groovy gang


I just watched the most strange “deconstruction” of the Scooby Doo Gang from the Scooby Doo Show in the Venture Bros. Season 2 episode 11 “Viva Los Muertos!”. In this portrayal, the gang are called the “Groovy Gang” and are a group of likely serial killers who have roamed around in a dilapidated van for at least ten years.

The group, especially Patty (Daphne) who is implied to have been forced into sleeping within a small box by Ted, are emotionally manipulated by Ted (Fred) into serving his “mystery solving” obsession. Val (Velma) is a feminist-extremist who often claims that men should be exterminated and Sonny (Shaggy) claims that Groovy (Scooby) is possessed and talks him into committing murder.

How in the names of the Seven did this get 36 notes?