gross food is good food

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Do you have a voice headcanon for Klavier?

ok so I’ve listened to so many songs trying to pinpoint my voice hc for him but my brain always snaps me back to this fucking post and i hate it, it was like one of the first things I ever saw about him and it’s engrained in my memory now

Sticky Chicken and Waffles from Fantasy Fare Food Truck located in Downtown Disney.

Today was very strange.
Work was super rough despite its low volume. (26k is our lowest yet like jesus christ.)

I got a Singular Brick in one of the trucks I loaded. (just one brick. My coworker and I couldn’t understand.) [“Can I offer you a brick in these trying times?”]

I was constantly nauseated, out of breath, and lightheaded the whole day. (I kind of blame that on my PMS but honestly that’s never happened before??)

And a helicopter slowly flew over my neighborhood as soon as I got home. (I think they might have been looking for someone?? Dunno who. Hope nothing terrible happens.)

Strange indeed.

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I like to think that Damien's vegetarian because he's one of the people that can't stand the thought of eating something that used to have a face and mind. Also, bones in food really grosses him out, a whole plate of otherwise good food is ruined if there's a bone in it for some reason. But like eggs and dairy aren't really the murder of something alive, so he's fine w/ it and not vegan.

i think the argument for not consuming dairy is that dairy cows are forcibly impregnated in order to produce milk

so @ damien

(i’m not vegan or vegetarian so correct me if i’m wrong)

“What do vegans even eat? Grass? Does vegan food even taste good? Vegan food is gross, how do you do it? I could never be vegan. I like food that ACTUALLY tastes good. How do you not starve?”
Shut the hell up.
I’m bout to smash on this sexy ass bowl of Chipotle deliciousness and then pass out and take a nap from being so damn full


i hate everything i have learned about ambergris while googling to make sure i was spelling it right