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All mods on Feminism blogs: gets into discourse, fights for the greater good, is totally badass, the nicest people around.

Me on a Feminism blog: would cry if I got into discourse, avoids all fights at all costs, just want equality :(


This is so fucking scary. I knew a few of these things but some of this is literally just trash and disgusting and vile. Ladies!! READ THIS. There are guys in the replies asking him why he’s snitching and revealing their secrets, and then the girls are just like, “lol NOTED”

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How would each of the TINF cast kill a spider if they had to? If they would kill it at all, anyway

OMG! LOLOL I think most of them actually wouldn’t kill a spider.. it’d be like this, if they saw one in the house:

Julian: pretends he’s not terrified/grossed out (he totally is), gets it into a cup/box somehow, then just throws the entire thing outside

Isaiah: picks it up and puts it outside, no fear, very gentle… sweet boy…

Landon: sets up an elaborate trap, only to end up placing a box/cup/whatever on top of it, but he doesn’t know what to do after that so he just leaves it, essentially forgetting about it, until he knocks it over later and startles himself, forgetting there was a spider in there

Selby: kills it with her shoe

Spring semester classes ended for me today. I had a diagnostic imaging quiz and got my first A of the semester, which felt incredibly nice after the string of terrible grades. I just have four finals left between me and going home for two weeks.

I need to pass them all to pull through, but I feel really confident. I’m caught up on all of my notes for the first time in ages, and a full week before my last final is supposed to take place. It’s a weird feeling. When have I ever been productive??? 

I just don’t know how I’m going to memorize a hundred toxic plants and their effects between now and then.


Cordyceps (cordyceps)

Cordyceps, the “zombie fungus” are found in Asia. There are 400+ species and each species preys on a different insect or arthropod. When infected, the fungus slowly replaces the host’s tissues and in some cases takes control of the host, moving it to either highly populated areas or areas of high elevation for the spore pod to burst and have a higher chance of infecting. They have been known to wipe out entire ant colonies and have become such a problem when an ant sees another ant moving strangely they take it to the edge of a cliff and toss it over. The fungus is also considered a delicacy and has some medicinal uses. In 2013, Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us created a zombie apocalypse scenario using cordyceps.

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What's the biggest dick you've come across so far in your sexual experience?

okay first of all i puked in my fucking mouth

second of all i’ve seen like 2 dicks ever because surprise sex is gross and terrifying just like you, motherfucker

third of all i hope you get hit by a bus :-)

so yesterday i got catcalled by a child

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If there’s a shadow in me, the dark is a tidal wave inside of you.

On Kylo Ren concept art...

In the beginning we have plastic baddie. metal, robot, droid baddie.

Then more human shapes. I’m thinking this coincided with casting Adam.


Adam, obviously.

And then….

…we get partial humanoid, partial robot kylo with what must be rey, obviously modelled after Adam.

But in the end..on that screen, we get this pretty boy with fluffy cloud-hair who looks so vulnerable and young, you kinda wanna hold him:


Early-version metal-Kylo would’ve been around the same gross/terrifying-level Darth-Maul was, something for the boys to fap over because jolly evil robot grievous-style badass…bet he’s gonna be real evil and give no shit.
But that’s not what they wanted or went with in the end.
I’m asking myself, what if they started out planning Kylo Ren as this half robotic Darth Vader impersonator, who was merely fascinated with the old Sith and Rey was conceptualised as the Skywalker legacy, Luke’s or Han’s and Leia’s. Then, fairly early on after talks with Driver started or shortly before, Kylo Ren was turned into a half-bionic half-intact human.
Then I imagine Adam Driver signed on and the art and concept starts to shift again, and suddenly there is this potential and they actually commission a painting to be made of Kylo Ren with his arm around Rey modelled on a picture with Adam Driver holding a woman protective/possessively which is likely supposed to show the abduction scene (with a conscious Rey instead of the bridal carry). So they look at that…and look at the actor they got.

