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Once Naga Dean and Angel Cas decide to maybe start trying to be mates and all that, Dean would start getting so gleeful he can touch the butt. and the legs. and the feet. he wants to touch them and play with them. wiggle the toeses. touch the soft thighs. squish the butt. he loves squishing the butt. the butt is perfect for squishing.

I think Dean squished the butt before. He doesn’t know what kind of body parts are inappropriate for him to touch. He he probably touched the butt before because he doesn’t understand that “touching the butt” would translate as “touching tail feathers” in Naga body language.

And I don’t know if Cas would tell him that you just don’t go groping someones’s ass. Haha. (Though maybe he would, depending on how much it would bother or embarrass him.)

3. “Woah what happened while I was gone?”

Noah opened the front door. He stepped cautiously inside the darkened room. Heart beating loud in his ears he groped for the light switch. Nothing happened. He held his breath hoping to hear something anything. Where was everyone? Were they alright?

He shuffled towards the stairs. Arms out to keep from stumbling into something in the darkness. He made his way to his and Nova’s bedroom. The silence was and darkness closing in around him. Had something happened while he was out? He knew Tain was taking the others to visit his family for the weekend giving him and Nova a rare weekend alone together. Fear clutched his heart squeezing tight. 

Reaching the top of the stairs he could see a flickering light beneath the door. Fire! his mind shouted. The house was on fire. Heedless of what he might run into he ran for the door. 

Nova looked up startled “oh your home early.” She closed the book she was trying to read by the flickering light of candles. “I thought you were bringing back something to eat” she looked disappointed that his hands were empty.

“What happened while I was gone?” he asked anxiety making his voice come in a harsh breathy tone.

A frown flickered across Nova’s forehead “what do you mean what happened? We lost electricity from the storm.” 

Noah ran a trembling hand through his hair as he looked out the nearby window where flashes of lightening could be seen. “Oh” he said smiling sheepishly at Nova.

Returning his smile she went to him “if you light the way I’ll go downstairs and see what I can rustle up for supper.”

Anonymous requested a few drabbles. Sorry it took so long for me to get them done. 

Noah Loudermilk was made by @cawthorntales

today is definitely one of those days when i feel like I’ve wasted my entire life

i spent two years and thousands of dollars to get my mls, only to be stuck in the same entry-level position for 3.5+ years with no advancement or any opportunities for such in the future

i am frequently subject to harassment and objectification by library patrons, have been groped, have been asked why i’m not married, have been threatened physically by someone who was upset that i told him not to use slurs, have been on the receiving end of death threats (because i SMILED)

i have pretty severe compassion fatigue, hate my body in some really fun new ways (as a result of the attention it’s received), hate waking up anymore (i used to jog before the sun came up!)

i’m stressed, overworked, exhausted and in constant fear of our political climate

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Could you do a imagine we're Kara accidentally hurts the reader and feels really bad about it please thanks

“Ah, shit, Kara.”

“Yeah?” Kara asked seductively, hands gripping your hips as you two made out on the couch. “You like that?”

“Shit, no, not really. Let go!” You said and Kara got the hint and quickly let go.

“Oh my god, Y/N! I’m so sorry, are you Ok?”

“Yeah.” You sat up and rubbed your hip, where Kara groped a little to hard. “It’s fine. I’ll be fine.

“Are you sure? Do you want me to look? Make sure it’s not broken or bruising?”

“Ah, when has a little bruising hurt anybody.” You joked, but Kara wasn’t laughing. “Kara, it’s ok. You got a little excited, it happens.”

“Yeah, but it doesn’t happen with an alien with super strength.” Kara sighed. “I’m sorry Y/N. It’s just… no one’s ever made me feel the way you do before, and I guess I lost control for a second there.”

“Well, it’s nice to hear that I can make you lose control.” You joked again, and this time Kara smiled. “Just, maybe dial the Hulk strength back a little and we’ll be fine, Okay?”

“Okay.” Kara said and you two continued your make out session.

Posts: March 30th

Pairings:  Yuuri Katsuki/Victor Nikiforov

Summary: After the Rostelecom Cup, Yuuri and Victor make their final preparations before the Grand Prix Final. Yuuri tries to struggle through his mounting anxiety on his own, and Victor tries to help with varying degrees of success. They both try to figure out what “together” actually means. Featuring foot massages, communication, and tragically undefiled hot springs.

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“And the shallow


Stretches as far… As I, can see… Knee deep, trudging along a

Seagull weeps, “so long”

 Humming a threshing song

 Until the night is over

 Hold on!

 Hold on!

 Hold your horses, back from the Fickle dawn,

 and I have got some business out in the edge of town,

 Candy weighing both of my pockets down

‘till I can hardly stay afloat, from the weight of them

(and knowing how the common folk condem

what is is I do, to you, to keep you warm

being a woman, being a woman)

but always up the mountainside, you’re clambering

groping blindly, hungry for anything,

picking through your pockets lining, well what is this?

scrap of sassafras, eh Sisyphus?

I see the blossoms broke and wet after the rain

little sister, he will be back again

I have washed a thousand spiders down the drain

 spiders ghosts hang soaked and dangelin’

silently from all the blooming cherry trees

in tiny nooses, safe from everyone

nothing but a nuisance; gone now, dead and done

be a woman, be a woman!”

- Joanna Newsom (Only Skin)