groot is a baby and i love him

Each time I watch the Guardians (and Ravager-Guardians aka Yondu and Kraglin) interact with Baby Groot during serious situations, I just love to headcanon that the Ravager used to treat Peter in a similar way when he was a child, especially Yondu.

I mean, like – a fight is going on? Somebody puts Peter in a spot where he can see the fight and they can keep an eye on him, but where he isn’t in the middle of a crossfire.

“’kay, Pete, ye stay ‘ere and we get rid of the a-holes over there.”


“And put yer music on really loud, ‘kay?”


And Peter sits in his hiding spot, humming along to his music while he presses his earphones tightly against his ears. He has promised not to look so he doesn’t, and that’s a good thing, because the Ravagers are especially quick and brutal about their “work” when they know that there’s a child that could be discovered and dragged into this mess at any point of time. Only when they are sure that there’s nothing moving anymore do they go and pick up Peter again, making sure that he’s tucked tightly against one of them so he doesn’t have to see the slaughter.

Because for all their roughness, many of the Ravagers have got to know death and horror too early in their lives, and if they can spare a child for a while, they will do so. Peter will have to deal with this early enough.


Or when they prepare to fly away, probably for a quick escape:

“Move yer asses, you lazy bitches – Quill, seatbelt, now!”


“Seatbelt, boy, or I chuck ya out the airlock!”

“Do as Capt’n says, buddy, we gonna jump now.”


Or when they are in the middle of a quick brawl, Peter old enough now to be able to watch, and one of the nicer Ravagers catches his gaze and gives a tiny wave over to the child while grinning brightly, although he has already been hurt in the fight.

They also make sure that Peter is close to them, now that he’s older, which means that he either hides behind Yondu during the fight, or tucked closely to the side of one of the sharpshooters (mainly Kraglin) or gets carried by someone during all of it.

And when coming back from a mission and they make a quick survey if everyone is there, Peter is called out first – “Where’s the Terran, guys?” – and Peter learns to answer “HERE!” really quick and loud because if he doesn’t and they don’t see him immediately, hell breaks loose, Yondu starts bellowing orders and everyone freaks out cause holy shit we lost the kid, Capt’n is gonna kill us.

Just… the Ravager knowing that they can’t treat a child like they would one of them, no matter if they want to make them useful, and thus holding back a bit with the kid until he is older.

Everything that I love/broke me about GOTG2 SPOILER WARNING

Please add more to this. I would love to hear what y'all love/broke you.

Mantis innocence
Baby groot is either mad or dancing
The sound track
Drax nipples

That scene where Ego is using peter and Brandy starts playing and then he crushed the Walkman while peter is crying a tear, that scene is so well done and sad

Nebula still eats it ripe
Southern nights hummed by rocket
Rocket love for peter music shows more

Yondu telling rocket he’s the same as him from the og guardians and don’t be like him and love your friends

Rocket saying I’m not losing one more friend today

Father and son playing after yondu death, and then baby groot comes by peter and wants to listen

Yondu telling peter he may been your dad but he wasn’t your daddy

When peter finds everything he loves in his heart to control his new powers and that one seen where yondu teaches peter how to shoot

Every line that drax says
Baby groot dancing to blue sky while everyone is trying to destroy the monster

Imagine babysitting Groot with Peter...

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Warnings: way too cute for human consumption, probably language

A/N: This was a request by @grootiez. I hope you like it because I loved it. Definitely spurred more Groot ideas.

Tags: @bitch-m-fabulous , @thecupcakeconsumer, @courtneychicken

You sat reading aloud next to the tiny planted Groot. He had been growing well since sacrificing himself and you hoped he would talk soon. You never met full sized Groot but between the stories and how much time you spent sitting with Baby Groot, you were pretty sure you would have loved him. The group was supposed to be going into the city on the planet you just landed so that they could collect some general supplies and maybe intel. You hated going outside so you opted out and just gave Rocket a brief list in exchange for you staying with Groot. 

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So I Watch Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol2

- Poor Peter…this whole movie was about him awarding the Shittiest Dad Award to two people…and both end up dead. *quiet laughter*


- Yondu decimating the entire baddie army was stunning. A shame what they did to Papa Smurf.

- Drax has the purest laugh I’ve ever heard I can’t love him enough

- Gamora being flawless and supporting Peter and then rescuing Peter…basically Gamora

- Someday, I want to reach Rocket’s level of salt and sarcasm in life I also wanna smush the furry trash panda but that’s between us

- I feel like Ego genuinely did like Meredith but then just kinda…forgot to be nice and went straight to Douche Mode *shrugs*

- I am here for more Nebula/Gamora character development yes

- I want to protect Mantis, she’s adorable?? Also, Kraglin my puny Ravager *kiss*

- Gold Bitch™ Ayesha can choke on a solid gold dick.

Overall, lived up to the first movie and a great addition to the MCU. There are genuine LOL moments and the action scenes don’t fail to amaze. A good one.

