groovy clothes

ok but wolfstar youtube au
• sirius black - beauty guru + fashionista
• he talks tips of how to find the perfect shade of lipstick for ur skin tone
• hair tips ofc; styles for when ur in a rush, how to keep ur hair shiny + tangle free
• cool + groovy vlogs of him spending time w/ his gang of cool + groovy friends
• clothes hauls!!! honestly this boy
• he talks abt working at lush (i’m not letting that one go) + ofc spends time promoting his fave products
• he probs also talks abt serious things like gender + sexuality, what it’s like to be queer, coming out to ur friends + family etc etc like sirius can 100% be political + he’s not afraid to talk abt what he thinks is right
• usually he films them w/ his boyf or one of his other queer friends bc lbr all of his friends are at least a lil gay!!!
• enter remus lupin, sirius’ boyf who has his own channel abt sexual health, identity, LGBT+ issues etc etc
• he’s trans + HIV positive
• ok he’s like the go to guy if there’s something ur worried abt + don’t have anyone to talk to abt it, like there’s an incredibly high chance that he’s made a video abt it
• he talks abt his own experiences w/ his gender, + abt how he’s lucky bc he’s always known + he had a good support network
• but still stresses it’s ok not to know!! it’s ok for things to change!! but it’s not ok for ppl to invalidate how u feel by saying things could just be a phase
• honestly my child
• he probs spends free time making really bad remakes of classic films starring his + sirius’ friends, like honestly i’m here for this concept what a nerd

anonymous asked:

your clothes are so cool, where do you get them?

Thank you so much! :’) I am admittedly way too obsessed with shopping at Forever 21 but I’m super into thrift store shopping too, I love finding groovy clothes at Goodwill or wherever. I also shop at Target, Kohl’s, and sometimes H&M. More often than not, I’ll just find the nicest pieces at the most random of stores though! 🌼🌈🌟


When I was a kid watching the Monkees TV show back in the day, I felt that Micky’s poncho was the grooviest article of clothing of all time.  I thought he was the only one who wore something like that.  Then, in the early 90’s when I first watched the clip of Steely Dan performing My Old School on American Bandstand, I saw that Denny Dias had one of those too!  I knew I eventually had to get a groovy poncho for myself.  10 years ago, via eBay, I finally made it happen.  It is one of the most complimented-upon pieces in my collection of hippie threads.  Far-out, huh?


I sure love wearing groovy clothes.  The first two photos above depict a very far-out embroidered hippie shirt I bought on eBay, and the bottom one shows me wearing it in action at Permanent Records in January of 2011.  It order to make it fit, I had my seamstress Mary slice out the sides and reattach them with additional red velvet fabric.  Yeah, I dig the groovy threads …

Recently it was suggested to me that I may be reblogging too many photos of naked women, that perhaps it makes the Desert Soap blog look a little soft-porn-y.  However, it was added the all of the photos do look tasteful.  I think that as long as the tastefulness is there, it’s OK, because it’s all about nature, and hippieishness, and how the body is beautiful.  Nothing is groovier, I think, and it definitely does represent an ideal.


Linda Ronstadt once said that her favorite dress she owned in the 60’s was one that she could roll up and put in her purse.  I would guess that it’s the one shown here.  She wore it on Live From The Bitter End and her first Johnny Cash Show appearance.  I’m glad that I, too, have now have a groovy shirt that I can just roll up and not worry about it getting messed up.  I spent a lot of money on it, so i’m glad that it’s both groovy and easy to transport.  I’ve been wearing it a lot