Dordrecht, NL

Today I explored Dordrecht, since the boy left again on a work trip. So, it was just me and my bike, my faithful companion, cruising around, taking lots of pics and checking the sites.

Dordrecht is apparently the oldest city in the Netherlands (so that’s REALLY old)! And luckily for me its just a 15 minute train ride. It was even better cause I went on a Sunday and damn near everything was closed. Good for me - no crowds. 

OK, this wasn’t in Dordrecht but Rotterdam. I stopped by the store on my way out. dude, how sad is this kids bike!!! I wanted to run through the store hollering for the kid with the messed up bike “lets get you a freakin tire, honey”.

Finally - Dordrecht. More crooked buildings, reminded me of Amsterdam.

Check this out!!! They don’t make em like that anymore.

The Grote Kerk or big church in english. And let me tell you, that tower was uber tall. I had to climb 268 steps, (with people behind me, so I didn’t stop or slow down) to get to the top which damn near killed me. I may be off a step or two, due to the delirium I felt the last 80 or so.

View from the top.

Look, a still life. :)

Nice canals and boats!

So, this street was blocked off to traffic cause they were redoing the bricks in the road. Which they do surprisingly quickly comparing to repaving with asphalt. But check it out - more crazy sloping buildings. 

Dordrecht is an old walled city. To enter the interior of the walls you have to go through a ‘gate’ as seen below. I’m thinking at one point, they had armed soldiers who would cut your heart out if you tried to pass through with evil intent. Or maybe my imagination is getting the better of me.

Here is an AWESOME 'gate’ called Groothoofdsproot (and no, I cannot pronounce that), the main one to the city, I believe.

I just thought this entry way was cool in a secret kind of way. Reminded me of some of the homes in New Orleans.

The little puppet guy was a cute little surprise!

Ok, so this is a school of some sort. Amazing right?

Here’s a closeup of the architectural details.

Now this scary old lady was above an entry to the side of the school. Does she not look like she is ready to beat some kid with a stick? Really.

Oh my god - moonboots?!?! 

Check the incredibly awesome ironwork on these doors. And yeah, those look like hatchets to me. A little warning maybe to those who try to enter uninvited?

Last, but definitely not least … I’m cruising along and I come upon these two guys playing outside a restaurant. I don’t even know what you call this music. It’s odd. Like a strange blend of mexican, rockabilly, and dutch. Maybe? And they were into it. And the crowd was into it. It was cool in a very strange, I-don’t-know-why-I-like-it kind of way.

Take care, XXOO – Misha