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On this day in music history: July 29, 1973 - Led Zeppelin plays three sold out shows at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Touring in support of their then current album “Houses Of The Holy”, the concerts are filmed for inclusion in the film “The Song Remains The Same” (released in October 1976). Before the last show, box office receipts totaling $203,000 are stolen from the safe deposit box at the Drake Hotel where band are staying. The box office receipts disappear sometime between the time the bands road manager Richard Cole and their attorney place the money in the hotel’s safe. Zeppelin’s personal manager Peter Grant holds a press conference discussing the situation. After a complete investigation, the money is never recovered and no one is ever charged in the theft.

Hey guys. I just wanted to say sorry about not making many gifs from new episodes these days. I’ve recently gotten a new job that requires me to work on Saturday mornings, which makes it a little inconvenient for gif-making, and I’ve just been having trouble finding much inspiration? Like, don’t get me wrong, I’m still freaking out and fangirling over every new episode and all the gifs/graphics other people are making, but for some reason I just haven’t had the motivation to make much myself. So please forgive me and bear with me while I try to find my mojo again. Thanks guys, I love all of you~ ♡♡

When the Ink Dries III

Rated: Explicit with a warning for self harm references.

Notes:  If you haven’t read the previous chapters, go here.  Also on Ao3.  This is (apparently) a novel length fic so you might want to set aside a minute.  Thank you @icedteainthebag for making me earn this one, @holdthiscat for speedy and insightful feedback and @gazeatscully for your endless encouragement and eagle’s eye proofreading.


Chapter 7

Stella Gibson didn’t make a habit of watching people sleep.  The last time she’d done it was years ago, a prolonged jag that resulted in the purchase of three new sets of bed sheets, a zealous effort to fight memory with thread count.  She’d traded one vice for another, would spend the rest of her life quietly indulging a weakness for pima cotton and crisp corners, a penchant for Italian linen and French embroidery.  But it would be a long time before she settled in beside someone to wait for their eyes to open, the sleep-boiled scent of peaceful slumber coming off their hair, the fragile spot on their neck pulsing with life.  There were some luxuries she simply couldn’t afford.

It still brought Stella a twinge of private embarrassment to recall it so well.  Bridget sleeping on her stomach, dark hair always parted around her pear-shaped ears, clinging to the mattress like a frog in a rainstorm with her lean swimmer’s leg zig-zagged across the mattress.  Stella would stay in bed tiptoeing her fingers up the crease of a quadricep, stroking an ear to its sylphan point.  And long after the woman was gone, the lightning bolt imprint of a leg split the bed down the center, the new sheets continued to bunch in an invisible hand – fleeting images mistakenly committed to permanence by an overly ambitious pair of eyes.  It was a nuisance but not a surprise.  The only other bedroom vigil she’d ever kept had left an even more indelible impression – a child standing graveside, puffy lavender rings sprouted like violets around her eyes, watching her father be put in the ground.

So by the time Stella woke up next to Dana Scully for the second time in her life, she was so practiced in her abstinence that it took hardly any discipline at all to direct the day’s first glance upward, aim her plans at the ceiling.  Shower alone.  Allow guest to wake and begin gathering own conclusions.  Emerge dressed, provide tea and friendly conversation, make end as forgettable as beginning was not.  

She licked her lips before turning over, sealing her resolve like an envelope.

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Thoth Hides the Book of Thoth

“Ah, how shall I do it? Oh, I know… I’ll put the book in a box; a lovely golden box. And then I’ll put that box in a box, and then I’ll put that box inside of another box, and then I’ll hide it at the bottom of the Nile, and if anyone finds it—AHAHAHA!I’ll kill their entire family!

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anonymous asked:

Hi there! I kinda need some help/advice for a cosplay. I want to cosplay as Inori Yuzuriha from the anime Guilty Crown. Problem is that her costume (the one with the giant boob/belly window) would have no leverage or support for breasts. How could I make the illusion of gravity defying boobs? Some people have said to make the costume extra tight but I don't want want to be uncomfortable.

Extra tightness will not help you at all; your breasts are not made of anime sparkles, and tightness will just pull the front back towards your armpits. Tightness only works to contain ~the girls~ when there is something to pull against… but the gap in Inori’s “shirt” means there’s nothing to pull across your chest.

The truth is, you’re going to be some degree of uncomfortable. That’s just how these things work. You’re also going to have to do some very careful drafting work to make sure that all the right things are covered, given that her “shirt” doesn’t leave much wiggle [jiggle?] room. The larger your breasts are, the more this is going to suck.

