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Art school, day 806: Today I witnessed a performance art piece where a white boy with greasy long hair and a gross pencil mustache stood in the foyer and screamed at the top of his lungs at random intervals. Odds are good he was “commenting on the oppression of The Institution by disrupting the status quo and making Them uncomfortable.”

It’s impossible to know which white boy with greasy hair and a nasty little mustache it was, as all but four of the male students fit that description. 

In the distance, bagpipes.

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I feel like everyone is too mean towards Caputo and the flashbacks

he literally sits in his office and wanks after girls have come to him crying about an issue they’re facing inside the prison i could care less abt Joe Caputo n his gross mustache

“He began his orchestration of events within a week of his return to Tallahassee. Carole Boone had been writing and calling almost daily. Her letters were chatty, witty, newsy, but they also had a cautious tone. Carole had been badgered by the FBI while Ted was at large, and it appears she was bothered by the Chi Omega connection. She wrote Ted that the truth, no matter how awful, should be known. Bundy’s first written reply, dated February 28, 1978, ignored Carole’s final admonition and instead railed about the FBI, calling them “Fornicators, Bastards and Imposters,” a suggestive choice of epithets. He touched Carole with a description of his pitiable cell conditions and the cockroaches with which, he claimed, he shared his food, then quoted a soul-stirring bromide from Richard Bach about triumphing over adversity. The letter closed, “I love you Boone. I need you. More than ever.”

- Excerpt from Stephen Michaud’s “The Only Living Witness”

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erejean for ask meme?? <333


Drinks all of the coffee: Jean is a poor, sad addict whose mental and emotional stability is completely dependent on his morning coffee. Eren isn’t allowed to have coffee. For obvious reasons. He drinks a lot of warm milk instead, which Jean finds super gross especially when Eren tries to kiss him with a gross warm milk mustache like the fucking freak of nature that he is.

Brings up adopting a pet: neither of them thinks they’re really responsible enough to keep an animal alive, but like, imagine Sasha’s dog has puppies and they go to see them and Jean holds one of these tiny lil fluffballs and it licks his face and Eren is just like “…Hot boy. Puppy. Hot boy with a puppy my heart is going to explode.” So he adopts that goddamn cute ass puppy without Jean knowing and things just fall apart from there.

Kills the bugs: Eren. Jean doesn’t like bugs and if it flies he wants ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH IT holy shit. But when Eren kills bugs he doesn’t just squash them; he obliterates them until there’s nothing left. (“Eren,” Jean will say from his spot cowering under the blankets on the sofa, “chill.”) And Eren’s just like…you wanted me to kill it so I did what’s the problem like there’s not a dent in the wall where he just smashed it. OR when he’s feeling super vindictive Eren’ll grab the bug with his fingers and chase Jean around.

Cooks the meals: they’re both pretty hopeless when it comes to cooking, because neither of them really has the patience, but if someone asks who’s better at it they will both adamantly claim to be the best, resulting immediately in a cook off challenge and a nearly destroyed kitchen (and living area. and bedroom. and patio). Armin had never regretted asking a question so much in his life. Their kitchen still smells like burnt fried bologna whenever they turn the oven on.

Starts getting into holidays way before they should: Jean wants to be all super nonconformist when it comes to holidays and shit because they’re just so commercialized (Christmas was originally a pagan holiday, y’know?) But he secretly gets all warm and fuzzy around the holidays. Eren knows this, because Jean’s not as subtle as he thinks he is, and while holidays aren’t really his thing he’ll indulge his dumb boyfriend and come home with eggnog and decorations and whatever and watch that those creepy claymation movies.

Initiates the couple selfies: Jean. Eren doesn’t get selfies. He tries, but he can never get the camera in focus, with both of them in the shot, and shit like filters are just completely foreign to him. So Jean takes their pictures, and captions them with stuff thats funny only half of the time, and Eren may or may not be printing them out to put into a photo album.

Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries: they are both…terrible…at remembering important dates. It’s really sad. When Mikasa congratulated them on their one year they’d stared at her, looked to each other, then back at her and were like…wat? And Mikasa just put her head in her hands, because she really should’ve known better.

Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping: Jean, because he’s not afraid to admit he’s a man who likes a goddamn snack cake. Eren likes watching him lick the cream out of twinkies, so really it’s a win-win all around.

Nicknames the other: they both have so many adorable nicknames for each other!! There are the classics; asshole, assface, dickbag, douchebag, motherfucker, etc. But by far, Jean’s favorite thing to call Eren is “babe.” Mid-fight, there is nothing more satisfying than looking Eren the eye, sighing and going, babe, don’t be like that. Eren never responds with anything short of a nuclear meltdown. Babe, baby, sweetheart, hun, boo–it all gets right under Eren’s skin, and Jean loves every second of it. He loves every second he spends with this asshole.