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Please stop making countdowns until underage idols turn 18. That is disgusting and creepy.

Got7 Being Jealous And You Not Realising

Hey, can you do one reaction about GOT7 getting jealous? The s/o don’t realise what is happening? Thank u ❤❤

of course, you can darl… sorry for it taking a while I have been a bit busy but I m glad to be making reactions again please don’t forget to request I love you guys and here is the reaction



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He would see you talking to suga from BTS you were laughing and having fun but being the shy child he is would just leave it until it was the two of you. But when you get home expect him to be clingy. You would be cooking dinner and he would walk up behind you and put his arms around you while resting his head on your shoulder.

‘Whatcha doing oppa’
‘Nothing just showing you I love you’
‘I love you too’
'So how’s suga’
'I knew there was something up your sleeve…. I love you ok only you don’t worry about others cause I chose you ok… I love you’
'I love you too’


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You would be playing with the other members and getting slightly too close for his liking and he would not hide it, he would walk straight up behind you and pull you onto his lap and nuzzle your neck in front of the boys.

'I love you jagiya’

‘i love you too….stop being jealous trust me we are just friends ok..’

‘i trust you I just don’t know if I trust them’

he leans in and gives you a peck on the lips

‘come on hyung… you trust me… right?? and get a room you two’


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Jackson would be straight out honest with you and say

'Jagiya your supposed to hang out with me your boyfriend not bambam’

'We’re just playing Marion Kart hyung you can have her back after this round’

He would become puppy wang and pout until the game was finished

'Now I will hang out with my lovely boyfriend’

'Finally, you’ve been hanging around with bambam a lot more there’s nothing I have to worry about right’

'No I’m only hanging out with him cause we’re the same age and I love you he’s just a friend..’

Jin young

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Poor Jin young he is too shy to confront doyoung while your backstage at the music show waiting to go on stage your relationship was public but it was very hidden. When doyoung had gone away from you jinyoung went straight to him and told him 

'Hey, doyoung… I know you and Y/N are friends but I just don’t like the touchy skinship going on… like you can be friends just tone down the skinship ok..' 

'Yes thing I didn’t realise what I was doing made you feel uncomfortable' 

'It’s ok' 

He handled everything in a kind and mature way he then went to you and told him what he said to doyoung and then he gave you a peck on the lips and said 'Only I can do that ok' 

'Yes oppa’


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Poor baby wouldn’t know what to do but I think he would just put up with it and act clingy when the other person went away. He would just stand there and watch it and shake his head of course without you knowing. Jackson would come over and ask him 

'Why don’t you just talk to her' 

'Because I don’t want to be awkward…plus I trust her I just don’t trust him’ 'OPPA come here for a moment’ you yell at him to come over 

'Yeah jagiya' 

'I want you to meet my cousin Y/C/N ’

'Hey’ said your cousin, while sticking out his hand 

'Hi’ youngjae said shyly 

'You ok oppa' 

'Yeah I’m fine…just was thinking something silly' 

*internally thinking omg I’m such a doofus*


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You were pulling pranks on the other members with the help of yugyeom you had just scared the living hell out of Jackson and you and yugyeom were laughing like hyenas over in the corner while bambam just looked at you unamused of what he was seeing. He was seeing his girlfriend laughing with another man. 

'Hey jagiya can I talk to you for a moment' 

'Yeah oppa’ 'You love me right' 

'Of course, why wouldn’t I….. wait are you jealous' 

'Awwww I love you ok I was just having some fun with yugyeom cause we don’t get to hang out a lot anymore' 

'Yeah but you should hang out with me not him' 

'I’ll hang out with you tomorrow just let me have 1 day to hang with the boy’s then I am all yours' 

'Fine I guess that’s ok as long as you stay in the dorm tonight in my room ;)' 

'Yes oppa’


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He is straight up brutally honest when it comes to him being jealous it would go something like this 

'Yah Hyung give me back my girlfriend…. ' 

'but I want to hang out with her she is my friend too' 

'Yah but I want to hangout with her… Y/N who do you want to hang out with' 

'Ummmmmmm well seeing as I was with you all yesterday yugyeom I think I should be allowed to hang out with youngjae for 1 day please oops it will just be 1 day' 

'Fine but only because you are so cute ok… you have until 5 pm ok then your mine for the rest of the night ;) ok' 

'Ewww get a room yugyeom' 

'I will tonight with Y/N'