So here’s what you need to do, just to try it out:

Take a roll of medical tape. It can either the cloth kind or the plastic kind, but either way, it has to be something intended for use on skin. There is no other way of this. If you pick up anything not meant for skin, I will personally track you down and slap it out of your hands, or if I arrive too late, I will at least stand nearby telling you “I told you so” when you sit at the bottom of the shower weeping as you try to get it off your skin without doing actual physical damage.

So with that in mind, get a roll of medical tape.

Now. If you have pasties, put them on. If you don’t, a bandaid over the most sensitive part of your nipple will work. Put that on. Keep in mind that your nipples are (for the most part) the “center” of your breast, so it is the place that is going to get a lot of tape on it for support, so the pasties/bandaids are there to save you from nipple pain later. Specifically the removal part. You’ve been warned.

Now: put a piece of tape horizontally across your breast, right over the nipple. Make it about 3"-4" long, or however long you figure it needs to be without showing. This is your anchor point.

Now: take a longer strip of tape and start it 1"-2" below your anchor, this time vertically, again passing directly over your nipple. Holding your breast up in the position you want it to be, secure your breast in place with the tape. Don’t tape too tightly or you might warp your breast into an unflattering shape. 

For many costumes you can just wrap it around your shoulder or the back of your neck depending on whether you need your breast to go up or up and in, but for Inori, you will be running it towards your collarbone. You are essentially using the tape as a long, sticky “strap” that holds your breast up. The anchor tape you put on before will help this tape stay up. 

If you do this for both breasts, you should have a very rudimentary “tape bra” that is backless, strapless, etc. Strategic taping means your breasts end up where they’re supposed to be with no visible means of support whatsoever. For the most part, it is very durable, too; it takes soap and water to get the tape off, in most cases, so if you’ve taken the proper steps with your anchor points, you should be able to do handstands, cartwheels and light jogs without budging much. 

You’ll also want to double-tape your costume in place around that area so it doesn’t slide around. Since there is literally no way to build that costume with built-in support, the tape will be the only thing holding you in place!

Sound complicated? There’s actually a product on the market designed to let you lift your breast using a very similar system without having to fuck around with tape, but they get mixed reviews and they are, for the most part, so big that some costumes may still not hide them. Some names are Bare Lifts, Bring It Up, and whatever, but “breast lift tape” is the basic schtick. If you can make that work, all the more power to you, but reviews for those generally seem to suggest that anyone over a D is fucked, but the tape works just fine regardless of size.

Aaaand Kat’s dad is about to kill the internet here just to be a passive aggressive dick soooo that’s all I can explain for the moment and my ask box groove for the night is taken from me :)



On this day in music history: October 6, 1992 - “Songs Of Freedom” by Bob Marley is released. Compilation Producers: Trevor Wyatt, Neville Garrick, Chris Blackwell and Rita Marley. The four CD (and very limited eight LP vinyl boxed edition released in Jamaica only) seventy eight track box set spans the length of reggae legend Marley’s recording career from his first single “Judge Not” in 1961 to his final recordings in 1980. The set includes many alternate, live and previously unreleased versions of his best known material including a version of “Redemption Song” recorded at the bands last live performance at the Stanley Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA (on September 23, 1980). The box is limited to 1,000,000 individually numbered copies worldwide, which sell out within eighteen months of its release. The initial pressing of the CD set is packaged with hard cover book styled packaging with extensive annotation (from various music historians), and a number of previously unpublished photos of Marley and The Wailers, designed by longtime graphic artist collaborator Neville Garrick. The box is reissued with compact and less elaborate packaging in 1999. It is reissued again in 2005 (for the European market) restoring the original 1992 packaging also including a bonus DVD documentary on Bob Marley titled “Rebel Music”. “Songs Of Freedom” peaks at number eighty six on the Billboard Top 200, number twenty four on the R&B album chart, and is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Mystery by Boxed In

Here’s a jaunty tune for a cold December day. By London-based Boxed In, it’s an indie-rock piece that will have you tapping your toes. Boxed In is the latest outfit form Oli Bayston. He was originally with another band called Keith but eventually went off on his own. Since then, Bayston’s done some session playing, writing, and producing. He formed Boxed In a couple of years ago, and this is their first album which is due to be released in January. During an interview with Amazing Radio, Bayston said Boxed originally did electronica (and you’ll definitely hear elements of that in some of their songs), but they’ve evolved over time and seem to have found a most excellent groove. And you’ll definitely groove along with them.

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