gross clothes


Alexander: First to ten?

Knox: Are you serious? It’s two of us against one of you, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Rhen: Let him be, he obviously wants to be horribly humiliated when he loses.

Alexander: Has anyone ever told you guys how mega rude you are? Because they should.


Cas x Reader

You screamed as Castile popped into the shower behind you, in fact you didn’t remember how you got to the shower, you didn’t even recognise the building you were in until you grabbed a towel and ran into the bunkers war room with a towel clutched around you.

“Ew gross (Y/N), clothing!” Sam yelped.

“Sam… you’re Sam Winchester!” You gawked at him and he pulled a face as if he didn’t get your joke.

“You ok, did Cas zap you somewhere to fast?” he chuckled and you continued to stare at him.


“What’re you guys making so much noise for?” Dean jumped when you screamed again and stared at you like you were a lit sick of dynamite. “What’d Cas do Zap her out to fast?”

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I finally raided the Pixiv tag for Akatsuki no Yona and found a lot of fanart of Kija with Jae-ha’s hair bow and I was like ヾ(:3ノシヾ)ノシ!!!

Yona would probably think the matching bows look cute and Zeno would probably want one too but Hak and Yoon would probably be like “(≖_≖) He’s marking his territory…”

sobs bad at drawing heads from that angle… well practice makes perfect

Even if you don’t like Fifth Harmony you simply just can’t deny that theres a certain amount of confidence gained whenever you hear their songs like I could be wearing sweatpants or whatever gross clothing yet I could still feel like the biggest beautiful badass to walk the planet when I hear their music.

The strange, sharp, alien trees pressed in around them, rustling and twitching and occasionally prodding them with nightmarish thorny vines.
And then the branches and creepers lashed out, wrapping round them and dragging each of them up onto the back of a xXltttxtolxtol, sap spreading and sticking over their clothes. Ianto whimpered as gelatinous trails seeped into the fabric of his suit. Despite himself, Jack grinned. He suspected Ianto was more worried about the dry-cleaning bill than his death.

Risk Assessment (by James Goss)

[the way he can always make him smile…]

Imagine: Relationship Goals

Hey! So can I please have an imagine where you’re at the shop with your bf (ur crush) and basically you’re both in really gross clothes and look gross and you run into people from school


The past week had been hot. Really hot. You’d spent most of your free time with Y/c/n, not that people at school knew that. Both you and Y/c/n were quite reserved people and didn’t like being the centre of attention so you kept your relationship between the two of you. You weren’t exactly dating but if either of you were asked out by another person, you’d both say no. The words ‘skinny love’ come to mind.

“Y/n have you got any ice cream?” Y/c/n said, getting up off the ground and shielding his eyes from the sun. It was a Saturday and Y/c/n had come round to do ‘revision’ with you (which had ended up being the two of your going out into the garden and sunbathing.) 

“I don’t think so, i think my brother and his friends ate it all yesterday.” You admitted.

“Fuck it, we’re going to the shops.” He said loudly, grabbing your hand and pulling you up off of the beach towel you had put on the floor.

“Shh Y/c/n, dont swear so loudly!” You pushed his arm slightly and he pretended to be hurt.

“I’ll try not to, i promise.” He said grinning.

You made your way inside and tried to find something to wear. You had been sun bathing in your pyjamas and since you didn’t think you were leaving the house all weekend you had no clothes in your wardrobe because they were all in the wash.

“I have nothing to wear.” You said, opening your wardrobe and staring at the empty clothes hangers.

“Just wear your pyjamas.” Y/c/n said simply. You turned around to look at him sitting on your bed. He had a straight face and obviously wasn’t joking.

“Y/c/n i can’t wear my pyjamas to the shops, we might know people there.”

“Wear your pyjama shorts then, they look like normal shorts.” 

“What about my top? There is no way I’m going out with a top that has a bunch of Disney princesses on it.”

“Borrow this then.” He said, taking a t shirt out of his school bag which he had brought with him for revision (even though he didn’t have any of his text books in it.) He handed the top to you and even though it was too big you didn’t really have much choice so you put it on.

