I know that it’s easy to forget that celebrities are humans, but what happened to Tyler Joseph today was not okay.
When one of the boys fall into the pit or the crowd, it is our job to atleast help them out of the pit. This is similar to when Josh fell into the pit a few months back, when crowd was groping Josh, pulling his hair, etc, and tonight Tyler had his mask, his shoes, his shirt ripped to pieces, to the point where there was almost nothing left. From by the way he fell, he most likely got stampeded on, his hair pulled, etc. When he finally got out he looked petrified honestly. He repeatedly yelled “stop” “get off of me”, and he got swallowed whole by the crowd.
I mean remember that this is a human being.
A human who has a mother and father
A human who has found love
A human who wakes up everyday
A human who eats, and drinks water
A human with a best friend
A human who has found relief in music
A human just like you.
Jesus Christ we cannot act like this. I wouldn’t be surprised if they stopped Interacting with the crowd for a long long time.
Imagine going out into the crowd and never knowing if your going to make it out safely. Falling in a crowd of thousands of people, hundreds of people touching you at once, tearing you to pieces, I can’t imagine the thoughts going through his head. They need to trust us, and this isn’t how it’s going to happen.

Okay peeps this has been said so many times before but I’m gonna say it again so listen up. Famous people or people in general ARE NOT toys. Learn that. You need to respect those people, there should be no groping, no nasty shouting, no throwing stuff at them and especially no kicking or stealing their stuff. They are just people. They are not made of gold and they are not Gods. I beg you to respect the performers. There is no reason for you not to. I know it may be “fun” to say you groped a celebrity or something but believe me when I say it’s not fun for them. Please be respectful.

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What happen to tyler at the concert?

ok so i read a really long post earlier [here] from someone who was there and i guess the whole show was kinda messy? but tyler tried to crowd surf i believe and people were grabbing and getting very rough and when he climbed up on  his platform..well this was the result?

ripped shirt, mask torn off, and stolen shoes, [another post about it here]

so yeah thats really shitty and not cool at all, doesnt matter if youre a fan of twenty one pilots or not, what happened to tyler was not cool at all and pretty dangerous if it got anymore out of hand. He couldve gotten seriously injured or groped even further which is the shitty truth and theres the proof  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i hope he’s alright, but i have to say..and lord it pains a bit to say it, because what a world right.. considering the stories(+personal experience) ive heard of not only their crowds but the reading festival crowds (lord remembers the Brendon bottle incident) and what happened to josh a while back. I am. Not. Very surprised. this happened. Which is shitty. And i hope that changes?

again, i hope he’s alright. Being in that situation is shitty all around. They ended the show early, i believe, which is- holy shit -completely fine considering the circumstances.

i can’t believe people treated tyler that badly like what the fuck??? his shirt was ripped off and apparently he was missing a shoe?? they didn’t even finish the set, tyler had to call it off short and literally told josh “josh that’s it, we gotta be done.” he trusted the pit to bring him from one end to another safely without being groped and ripped to shreds 

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“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

Francis cocked an eyebrow, a faint smirk pulling at his lips. It wasn’t often that he got to see Antonio this flustered. He felt terrible about it, but he found it absolutely adorable.

“What? Of course not!” Antonio shot back, but his eyes were still trained on the floor. His arms were still folded over his chest. 

Francis resisted the urge to laugh. “Oh, well that’s good to know. Arthur and I were going to try to make the kiss in that scene a little more heated… It’s such a relief that you won’t mind if there’s some tongue involved, or a little more groping,” he said. 

Antonio visibly stiffened. Francis snorted. Antonio grit his teeth. 

“Of course I won’t mind. It’s just a play. It’s not like it means anything…” 

Francis sighed softly and smiled. He figured he’d let Antonio suffer enough by this point. He walked over to Antonio and embraced Antonio in a tight hug from behind. Antonio started to whine at first, but he soon went quite as Francis placed a gentle kiss on his neck. 

“Of course it doesn’t mean anything. Because I love you, and I don’t love Arthur.”

He kissed Antonio’s neck again, and then nuzzled against the side of Antonio’s face. “I know you, and I know you’ve done your fair share of kissing people and not having it mean anything,” he said.

A small smile sneaked its way onto Antonio’s face. “Yeah, but that was before you and I started dating,” he said.

“But still, this is just part of my job, you know. What, do you think I’m going to fall in love with my snobby British co-star who has absolutely horrendous eyebrows just because I have to snog him once at the end of the play? They’re not even good kisses,” Francis hummed. “Nothing like yours.” 

Antonio smirked. “I can give you some of mine right now, if you want,” he said.

Francis smirked right back at him. “Now when have I ever said no to an offer like that?” 

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Oh my goodness!! Happy birthday, darling Ula!!! I hope it's wonderful and fantastic (and safe. Always stay safe). Sending hugs 😊💖

Yay I love hugs! 😊💖  Ohhh but you don’t know me, I live quite the dangerous life as a dealer. I have a haunt below a tree at a park where I doodle as a cover-up to my shady business. (I deal in the best of breadcrumbs. All the sparrows from a 1-mile radius know what’s up) Sometimes villainous characters show up! The other day this saucy squirrel even dared to grope my thigh hahaha!

Anyway, I’m reasonably safe indoors now, and thank you for your well wishes!

in the saddle of the mountain, with c.s. lewis

The emptiness of my life was to begin at once.

Very near to the bad part of the mountain, the holy land.

Rank, perilous, stinking of smoke, the black oak.

Cataract of blue. Below, a glimpse of small, green country.

I groped for sanity, shutting every door and mouth I had.

Silence made a beggar out of me.

The seas, the mountains, the madness, the gods.

A heart, morose as bone.

Sex With Wen Junhui Would Involve
  • And so domintant
  • And so greedy
  • He’ll want everything of you, all at once
  • He wants you everywhere too
  • And he has no chill
  • Sexting
  • And maybe even dick picks
  • When you really don’t need it
  • Bc he is a thirsty son of a beach
  • And he wants you to thirst for you as well
  • And once you are in his bed
  • Or on any other location to FFFFF
  • Shower
  • Couch
  • Company van
  • Kitchen [table/counter]
  • Game ffing on!
  • Worships your body
  • But you worship his too
  • Groping, a lot of groping
  • Pull out that Kama Sutra baby
  • Only eats you out when you have been a good girl
  • Face fucks
  • Likes to play pretend
  • Especially as a vampire