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More N and Steven Stone headcanons since these two are my babies

Steven Stone:

  • Resistant to the cold. He doesn’t even know when it’s cold outside and 10 different people need to tell him to wear a jacket
  • Even then he still resists to wear a coat/jacket
  • He’d be an overly cautious driver
  • He’s got a lil muscle on him because of all the cave stuff he does, but it’s not really noticeable 
  • He made his own steel accessories because he’s a giant nerd who knows how to metalwork.
  • He has confidence issues
  • Trips over his own feet but always acts like he meant to
  • Dragon-types scare him


  • He doesn’t know how to display affection like you give him a hug and he just stands there amazed
  • He actually gave himself the nickname N because Natural Harmonia Gropius was too long and he was tired of waiting 10 years for anyone to call his name
  • He haaaaates battling because it hurts his friends
  • He loves Anthea and Concordia dearly but doesn’t know how to express it to them
  • Knows sign language
  • Legitimately smiled the first time when the player defeated him in battle
  • He constantly feels like he owes Ghetsis something

Send me a character and I’ll give some headcanons!