“See you look hot!” You laughed and looked at yourself in the mirror.

“I look like a fell head first through a jumble sale.”

“Exactly, you should dress like that more often.” He smirked and grabbed your hand again. “Let’s go.”

You lived quite near the supermarket and the walk was only about 5 minutes.

“It’s so fucking hot.” Y/c/n said, kicking a stone on the path.

“I thought you said you weren’t going to swear?”

“I only said i wouldn’t swear loudly, that wasn’t loud.” He looked smug with his answer and you just laughed, knowing he was right.

“Sure, whatever you say.” You walked a few more steps and turned to cross the road. You felt like people in the cars were looking at your clothes choice but since you didn’t know them you didn’t care at all. After you crossed the road you could see the super market about 200m away. You let go of Y/c/n’s hand and he looked down at you. He was over 6 foot and you being 5 foot something, he seemed like a giant.

“Race you!” You shouted and began running before Y/c/n had realised what you said.

“SHIT!” He shouted from behind you as he started running to catch up with you. You sprinted as fast as you could and shouted at Y/c/n for swearing, this time he couldn’t deny it was loud.

“Sorry Y/n!” He said, running past you and reaching the supermarket a few seconds before you.

“I win.” He smiled as you tried to catch your breath.

“I wasn’t actually trying you know.” You puffed, your face turning pink.

“Yeah, yeah whatever. Come on.” He smiled as you went into the supermarket. As soon as you walked through the doors you were greeted with a wave of cool air and you didn’t want to move.

“Y/n? What are you doing?” Y/c/n asked you.

“It’s cool here,” You replied and he chuckled.

“Lets go you weirdo.” You both began walking to the back of the store and found the ice cream isle.

“Right, what do you want?” 

“I don’t mind, your the one that wanted ice cream.” You replied,knowing how much Y/c/n hated it when you made him choose.

“You’re really not being helpful.” He replied, kissing the top you your head and opening a freezer door. He pointed a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and you nodded. He took it out of the freezer and shut the door.

“And these!” You said, grabbing some orange ice lollies and grinning.

“I thought you didn’t mind what ice cream we got?” He said cockily.

“These aren’t ice cream, they’re ice lollies.” You replied just as smugly as he had earlier.

“Fair enough.” He smiled, taking them from you.

You walked toward the checkouts and tried to find the most empty till. 

“Y/c/n and Y/n?” You turned around and saw a large friendship group from your school. You froze, not knowing what to say.

“Hey, how are you guys?” Y/c/n replied calmly, he was better in these situations than you were.

“We’re good.” One of them replied.

“I didn’t know you two were together!” A short brown haired girl said.

Y/c/n looked at you then back to the group.

“Yeah well not many people know, we don’t really talk about it.” He said. He’d told them you were dating? He’d never said that to anyone before, not even you.

“You’re so cute, the whole year wanted you to get together!” Another girl said and you laughed quietly.

“Nice top Y/n,” One of them said. You looked at them confused and then looked down at your top - remembering it was Y/c/n’s.

“Aha thanks, all my clothes are in the wash so i had to borrow Y/c/n’s.”

“Told you they were cute,” The short, brown haired girl said smiling at the two of you.

“That will be £5 please.” The checkout lady said, both you and Y/c/n turned around surprised she had served you already.

“I forgot my money,” You said, realising your purse was on your kitchen table.

“Don’t worry, I’ll pay.” Y/c/n said, getting out his wallet and handing money over to the lady. As he did so it put his arm around your waist. You looked up at Y/c/n and he smiled softly.

“They’re the fucking definition of relationship goals.” 


an. i sort of changed this request a bit because its so hot in england at the moment! How are you guys? Im so sorry i haven’t posted properly in ages - I’ve had loads of you message me asking if I’m okay.. I’ve just been busy at the moment but hopefully ill start posting again soon! Keep requesting imagines and i hope you have nice day xxx

i’m cockles trash and misha and jensen are gross clothes sharing boyfriends

It isn’t until he’s packing for Pheonix that Misha sees it again.

The shirt.

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