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On this day in music history: July 25, 1989 - “Paul’s Boutique”, the second album by the Beastie Boys is released. Produced by the Beastie Boys, The Dust Brothers, and Mario Caldato, Jr., it is recorded at Mario C’s, The Opium Den in Los Angeles, CA, and The Record Plant in New York City from Mid 1988 - Early 1989. After the huge multi-platinum success of their debut album “Licensed To Ill”, the Beasties have a falling out with their label Def Jam Records over royalty payments and creative control, leading them to the leave the label in 1988. Quickly signed by Capitol Records, the band relocate to California to begin work on their second album at the home studio of Delicious Vinyl Records co-founder Matt Dike. The Beasties collaborate with The Dust Brothers on the project, constructing the tracks from dense layers of samples from R&B, funk, rock records, and numerous other musical genres. The completed results differ greatly from the Beastie Boys first album, and initially is looked upon as a commercial disappointment (in spite of positive reviews) when it initially sells just over 700,000 copies (compared to the four million plus sales of “Licensed To Ill” at the time). However, the album grows in stature during the 90’s, with fan websites appearing on the internet discussing the album’s intricate sampling as well as identifying the samples featured within. In time, it comes to be regarded as one of the greatest Hip Hop albums of all time. The albums cover photo features a wide panoramic shot of Ludlow Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in New York City. The original vinyl LP is released with two variations of the cover art. The first being a regular gatefold LP jacket, and the second being a limited edition version with a eight panel foldout featuring the complete photographic image on the outside and inside of the jacket. “Paul’s Boutique” peaks at number fourteen on the Billboard Top 200, number twenty four on the R&B album chart, and is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

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Regarding the by-request gig

So, Muse let us choose 10 songs from the provided list and I am afraid that many fans will again make the same mistake.

First, I would like to say that I hardly believe that the whole gig will include only ten songs. I suppose, there will be more, perhaps, 15-18. Subsequently, the 5-8 other songs will definitely be the popular and the most played songs, such as Starlight, Supermassive Black Hole, Plug In Baby, Hysteria, TIRO, some songs from Drones and ofc the newest Dig Down. 



Second, as we are excluding the songs mentioned above, we need to weigh each our decision. 

Soldier’s Poem should definitely be on the list, firstly, due to some recent events: the fact that Matt actually believes it was on Absolution and now it is a fucking meme lol. Secondly, it hasn’t been performed live for 6 years. Thirdly, I think we need at least one acoustic song on the setlist.

In my opinion, there sould be some songs that have never been played live such as Easily and Falling Away With You. However, I remember Muse saying that the latter is just not for concerts and I don’t really think that they changed their opinion. So I would prefer Easily, and Matt even said that he would love to sing it. At the same time, I want my beloved Glorious to be performed, it was played live only like 5-6 times and like 12 years ago. Nevertheless, with a bleeding heart, I would sarcrifice it for Easily.

Next, if Muse put MEGALOMANIA, which was played live only ONCE, on the list of AVAILABLE songs, it means, they CAN play it and it is a fucking sin not to let this happen.

Next, we need some intense rock songs, so I suggest to add Assassin, Showbiz, Darkshines and Map Of The Problematique/Take A Bow. In case of MOTP, I adore it with all my soul, but Muse have recently included it into their gigs, so I think we should incline towards such a technical song as Take A Bow. Bliss has also been played lately, so I personally wouldn’t put ot on the setlist.

Furthermore, we need more piano involving songs, I would request Space Dementia, Sunburn or Falling Down. VERY TOUGH CHOICE, BUT I’D GO WITH SUNBURN, because it hasn’t been played since fucking 2006.

Regarding some fab B-sides, such as Fury, Agitated, The Groove, Dead Star, yes, definitely, these are some rare and wanted songs to be played live; however, they ARE played sometimes, especially Fury and The Groove, so I would rather prefer Eternally Missed, which was played only 3 times, DAMN THREE TIMES!!! IN 2002!
I’d die to hear Nature 1 and Sing For Absolution live, I love SFA so much, SO MUCH, and Nature 1 was performed only during the Showbiz era….. Eh, I don’t know, I think Eternally Missed is the most rational choice.

