refuse to watch a woody or polanski movie ever again, but when it comes to an actor or something (depending on the actor) i might still watch the movie even if i don’t support them. everyone has a line but i don’t wanna deprive myself of some movies that i want to see just because one gross person is involved because that’s a lot of movies honestly. it depends on the situation. and sometimes it depends on the movie being gross itself, like ghost in the shell and stonewall or something i wouldn’t see, but i saw blade runner and mother because i was interested and i wanted to form my own opinion. really this is just about where your line is and trying to be open minded but critical. stay critical and even if you like something don’t let it sway your opinion on the problematic element involved. i try my best but i’m still learning

Yugioh Card Magic

So growing up I got really into the yugioh trading card game. While I don’t play the card game anymore I still find myself occasionally creating decks and collecting the cards. After seeing a friend using tarot cards in spells, I had the idea that I could use them in my craft here is what some of what I’ve come up with so far.

“Lady of Faith” 

  • Her whole thing is about bringing comfort to others, so she would be perfect to use in healing or emotional support spells


  • This is a trap card in the game that is used to neutralize damage from an oncoming attack, so to me this makes great sense to include it protective spells where neutralizing energies is the goal 

“Change of Heart”

  • This card is used to transfer control of a monster card for a turn, the idea being that the monster had a “change of heart”, so this card seems to me to be great for spells where there is someone you hope to bring a “change of heart” be it for homophobic relatives you plan or coming out to that you hope accept you for you or for other circumstances where you hope someone changes their mind for the better

“Jack’s Knight”

  • He is described as a “master swordsman” with “loyalty to justice”  and “protects the weak”, so to me he would be a great force to work into spells to protect the oppressed from the oppressors

“Meteor of Destruction”

  • This card to me has curses written all over it, in the game it is used to inflict 1000 points of damage to your opponents life points (which is a lot but in the grand scheme of starting with 8000 is still not a huge chunk to completely destroy them) so to me this is good for curses that you want to inflict torment but not bring total destruction into their lives just enough to be noticed

“Dian Keto the Cure Master”

  • Alternatively to the Meteor of Destruction this raises your life points by 1000, so this could be good to include in healing spells, or possibly reverse a curse where the Meteor of Destruction was used

“Magic Cylinder”

  • A personal favorite card of mine growing up, this card is used to redirect an attack on you not only away from from you but directly back to its source, the usage of this card seems very self-explanatory to me

“Negate Attack”

  • This card is similar to Waboku, that is negates damage from an attack, except it shows a magical black hole where all the damage goes, which means it can have similar but different uses depending on your needs

“Spellbinding Circle”

  • In the game this card is used to bind an enemy monster so it can’t attack, so to me this works for the same purposes

“Mirror Force”

  • This card is also like magic cylinder except is brings forth a giant shield, so to me this would be good fro protection magic, shielding, warding, and what not. 

“The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams”

  • This is a creature that is said to “feed on the dreams of an unwary sleeper”, so to me this makes sense to use for a nightmare curse or to bring restless sleep

“Soul Release”

  • This card in the game is used to remove cards in the card graveyard from play, based on the artwork and the idea of removing something this card to me make sense for self cleansing, bringing peace into your life, and self care type spells

anonymous asked:

How would the Allies react to their shy s/o having a strong interest in scary stuff? Like watching horror movies, reading horror literature, urban legends, anything creepy, etc.

Oh geez. These poor boys will be scared. Enjoy!~Admin Sarah and Jay

America: “W-we aren’t going to watch it…a-are we?…”
Alfred is terrified of horror things. Ghosts make him want to cry, zombies give him nightmares, anything classified as horror will scare the daylights out of this poor boy. He wouldn’t want to rain on his s/o’s parade so he would try to be a big boy and not be afraid…but it would be hard…during some scary movies he would genuinely want to cry and would be holding his s/o in a vice grip.

England: “Oh come now, you haven’t truly seen scary yet…”

Arthur loves scary things! He would love shifting through old legends to find ones to scare his s/o, and England is full of haunted places…so he would take his s/o out to see them in person whenever the mood hit them. Arthur would enjoy watching scary movies with his s/o or just reading horror stories together. Though he would get sick glee out of sending them to Alfred just to see the look on the American’s face when they met next…

France: “Mon cher?..”
Francis would be a little creeped out by it..conspiring he loves..well. Romantic movies rather than horror, but he wouldn’t let it get to him, as long as they didn’t keep posters of the movies lying around the house…Though if he knew they were really into creepy things and urban legends, he would take them to the Catacombs of Paris. 

Canada: “Do we have to watch another horror movie?…”
Matthew wouldn’t mind their appreciation for horror, he would find some of it pretty cool..but he would start to get scared of all of the horror movies after a while..he’d say something every once and a while, or when the movie looks like it would give him nightmares. Other than that, he wouldn’t mind. He’d even like to read some of their books sometimes.

Russia: “Hm? You want to watch scary movie? Okay.”
Ivan wouldn’t be phased. His sister loves horror movies, so he would be exposed to it. He also doesn’t care too much about things that are “scary”. He would almost always watch movies with his s/o, and read urban legends with them.

China: “This is not cute!”
Yao would bite his lip and try to find enjoyment somewhere in it so he could spend time with his s/o…but he would have a real hard time. He would always hide behind one of his stuffed toys when things got scary or gross…monsters and ghosts aren’t cute, they look gross and scary! Yao would end up having to leave the room sometimes just to take a breather and not have a panic attack sometimes.

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A friend: Hey, you like the band Ghost, right?

My thoughts: Bitch, let me tell ya. I love this Band more than my life. I would die for the horny pope and his bunch of small demons. I can identify the ghouls, just by seeing their eyes. I have a nameless ghoul tattoo and the love of my life™ is Papa lll. Once I started crying because his voice is so beautiful.

Me: yeah, they’re cool.