Adam Driver and his great scope and renown for sensual parts and they look at the female character they planned. And they look at Driver again.

And I have this tiny little theory that they switched things around then. That they wanted to use that potential, not just for the potential but also to have a twist, an epic twist that most people wouldn’t expect - the evil guy going good, for real.
But now, if we want this, we need a reason for people to root for him. So what do we do? We make him the legacy, we make him human. And Ben Solo was born.

Now bare with me, I think there was a time where Ben Solo and Rey Skywalker were the plan. I think they were at the point where Kylo Ren was still half-robot.

But I believe that didn’t last too long. I think by the time Daisy Ridley had her final audition for Star Wars doing the interrogation scene, potentially with Adam present to play off of, Rey was no longer a Skywalker.
Because they looked at the potential and they saw it. That’s why we got the Kylo we got. Not bionic-man, but Disney-Prince-Wella-Hair with the smoulder and the pout. Because there was potential beyond Ben Solo, Han and Leia’s son, there was potential for Ben Solo/Kylo Ren romantic hero. So we got a romantic hero underneath an evil robot-ish-kinda mask. 

All the intent from the original concept art but with that new, endlessly compelling twist that obviously very many people don’t anticipate even now.

I think that’s one of the biggest Reylo-clues and it’s been right under our noses. The way he looks as opposed to the way he was originally planned to look.

I am legitimately TERRIFIED of homestucks and I am one. First of all, there is a person who is LITERALLY FRIENDS WITH A CONVICTED PEDOPHILE, Gamzee fans literally get BEAT UP or sent HORRIFIC GORE, and are told that their abuse is invalid and deserved, some Equius cosplayers sexually harassing other people (mostly Gamzee cosplayers) and picking up and running away with Nepeta cosplayers half their size without asking or a warning, Terezi cosplayers actually going up to you and licking you without warning or consent, that one time spin the bottle was banned at a convention since homestucks gave each other mono from playing spin the Faygo, Someone with a fatal allergy to paint got  bucket FILLED with paint thrown at them and almost DIED because so much paint was on their face because they said they didnt read or like the comic. I am very afraid of this fandom

Tainted Nug

(sung to the tune of tainted love)

WARNING: The following is gross and terrifying and is not for the faint of heart.

The operating room (or the “chop shop,” to use the official name) is where doctors rearrange your bones, play with your toes, and replace your flesh with evil machine parts. It’s a room of pain and death. And it’s decorated with puddles of all sorts of human goo.

We wanted to learn more about the inner workings of the place, but all the surgeons we approached were too busy counting their money or drinking alone. So we spoke to a surgical technician, and she told us all about it.

7 Awful Things I Learned About Surgery By Helping Surgeons

I don’t see nearly enough love for Kendare Blake’s Goddess War series. Seriously. I just reread the first two books and it makes me sad that no one is shrieking about how awesome this series is. 

Athena has feathers growing out of her. And not in a cute, funny way but in a gross, terrifying way that is sheer brilliance. The gods are dying, Persephone is a fucking monster, not some cute manic pixie dream girl twit that YA likes to continue writing her as. 

Athena is a total badass, Hermes is a total sweetheart and if you aren’t rooting for Athena and Ody to hook up at the end, I’m not sure we read the same book. 

And Kendare Blake is IMPOSSIBLE to guess what will happen next. She’s one of those authors who could go either way. Everyone could live, everyone could die, the world could end, they could be reincarnated. IT COULD BE A REPEAT OF THE TROJAN WAR. Like ANYTHING could happen. None of this predictable shit. I loathe knowing/guessing what’s going to happen and I CANNOT WITH THESE BOOKS BECAUSE KENDARE BLAKE IS SMART AND SNEAKY AND CLEVER AND BOOM. 

Goddamnit. I don’t think I can hold on until Fataliste comes out (and yes, I know that they’ve changed the title but I loved that name so much.)