In addition, I reckon, one song by Chris also should be included, I’d go with Save Me, plus, we need some calm songs too. 

So, finally, the setlist I suggest is:

  • Soldier’s Poem
  • Easily
  • Megalomania
  • Assassin
  • Darkshines
  • Showbiz
  • Take A Bow
  • Sunburn
  • Eternally Missed
  • Save Me

You certainly may offer your options and opinions, perhaps, they are even better than mine.

Please, reblog this post, so that as many people as possible could see it, including the ones who are actually going to attend the gig and who actually are voting. 

Weight Loss Hill

Your weight loss journey is like a steep hill. For some it is something of a treacherously high mountain and for others it is a rare Florida groove that can’t really be called a hill. As you might expect your starting point is at the bottom of said hill and your goal, be it a number on the scale or a feeling of optimal health, is at the top. You have a few different options.

You can walk up the hill, slow and steady. It may take a while to reach your goal. You may grow distracted or you may stop to rest, but if you keep moving foreword, one step at a time, you will eventually make it.

You can jog up the hill. The journey could be faster. You may feel more discomfort than you’d like. This discomfort can lead you to throw in the towel, to give in and walk back down the way you came. You might just tire yourself. But if you keep moving forward you will reach your goal faster than those who walk.

Or you can try to sprint up the hill. Sprinting up steep hills is not generally advised, particularly to the out of shape. There may be pain, injury, slipping and falling. Who knows, you might collapse and roll right back down the hill and maybe even off into the nearby ravine, heavier than when you started.

Eat healthy. Exercise. Try not to get hurt.

Good luck, lovelies. :)


Probably my favourite set ever. Ian Pooley Traxx ‘87! So slick. The part around 8:38 where he goes to bring in the next track and it’s kind of off so he just pulls the record back and throws it back into the groove. Love stuff like that in old vinyl sets that is rare and just doesn’t mean the same these days. What a don.


“Jungle Groove” from Donkey Kong Country, SNES.


Atmosphere - We Ain’t Gonna Die Today

Our good friend Blueprint shot a video for us for one of the songs on our new album. We Ain’t Gonna Die Today. Starring Bobby Silver & DJ Rare Groove. Pass it on. - Slug, Atmosphere


“I wanna do dumb things.
I’m talking: strolling-in-the-park things. Stealing kisses straddled on park swings in the daylight while the ice cream van sings little melody like…
Twa da da dum…Da da da da dum…
I’m talking some midnight dedications of rare groove tunes,
And all across London
we’re using real names too, ‘cause we’re not fazed by who cool, who a fool.
See, I want to…
everything with you, so…

I Fantasize about you
said everyday
And I want to do just everything.
Said Baby
Said everything
and a I I I…

Now I want to run holdin’ hands
See, I know that we can do this, in a field of purple grass sprayed with green and white tulips under a sky washed orange by an everlastin sunset.
And you know what???
I ain’t done yet.
See, I want to catch a ride off some crimson- colored stallion.
We can sail off in a boat made of water, straight into horizon
And we could catch a lift on a cloud.
Thats silver lining’s really platinum,
But you know what? (whaaaat?!)
I still ain’t done yet.
See, I want to- (Wooo-ooooh)
And I was thinking we could-(said whaat baaaaby)
And if you wouldn’t mind a little-(Oh yeah-heyy-yeah)
And if you’re ready we could always—(Oh oh oh baaaby yeah yeah)
“I Fantasize…(uh huh)
about you, (said you justa…)
everyday (everyday)
and I want to do just everything…
(thing for ya)
Said, Baby
(thing with ya)
said everything.
And…I, I, I Fantasize about you,
Said everyday & I want to do just everything. Said, Baby, said everything. “I Fantasize about you, everyday & I want to do just…”

Do you hear me exude-positivity ??