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You know what I hate? When people try to defend the Batgirl of Burnside by saying "She's supposed to be 21, she's finally acting her age!" or "Steph Batgirl was just copying off old Babs stories, so this direction is a natural return to form for Babs!" Barbara Gordon was created as an adult with a PhD. She used to be a Congresswoman. She's always been portrayed exceptionally mature before. "Acting her age" is out of character for her, period.

(Batgirl: Year One)

It’s grossly incorrect to assume that that’s how 21 year old college students act at all. It’s a stereotype. Losing Babs as a responsible, intellectual young adult is more of a tragedy than I think people realize. Writing Babs as a cliche college student is like writing Hermione Granger getting drunk, groping someone, nearly having a one night stand, making reckless choices –

This is getting too hard to picture. It removes representation from young females who identify with being more mature and ambitiously book smart in favor of a bubbly stereotype that females already see constantly in movies and other media.

If this was a brand new title sporting a new character, that would be different. But you can’t just radically tweak the personality of a historical character like Barbara Gordon who’s appeared in multiple TV shows and not expect people to get mad and complain.

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I agree with the "boob" picture with Levy has her looking quite uncomfortable with it. I'm not entirely sure in what context this whole scene is, but to me she does look a little.. surprised/shocked maybe. But the tears are what makes the whole thing... basically not okay, if that makes sense. Maybe its different cause of their past, I mean this IS the man that attacked her and nailed her to a tree so maybe she got somewhat of a flashback to it, would be hard to fully move part that.

Well I thought about it a bit longer and it is very different from all the other boob incidents.

He didn’t accidentally grope her chest, he fucking face-planted right into them. That’s 10x more invasive than just grabbing her boobs, his face was right in between them. So her reaction makes perfect sense.

Also at this point I feel as if she’s put the past in the past. It’s pretty clear that they’re closer now, despite what he did to her, and I can imagine she’s put it behind her now.

[FIC] For Science!

The original gift I wrote for communistofzaun​’s birthday now that she’s old enough I can dump NSFW stuff on her without getting arrested. :P

Summary: Viktor’s dick disappoints Talon. Also contains established Jayce/Viktor. NSFW.

Talon stared critically, eyes narrowing slightly as his appraisal continued for several long seconds during which Viktor did his best not to fidget. Under the mask, a dusky flush of red spread over his cheeks as he silently cursed the assassin’s persistence and frankly, almost obnoxious stubbornness.

“That’s it?” Talon asked finally, looking up at Viktor’s face with a curious tilt of his head. The slight pout combined with his arched eyebrows conveyed his disappointment even better than his tone.

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Fernando Vera. I get rid of him, I get rid of my drug dealer’s supplier. I get rid of the morphine. And the pain I’ve been holding in comes rushing out. Sure, I can try to find another dealer, but like Vera said, no one on the streets deals Suboxone. I could go back to digitally counterfeiting scripts, but pharmas spend a lot of dough protecting their wares. Most places only take paper scripts. Continuously getting legit refills isn’t realistic, and neither is being a junkie. So I quit cold turkey or let Vera exist. I know what you’re thinking. The answer’s too obvious. Vera may have been groping Shayla before, but he’s graduated to rape. Just like Shayla, he’s left me no choice.
                                                      He can’t be allowed to exist anymore.

This is actually a story coming from a former really bad weeb. Not bad enough to say, grope or steal or some crap, but I was pretty bad. I think I was about eleven at the time, and so completely into anime and tv and cartoons that I was constantly on about Hetalia.

For those who don’t know, Hetalia is an anime about personified version of countries, and the only parts of it I bothered to watch were part of the Axis Powers bit. (Segment? Season?) 

These were the 5 minute episodes devoted to talking about WWII and back, though I only ever remember the WWII bits.

And what hell that was for my history teacher.

Oh my god I was constantly on about how I learned things from anime, and I was so damn close to putting a CLIP FROM HETALIA into my powerpoint presentation about WWII, just thinking about it makes me want to throw up.

I actually got so into it I tried to force my friends into it. I mean, we’re still very good friends, but we all look back on my ‘watching yaoi on youtube’ and ‘trying to trace over art from DA’ phase with collective grimaces on our faces. 

Locations (Series 3 and Rinn spoilers)

So I just realized we’ve basically got visual proof that the MMFD team are not team Rinn in any way.

Where are Rinn during some of their most romantic moments during the show run? Well, let’s see:

First sexual encounter? Rae’s bed. Which in Series 3 hosts a breakup and Rae’s horrid Katie groping nightmare.

First flirtation? I’d say the car park. Now the site of the fight I think caused the permanent death blow to the relationship.

First I Love You? Finn’s bed. Oh, there’s Katie again!

Wandering fingers in the pub one year? The kickoff to the big fight, and Finn mourning what could’ve been, the next.

College: PDA and the epic toilet smooch leads to a Leavers Ball interpretation of “We Are Never Getting Back Together"by Rachel Earl.

Warm and fuzzy reunion at the hospital? Not this time!

They must’ve had to cut the budget before they could set the chippy ablaze…

I feel like such a jerk posting this, btw. But it makes me laugh. In an exhausted, sarcastic, eff s3 way.

In the “real” version of this speech, is Sherlock actually like, “And then John groped my knee and told me he didn’t mind… And he asked me if he was pretty and batted his eyelashes at me… And THEN we went out on this case and I bent down and wiggled my arse at him in front of this piece of art that looked like a dildo… And THEN I wiped metaphorical semen off my mouth…”?


