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‘Spider-man: Homecoming’ grossed a massive $15.4million from Thursday night previews, easily outperforming the $10million predictions. This is the third highest preview number of the year behind ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2′ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and is almost double the preview gross of 2014′s ‘The Amazing Spider-man 2′!

Spoilers for Spiderman: Homecoming

Overall I really enjoyed Homecoming. Tom Holland’s Peter Parker was a lot of fun to watch in Civil War and really comes to life here. He’s just a giant dork who wants to do the right thing! (sound familiar?) The supporting cast was quite lovely too, especially Liz and the Vulture. The relationship he has with Peter has to be one of the most fun and dynamic ones we’ve seen in a really long time.

That said, I need to vent about Tony’s “mentor” role to Peter. Tony doesn’t have nearly as much screen time as the promotional material would suggest, but they keep advertising his role and involvement with Peter as super important. I’m pretty anti-Tony tbh, so I won’t be kind here. That said if he is your fave, and you don’t feel like reading any negativity, you’ll probably want to skip this.


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the spiderman post has now blown up way way past whatever reach i initially thought i’d get and the reaction has been overwhelmingly “oh my god what is wrong with marvel and sony and stan lee” but there have been more than a few people going, “um this is a reach it was all financial, tasm2 was poorly received and it bombed at the box office so it made sense to start from scratch” and just… tasm2 made $709 million ($733 million adjusted for inflation) and homecoming has grossed $746 million so like forgive me if i don’t find the “box office bomb” excuse super convincing