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i couldn’t last long

It’s Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day, and I just want to give shoutouts and a ton of love to all my fanfic writers:

@deadcatwithaflamethrower​, @morgynleri​, @alyyks​, @norcumi​, @kristsune​, @darthlivion​, @soleriane​, @drthskyguy​, @vampirologist​, @alienaate​, @the-last-hair-bender​, @commonplacecaz​, @heartslogos​, @jabberwockypie​, and anyone else I might have missed!  

You’re all amazing and I hope your day is great!

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sometimes you sound like you hate chanyeol

maybe because i do. i mean, how can i not when he’s…

lol, kidding aside anon. also, this will be the first and last time you’ll probably see me going this emo and cheezy for that giant.

I love him, with all my heart. not the love like i want to marry him kind of love. i’m long over that, it’s been 4 years lmao. i know Park have flaws, i don’t love those part of him but i accepted those because he’s never PCY without those. idk, i just love to bully and make fun of him bcos he seems less perfect to me and more human when i do it. also, he’s not perfect guys, his face might be, but not his self. ugh how do you even explain that. he’s not perfect but he’s precious.

you know Park is just the ‘man of your dreams’ type of guy. talented, tall, fucking handsome, sexy, abs just a new addition, and of course the most important of all, rich. hahahahahahhaah but with all honesty, it’s his actions that made me love him and hold him more. idk how to elaborate them i just… like how he does things his way

plus, he’s very close to his family. something i lack, so i kind of adore him for that

tbh, idk how to explain my feelings for him. it’s just….extremely drawn to him. and my affection piles up, layer after layer that it gets me frustrated. it’s so unfair so i just start to make fun of him to make myself feel better. but none of those jokes are meant to harm him

hahaha man, aren’t i lame?

anyway bye

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I think it’s funny how people go on to say the USWNT lost because of the “arrogance” …excuse me? They are World Cup champions and 4 time gold medalist. Should they have gone into this tournament completely submissive? No. That’s not what a champion mentality (which has been regarded by many other teams and the US best quality) does.

Seriously I think those are the responses and comments that get to me the most. People who now all of the sudden want to forget all the gold medals won before, because they lost doesn’t give anyone the right to act all high almighty and kick them while they’re down. That includes all 22 players. Sitting behind a computer doesn’t give you the right to call ANY of them names or diminish their accomplishments. They made it this far after having worked hard and sacrificed so much in their life.

What a run!  Here’s where the counter ended up.  1.023 billion dollars worldwide.

The achievement that this represents should not be overlooked.

It attained a whopping 99% positive rating aggregated at RottenTomatoes.

It is currently the #2 highest grossing film of 2016, the 24th highest grossing worldwide film ever (not adjusted for inflation), the 6th highest grossing film domestically in the USA, and 40th highest grossing domestic film ever (again, not adjusted for inflation).

This incredible performance is doubly incredible coming from a brand new, original, story/IP.  No automatic buy-in from a knowing fanbase.

It comes in an unusual style and genre mixing form that doesn’t guarantee high box office.  It doesn’t rely on special effects, violence, or elaborate action sequences. 

It’s stars are a bunny and a fox. 

Now, I don’t know how it was marketed outside of North America, but if it was similar, it did all this with a very modest (I’d even say it was very unsupported by the studio) marketing campaign. It wasn’t pushed.  There was no blitz.

And yet, it grew, and grew, and grew. 

The film’s 341.3M domestic take is where the remarkable achievement of Zootopia most shines through for me.  With the lackluster marketing and Disney’s name not as strong as it used to be (vis-a-vis Pixar especially), the film opened moderately strong, but then it stayed strong.  Word of mouth drove more and more people to see it, and certainly at least a few of us went to see it a few times (or eight…).  The film’s weekly takes declined slowly, and it stayed a long time in theatres.

Few may have had it on their radar before it opened, but more and more did as word got out just what Disney had created.  What a tour de force the movie was.  Even as it exited theatres, I found coworkers, friends, strangers, who heard about it and wanted to see it. 

I don’t think the Disney marketing execs knew what they had on their hands, what an amazing film Rich, Byron, Jared, and the whole team had wrought.  Little pre-release hype, a quick turnaround to home media, a very short run of toys.

But Zootopia was more powerful than the execs, and padded its way on gentle paws into our hearts and the hearts of millions worldwide. 

Zootopia is an achievement, both amazing and important.  And it’s worldwide take, despite all “stacked” against it, is a testament to that greatness.

I was thinking about the exact moment that I knew I was in love with you
And found I couldn’t pinpoint any memory
Instead I found a compilation of moments
And a feeling of falling in love every single day
I fell in love with you today
As you caressed my back after a long day of work
I fell in love with you yesterday
As you licked my nose to make me laugh
And I’ll fall in love you tomorrow
As I wake up next to you
Everyday I fall in love with you
And everyday I will.
—  6 years.

guess who didn’t put makeup on their neck??? this girllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!! anyway just reminding you that i am the view uwu

Apparently there’s a road in South Carolina called Swamp Fox Trail… That’s where I live and smoke weed with my furry husbands.