groovin the moo


This kimono is amazing. The way the sequins reflect the light and change the color of it slightly… wow…

Peacock Sequin Kimono: Fringe and Epaulette on Etsy, $200, Buy it Here


I thought I would share my photos from last month when I got to meet Twenty One Pilots, that’s me in the middle of Josh and Tyler (and my aunt on the left). I won a competition that got me a Meet and Greet with them when they came to play Groovin the Moo at Oakbank, Australia. I created a mashup of some of their songs.

For me, this was the greatest day of my life, Josh and Tyler mean so much to me and their music is so inspirational and strengthening. I’ve been a fan of Twenty One Pilots for a while now, and I don’t think I will ever stop. I love them with all my heart.

I also got them to sign my flag (which is kinda hard to see, but Tyler’s is on the left of “Pilots” and Josh’s is on the right) AND my ukulele (Tyler’s on top, Josh’s on bottom). Sometimes when I’m in my room I stare up at the flag that hangs above my bed and look over to my ukulele that sits in the corner, and I smile like a maniac and I’m just filled with so much joy that these boys exist and that they are helping so many people get through this life, me included. :)