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Dance All Night

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Dance All Night

Charles Xavier X Reader

Written by: Hannah

Prompt(s): I don’t know if I want Alex Summers, Charles Xavier, or Warren more so you choose, but can I get one where the reader’s mutation is they have an aphrodisiac and are a dancer of some sort, and warn the guy “don’t look me in the eye, you might fall for me.” I dunno, I’ve been stuck on the idea so I leave it in your capable hands.

Notes: I chose Charles, bc Charles is a lovely bean. And I chose the reader to just be a dancer at a club that Erik and Charles happened to be at looking for recruits so them dancing is like, hella awesome club dancing. Also this is taking place in the 60′s since they’re recruiting before Cuba happened.

Warning(s): Alcohol and a slightly drunk Charles.

It’s sort of like undercover recruitment, Charles giggled to Erik telepathically at their table. Erik rolled his eyes and took a drink of his beer, because one that’s exactly what they were doing, and two, said beer was also a shoddy excuse for German beer.

Before he could even put the half drunk cup on the table’s surface Charles snatched it up with a mischievous grin and a giggle. This was the fourth time Charles had done this, and the man was beginning to get very tipsy, if not already drunk.

Charles turned around in his seat, too restless to sit still, and let his gaze roam over the pulsing crowd dancing to the latest groovy music. He giggled again, and Erik had to roll his eyes once more. The light, slightly squirming, feeling of Charles’s mind in Erik’s suddenly went still and then left entirely. This caught Erik’s attention, who promptly sat up straighter.

“Is something wrong, Charles?” He asked urgently. Said telepath gently shook his head and focused on the brilliantly dancing figure in the crowd. Sexy dance moves, beautiful figure, and parts gorgeous. Charles felt like he was drooling as he looked at the person he now considered eye candy.

Too drunk not to stop himself, Charles reached out telepathically and gently pushed a drunken ‘Hello…’ their way. He jumped at the surface thought he read in return.

Telepath, eh? Well, lil guy, don’t look me in the eyes…You might fall for me.’ They were staring just above his eyebrows, and Charles watched as they winked at him with a shit-eating grin before returning to their flawless dancing. Charles promptly melted back into his seat with a whimper.


“What, Charles?” Erik asked. He didn’t mean to be snippity with the man, but Charles had drunk all the shoddy beer they had money for.

“I like them….a lot…I’m like, also 85% sure that they’re a mutant and that’s pretty groovy-”

“Mutant? Which one, Charles?” Erik asked and leaned forward. He managed to find (y/n), dancing spectacularly amongst the crowd after looking in the direction that Charles finger pointed, wavering drunkenly.

“Well then, why don’t you go and have a talk with them?”

“But I can’t dance, Eerriiikk!! I’ll just embarrass myself- you go!”

“Charles you’re drunk- wait why me? Nein, you were the one who said that you liked them.” Erik retaliated. The telepath whined angrily and slumped in the seat grumpily. Finally, Erik sighed and said, “How about we wait for them to stop dancing, and then we catch them on their way out and have a talk, ja?”
Charles, still mopping, sat up with a gasp and squealed, “Brilliant idea Erik! Brilliant- you sly dog you! We make a- a great team!” Erik scoffed at that and sat back in his seat, mentally preparing to sit there for the rest of the night.


Sit there the rest of the night they did. Charles, having finally gotten the alcohol out of his system in the wee bits of the morning, continued to watch (y/n) dance. He reeaallyy wanted to talk to them, but he wouldn’t force them out of their element.

Charles practically jumped out of the seat when finally, exhausted, (y/n) stepped off the dance floor and towards the door. Erik, tiredly, stumbled to catch up with him as Charles made a mad dash for the dancer.

“Wait! Please, my name is Charles Xavier and I have a proposition for you!” He gasped while tugging on (y/n)’s elbow. Careful not to look either man in the eye, (y/n) turned back with raised eyebrows.

“Really? I mean, you’ve been making googly-eyes at me all night so why not. Alright, lil guy, what’cha got?”

Charles took a deep breath in and said, “Me and my friend Erik here are looking mutants to start a team and I also really like you so how about we meet up around 2:00pm tomorrow to discuss this more because we’re all very tired here?”

(y/n) had to take a second to process everything Charles had said before laughing softly. Finally, they put a hand on his shoulder and pat it before walking away. “Sure, sugar, I’d love to. There’s a sandwich shop downtown, called Al’s Amazing Subs, we’ll meet there. See you later, sugar.”

Charles’s heart practically jumped out of his chest when they winked and laughed again, heading steadily for the door with swaying hips. The telepath practically wanted to cry. Erik really wanted to go to bed.

By the way, hun, my name’s (y/n)….See you later, Charles~.’ Charles heard in his head, a thought directed beautifully straight to him, as soon as (y/n) left the building. Charles did burst into tears then.

“Are you still drunk? Jesus Charles, come on, let’s go. It’s like four in the morning and I’m done, we talked to your charming mutant. Let’s go to bed.” Erik sighed. He put a hand on his friend’s shoulder and guided him out the door and back to their hotel.

Charles slept like a baby, knowing he would see (y/n) once more that afternoon.