gross hysterical sobbing

I can’t get over how many actual consistent threads and full-circle moments klaine has just had like

the whole finding each other again and again through lifetimes thing because

this isn’t a face you make when you’re like “uh oh i think i have a crush on my best friend.” this really is like he’s straining to remember something from a long, long time ago.

and this face is remembering. even if he doesn’t understand what the fuck is going on, something in him remembers. 

and then ha, again

and then we have

what an astute prediction, kurt

because that was the whole fucking point of burt’s speech and blaine’s speech and im just


Why the hell didn’t they show Bonnie being affected by the vampires Damon has been killing every eight hours for the past two days? If Elena was the anchor, they’d show every single death, her doing her hysterical gross sobbing thing, and then the entire world would weep at her pain.

I hate this show.