Questi ragazzi abbandonati a se stessi con i groppi in gola e le lacrime in bocca, non si rendono conto che la vita è una sola. Non combattono se amano, si lasciano scappare le persone, fanno spazio all'odio e all'orgoglio mettendo da parte l'amore.
—  malvagiokarma

anonymous asked:

What would making out with Minghao be like?

Minghao is kinda shy so I think he’d be the slow and gentle type. It’d start of with a sweet innocent kiss. Then another. Then another one, this time a little longer, and little slower. Slowly your kisses would grow longer and little bit deeper. He’d be gentle, never going a step farther than he knew you wanted. His hand would gently cup your neck, hooking his thumb around your ear and softly cradling your head. He’d never pull you closer or take it farther unless you initiated. So when you wanted to be closer to him you’d have to scoot closer, which then he would realize and wrap his other around you and pull you closer against him. When you wanted to feel his tongue you’d have to softly swipe yours across his bottom lip, telling him to open up his lips, which he immediately would. He’d understand your signals quickly and immediately adjust to what you wanted. He wouldn’t be groppy. Instead, he’d gently ghost his hands over your curves, pulling you just a little closer and keep some pressure on your skin. He’d be incredibly passionate and very slow. Like a quiet, rainy night kind of kiss. It’d have you melting, I promise.