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Some top notch groovy house, the types that make you want to dance and stuff, awwww shiieeet, deep house in the building!

Dizzy for President, Monterey Jazz, 1964 by Jim Marshall. What began as a practical joke by the trumpeter was embraced by jazz fans and became a short-lived campaign with “Dizzy for President” posters and badges as well as a live album of the same name recorded at the 1964 festival. His theme song, Salt Peanuts became Vote Dizzy with the chorus, “Your politics out to be a groovier thing/ So get a president that’s willing to swing.” Gillespie also promised, if elected, to make Miles Davis head of the CIA.

By now, we know for a fact that when new HONNE arises, it’s time to be wooed and swooned endlessly yet again by the UK electro R&B duo. Get ready for some major late night vibes and velveteen seduction on 3am, one of HONNE’s groovier jams. Steamy heat and sensuous allure makes this one a romantic, amorous suitor off HONNE’s forthcoming Gone Are The Days (Shimokita Import) EP. 

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Dizzy Gillespie for President: When politics was a groovier thing 

There are many reasons to remember Dizzy Gillespie. His look, for one thing: the horn-rimmed glasses, pouched-out frog cheeks, and that trumpet, bent up at a 45-degree angle. The ground floor inventor of bebop, he had an unforgettable sound, a mastery of harmonic invention and implied chords, firing off fusillades of rhythmic phrasing. Gillespie was smart. He was funny. He played with Charlie Parker and influenced Miles Davis. Fifty years ago, he also ran for president.

It started as a joke, as so many serious things do. His booking agency had some “Dizzy Gillespie for president” buttons made around 1960, because, you see, it’s funny. Somebody even asked Gillespie why a black jazzman — a permanent member of the underclass if there ever was one — would even think of trying for the job. “Because we need one,” he said. 

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Inside Ellie Goulding’s Coachella Performance Wardrobe

Thousands of music lovers flocked to Coachella this year, and yet few will ever actually know what it’s like to perform at a festival of epic proportions. Ellie Goulding happens to have plenty of firsthand experience, and gave us a peek inside her Coachella wardrobe. In lieu of the traditional festival girl uniform—think flower crowns, boho maxi dresses, et cetera—the 29-year-old British singer opted for a groovier look, comprised of sparkling sequins, thigh-skimming Daisy Dukes, and Lennon-style sunnies. Here, Goulding shares her personal snaps from this past weekend, starting with the preshow prep right through to the bright lights of center stage.

Hey Jamie Curry, all good if I call you Jay-C? It’s like Jay-Z but about 112% groovier. PS: Apologies for having to christen you so publicly, this is the only way for you to see who you truly are. Message me a yay or nay regarding your thoughts. 

Bill Murray // “It pays off when you’re in an elevator and people are uncomfortable. You can just say, ‘That’s a beautiful scarf.’ It’s just thinking about making someone else feel comfortable…we’re all vibrating together. If I can make yours just a little bit groovier, it’ll affect me. It comes back, somehow.”