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Tales of Graces f Complete Guide - Chapter 7 “Extra”
Groovy Chat Part 1/6

These include some of the DLC skits. I wasn’t sure how best to group them together, so in the end I decided to just divide the pages in half and otherwise leave them as is (although it’s hard to see where the images come from). The middle image of Asbel comes from a skit involving the 47 Ronin; the one with the broom is from a skit where he and Pascal are “cleaning” - which turns into a battle/game of sorts.

You can watch some of them here (note: not mine; video and English subs are the work of Kagami Translations).

let's take some time to appreciate a bunch of the groovy chat images we never got

because we weren’t graced with the DLC skits in the localized version. we’ll never get to have sophie telling the santa story of how santa claus cuts down people’s chimneys with an axe because a chimney killed his family.

or the group doing a bean throwing ceremony for setsubun… with malik as the victim. and pascal eating the beans. or cleaning wars! or hubert being called a tsundere by sophie when he gives pascal a white day present. or asbel being fucking awful at words games. (seriously, we missed out on 21 golden skits, so shall we?)

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