If you’re easily offended and feeling like always complaining by the things below I recommend you to reconsider your choice of Fairy Tail as a manga for you.

-The presence of lollicons in the story and the latest “controversy” in the last chapter. (Mest thought Wendy was an angel and that was honestly it. I didn’t see him being as the sex predator some people made him to be)

-It has been the most easily repeated reason but the Fanservice..! Mashima has increased his use of it in the story and sometimes dares using it on small girls. (And basically Charles human form is just for fanservice lol)

-Unwanted Boobs gropes: Natsu can grope Lucy’s boobs with it being passed off as comedy in the story. Cana basically gropes the chest of the girls without their consent and I’ve not seen more than 2 people talking about its problematic on my dash until now. Why?

Because she’s a girl and it’s just FICTION. In real life, most of those problems quoted above wouldn’t be okay at all. I feel like some people need to realize this and just consider that instead of projecting their real world issues into this because we won’t see the end of it if it continues like this. 

Enoch sort of does like a little ritual type thing when he brings people back right? He takes a heart and pumps it in his hand, and sort of gropes the persons chest with the other while possibly talking to them?

So how on earth did he ever figure out he was a dead raiser? I know his family were morticians but did he just happen to have a heart in hand one day while touching a cadaver?


Because nobody bothered to read my tags in my previous post (even though I am partially at fault for spamming nonsense there)

Nozomi is primarily a Urologist because it allows for more interactions with the lovely radiologist YZW, though I acknowledge the fact that it is rare to have it as the first option of specialty considering Nozomi‘s tendency to grope people

And just for laughs, of course she has a minor specialty in O&G. Hilarity ensures XDDDDDDD

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Ok so about two weeks ago I went to this college visit and I was waiting in line for my paperwork and my little sister pushed me and I went flying into the guy in front of me. I put my hands out to stop myself and I grabbed his ass so hard it was so bad THEN, after the accidental assault I filled out my paperwork only to find out that he was my tour guide. It was a personal tour too. So I got to spend four hours alone with some hot guy I accidentally groped. It was super weird I almost died.


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Facing the wolf (Isii somehow end up back with dream solas aka Fen Harel): Ah Little rabbit you have returned. Was our parting kiss not enough for you? After all that effort to put you back where you belong. Perhaps you wished more? *pulls her close*

No, wait. Less with the groping, more with the explaining - Am I dreaming now or not? Does that mean that what happened before wasn’t a dream?

Also, we’re going to have to talk about that whole rabbit thing.

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(Oh anon. I have a feeling you’re going to like what I plan to post this afternoon…)

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Zouis-zayns obsessed with Louis's bum

“You could stop groping me in public sometimes,” Louis complains, though he thinks he’s not doing a very good job of it, given Zayn’s also sucking at his neck like the vampire he is. 

“You like it,” he says, though, lifting his head with a smirky grin Louis needs to kiss off his face, so he does. 

“You love it,” Louis retorts, and then Zayn’s hands are back on his ass and he’s pretty sure both those statements are true and he couldn’t be more pleased. 

Silence fell. The dripping window squares were just visible. After a while, uneasy at her quietness, he turned and looked at her face in the half dark. It looked pale, and she was biting her bottom lip.

“What’s the matter?” He said. “What is to do now?”

“I believe,” she said, “after all- I have a little pain.”

He sat up. “Why didn’t you tell me! Instead of sitting there prattling. Where is the pain?”

“In- my innards. I don’t rightly know. I feel a small bit queer. ‘Tis nothing to alarm yourself.”

He was out of bed and groping for a bottle of brandy. After a moment he came back with a mug.

“Drink this. Drink it down, right down. It will warm you if nothing more.”

“I’m not cold, Ross,” she said primly. She shuddered. “Ugh, 'tis stronger than I like it. More water would have made it very palatable, I b’lieve.”

“You talk too much,” he said. “It is enough to give anyone a pain. Damn me if I don’t think it was moving that spinet.” Alarm grew in him. “Have you no sense in your head?”

“I felt nothin’ of it at the time.”

“You will feel something from me if I know you have so much as touched the thing again. Where is the pain? Let me see.”

“No, Ross. ’Tis nothin’ I tell you. Not there, not there. Higher up. Leave me be. Get you back into bed and let us try to go to sleep.”

“It will soon be time to rise,” he said, but slowly doing as she suggested. They lay quiet for a while, watching the slow lightening of the room. Then she moved over into his arms.

“Better?” he asked.

“Yes, better. The brandy has lit a beacon inside me. Soon, mebbe, I shall be drunk and start tormentin’ you.”

“That would be no change. I wonder if you ate some thing bad. We cured the bacon ourselves, and the-”

“I think perhaps it was the spinet after all. But I’m well enough now. And sleepy-”

“Not too sleepy to hear what I have to say. I don’t expect you to coddle yourself for anyone’s satisfaction. But next time you have one of your moods and desire to do some fancy thing, remember that you have a selfish man to consider whose happiness is part of your own.”

“Yes,” she said. “I’ll truly remember, Ross.”

“The promise comes too easy. You’ll forget it. Are you listening?”

“Yes, Ross.”

“Well, then, I will promise you something. We spoke of chastisements the other night. Out of my love for you, and out of my own pure selfishness, I promise to beat you soundly the next time you do anything so foolish.”

“But I won’t do it again. I said I would not.”

“Well, my promise stands too. It may be an added safeguard.” He kissed her.

—  Ross & Demelza Poldark, Ross Poldark