gross stop it

1) you straight YouTubers playing dream daddy so you can queer bait your fans. FUCK YOU.

2) y'all drawing gross fan art for some kind of profits are fucking gross and need to stop
Hint: you getting death threats for giving people dysphoria? Be sorry. Change your ways.

3) y'all doing pedophile art / shipping prdophile shit from dream daddy (or any other fandom). Seek help. You have a problem. Stop fetishizing the queer community.

This game wasn’t for yall. Play and support it if you want. But y'all are being gross. That shit needs to stop.

-your pansexual YouTuber.

White women really need to stop writing fics and making graphics and art about interracial f/f ships in which the visibly brown or black woman in the ship serves as the “knight” or “lionheart” for the white woman who’s portrayed as the “queen” or “princess”. You all are being transparent and gross as hell. For once, consider how lbpq women of color are already painted as angry and brutal. Consider how lbpq women of color aren’t allowed to be soft or vulnerable or sensitive. Consider that they can’t be romantically or sexually autonomous without being fetishized by the male gaze and the white, colonial gaze, especially if they’re trans. Consider that the next time you begin outlining an AU or storyline in which the woman of color is the knight for her white savior princess. 

nathan prescott; literally murders rachel and buries her body in a place where none of her loved ones will find her for months, drugs chloe and attempts to take pictures of her, drugs kate, supports jefferson’s perverted photo project, threatens max after she rightly tells the principal that he brings a gun into school, relies on his family’s money to get his own way

y'all; oh my god he’s going to be in the prequel he’s wearing a BLUE JACKET my baby

As a Reinhardt main I’m going to hate Doomfist.As a human being existing on planet Earth I think he’s fricking Incredible.BLUGHHHHHonestly I’ve been laboring over this for like 2 days now and just can’t get it where I want it. SO HERE GOES.

M E A T I E R   S T R I K E.

cho chang:

  • was traumatized from the death of her boyfriend
  • joined the da when she was 16 against her parents’ wishes
  • fought in the battle of hogwarts
  • came at once when the old da coins were reactivated
  • was loyal to and completely stood by marietta, no matter what her friend had done
  • felt guilty over liking harry just after cedric died
  • offered to help harry find rowena ravenclaw’s diadem
  • refused to wear a ‘support cedric diggory’ badge, even when she was still dating cedric
  • was not a crybaby, melodramatic or weak. 

1st pic: Junkrat in my new clothes because I love this trash boy. ( ノ∀`♥)

2nd pic: When I was playing as Junkrat, Roadhog was the only one who greeted back to my gross rat son and I cried. 

3rd pic: Please put Jamison in glasses. *puts hands together* 

4th pic: tfw you know your son is gross and problematic but you can’t help it.