Groovestand - Empire State Of Mind

Saw them on Saturday at the ICCA Semifinals at Rutgers University. The soloist gave me chills.


All up in the club looking fly
Made your first approach
And caught his eye
Slowly move your way towards the dance floor
Grab her hand
And she whispered
Hold my hips
Got in the groove
Stand behind me
Let me grind on you
If I lick my lips
I’m prob'ly feeling you
Imma make you go ooh

Move Ya Body, Nina Sky 

  • Percy and Annabeth have been flirting for years
  • at least they’re both pretty sure the other is flirting
  • which their friends all hate because it’s clear to everyone except Percy and Annabeth how stupidly in love they are 
  • anyways they all finish their finals and realize this is probably the last time they’ll all be together for a while
  • they graduate in a few days and then everyone is off to start their adult lives, except for Percy and Annabeth who are both staying in the city 
  • Annabeth teases Percy, saying she’s known him for 4 years but truly doesn’t know if he can even dance 
  • “I think it’s time I find out” 
  • Percy’s cheeks immediately go red which Annabeth pretends not to notice as she grabs his hand and leads him to the dance floor 
  • at first, it’s awkward and Percy can’t seem to get out of his head 
  • Annabeth stands on her tip toes to shout in his ear, “Don’t get shy on me now, Jackson!” 
  • He smiles as he leans forward to yell in her ear, “I’m always shy, Chase!” 
  • she pouts teasingly before twirling, deciding to dance with or without him 
  • just then the song changes, something up beat that she’s not sure she’s heard before, and then a tug on her wrist 
  • she turns to see Percy smiling as he continues to tug on her wrist, pulling her towards him 
  • before she knows it, her hips are lined up perfectly with his, his hands gently resting on either side of her hips
  • as the song continues, Percy’s grip on Annabeth’s hips gets more firm and she wonders if he notices how she bites her bottom lip as his thumbs sink under her blouse
  • Percy Jackson can dance