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Solavellan Breaks My Heart….and here is why

Why is the Solas romance still ruining my life? Let’s consider some things, shall we? 

  • The Solavellan romance has the least amount of interaction of all the romances. 
  • The intimate details of the romance are left ambiguous and open for the player to interpret. 
  • It’s the only romance where the lover leaves! 

What else do we lack in Solavellan? We never get the option to start a romance with Solas! We never have the option to lock in a relationship with him!

As a result of this, there are no tender moments with stolen kisses on the battlements. There are no interludes of long walks with our lover. There are no cuddles on couches. And to make matters worse, you’re not locked into the Solavellan romance until he dumps you, breaks off your relationship, and walks away from you with no further explanation! Locked in! There is no running to Cullen for consolation. No burying your head in Blackwall’s chest and having him console you. Rebound relationships are not an option unless you ended it first.

Why? you ask between choking tears and ugly crying. Here’s my theory. 

Because, until this moment, Solas was not committed. 

You’ve shared kisses on balconies, you discussed pursuing a relationship, you’ve had fade tongue…but no actual commitment. He’s never given you the option to start that romance, to lock him in place. In Crestwood, after he tells you he’s been trying to think of a way to show you what you mean to him, Lavellan fumbles for the words to define their relationship. 

Lavellan - That’s not necessary Solas, you’re my….*glances away, confused*

Solas - That is the question, is it not?

Even he concedes that there is no true definition for your relationship status. And he’s brought Lavellan to Crestwood to change that. He’s brought you here to advance to the next level of your relationship. We, as the player, never get the option to start the romance with Solas, to officially choose to be bonded to only him, like the other romances. Why?

Because Solas makes that choice. 

Solas is the one who gets the option to choose to start the romance and to make it official. He is the one who gets to lock the two of you together in the relationship. He is the partner doing the wooing here so of course the choice is his to make because you’ve already expressed your interest in him again and again to get this far. 

He chooses Lavellan. He locks them and himself together in the committed relationship. Then, he leaves and says he can’t do this. 

But guess what? You’re not single. That means that neither is he. You are still locked in that romance. And so is he. 

I think Solas realizes that if he truly loves Lavellan, and he does, he owes it to them to fix the world that he has broken. If he gives up himself, his duty, then he turns his back on his responsibilities and now Lavellan is one of his responsibilities and a much more compelling reason to right his wrongs. And because he loves them, and they love him, his enemies can hurt them and use them against him. That’s assuming that his mission to right his wrongs does not cost him his life and cause Lavellan further pain. So, he leaves. 

People say he is an ass, selfish, arrogant, etc. He’s not perfect. But he’s willing to sacrifice his happiness in order to make the world a better place than how he left it and that’s a selfless act. You could argue that it is Lavellan’s love and Lavellan’s belief in him that give him the strength to walk away.

Solas, and the Solavellan romance, break my heart because he walks away from Lavellan even more in love now than he was when he called them vhenan for the first time. 

The Hugging Lance Meme You Never Knew You Needed But You Did
  • Lance: *sobs*
  • Everyone: *appears out of nowhere*
  • Hunk: I cooked some food
  • Pidge: I HAVE MEMES
  • Shiro: I have tea and blankets
  • Allura: we found some old movies
  • Everyone: *curls up underneath blankets, drinks tea, eats food, looks at memes, and watches old Altean movies*
  • Lance: you guys are the best

i swear to god, possibly the funniest moment in the whole series, the part where i lose it every fucking time, is john’s reaction to mary when he finds out she’s pregnant

he fuckin claps her on the shoulder

i hope to god that my husband would kiss me or hug me or show any kind of loving marital sentiment at all, but no, he’s gone with the reaction of an emotionally constipated father congratulating his teenage son on making the varsity baseball team

like, “heeeeeeeeey….good job on that, buddy /awkward shoulder grab” and then a decade later you’re in therapy wondering why dad never showed you any real affection

Guess whos muslim black trans and not tryna take photos rn (they/them)

Im nonbinary, and ever since I was 3 ive never quite felt like a girl. Id always do “boy” things and scream when people called me a girl. When puberty hit, I would cry and throw big tantrums when i saw bras. Sometimes in the middle of target lmao and we all know how black mommas react to shit like that. Anyways speeding up the story, I came to terms with my transness late last year. Although I present femininely and wear a hijab, im anything but a girl.

Its still a huge struggle for me, esp finding other trans muslim people to talk to or other trans black muslim folk, but days are lookin up! Im ready to come out to some close friends and some school mates itll be a blast. I’ll try to take care of myself and keep an optimistic beat.

Thanks for listening and happy trans day of visibility!