Peter Quill almost ignores Baby Groot throughout the entire movie. This is important,” Gunn said. “I think that Peter Quill is, in many ways, a complete absent father to this son that they have onboard. I think Baby Groot’s situation is the opposite of mine. I had six kids in my family and two parents. Baby Groot is one kid with many parents. And so, I think at the end of the film, Peter Quill gets this Zune from Yondu, and he sits down to play it. And he’s going to have a self-reflective moment for himself – like he did at the end of the first movie with his mother. The first movie is about mothers. The second movie is about fathers. And as he starts to listen to the music. Instead of it being a moment that is selfish, Baby Groot crawls into his lap, and as we see Peter Quill looking down at Baby Groot, we see a father’s love for his son. And it is a very unselfish moment on the part of Peter Quill. A moment that was completely about him and his relationship to his father, now becomes about his son and passing it on to the next generation and being a part of that. And that’s why that moment is so important to me in the movie, and why it is so important to the development of Peter Quill.
—  please excuse me while i cry over this (found here)

Okay, hear me out. I had to make this, okay? I just had to. Since the Guardians of the Galaxy will obviously be meeting Thor and Loki during Avengers Infinity War, Baby Groot and Loki are kind of destined to meet as well. So what if Baby Groot, after being a little scared of him at first, absolutely loved Loki and kept climbing up on him when he meets him, wanting his attention? What if Baby Groot, unlike all the others, recognised that deep inside, Loki has a good heart and wants to be his friend?
Loki would try to be repelled at first. The only other being that takes interest in him, of all people, happens to be an annoying and innocent twig creature, uncapable of saying more than “I am Groot” in a high-pitched voice. He would keep shoving him away and roll his eyes at his helplessness when he looks up at him with sad and disappointed eyes and still, Baby Groot wouldn’t give up. He wants to see the caring part of Loki, the part that he is hiding so nobody will ever be able to hurt him again.
Soon, Loki would start to take the little guy into his heart and learn to understand his “language”, secretly feeling sorry for having been so harsh to him. He would let him sit on his shoulder at all times and talk to him whenever he feels lonely and has no one else who wants to give an ear to his sorrows. Baby Groot would listen to him, he would try to understand his wickedness, his mischief and the hurt hidden beneath it and he wouldn’t judge Loki for his actions but be there for him, comfort him and give him little twig hugs. Even Rocket would eventually change his rather negative opinion of Loki because Baby Groot likes him so much.
I would literally sob so hard if in the end, Baby Groot were sad about Loki returning to Asgard without him but he can’t leave Rocket and the other Guardians either. Everyone else would simply ignore Loki and focus on saying their farewells to Thor but then, Baby Groot would hesitatingly walk up to Loki. Their goodbye-hug would be so heartwarming and sad, the whole movie theatre would cry rivers. Can this please happen?! I’m tearing up even thinking about it!

Inktober Day 17 - Early Mornings

“I am Groot?”

Oh god. Peter pretends to be asleep as he feels Groot’s tiny feet running up his chest.

“I am Groot?” tiny hands start to insistently pat Quill’s cheeks.

“Noooo, ‘m sleepin” He slurs and pull his covers up to his forehead, making Groot lose his balance and fall on the mattress.

“Five more minutes, dude. We can do it later, we have the whole day ahead.”

Groot ignores his plea. Instead, he kicks Peter’s neck, offended. He’s already got the others out of bed. This is important. Peter has to get up.

“I am Groot!” he yells. Peter surrenders and sits up, yawning.

“Fine, let’s go. But then I’m going right back to bed.” He glances at the clock. Not even 6 am. He hates d’ast early mornings, no matter how special the day is.

Groot beams and briefly hugs Peter. The pair get out of bed and into the common room, where the other Guardians are waiting, on different levels of tiredness. Well, they’d all agreed to do this, they just didn’t think Groot would wake them up at this ungodly hour.

Drax and Gamora are completely awake already. They’re always up with the sun anyway, so this isn’t new for them. Mantis is doing her best trying not to fall asleep on Drax’s shoulder. She’s doing better than Kraglin, who collapsed on the table a few minutes before, dead to the world. Next to him, Rocket is holding a giant mug full of coffee. In his eyes, murder.

“I hate you so much, Quill.” Rocket states, loud enough to make Kraglin jolt awake.

“What? Did I miss it?” he asks to nobody in particular.

“Relax, dude.” Says Rocket. “Just wanted that jackass over there to know that this is all his fault.” He takes a sip of his coffee while Peter just shrugs, too tired to respond.

“Okay Groot, you wanted to do this, you go first.” Everyone nods.

Groot runs towards the corner of the room, where Mantis had decided to put the little makeshift tree that Rocket and Drax built using… mostly trash. In fact, it doesn’t even resemble a tree. It’s a pile of mechanical parts with colorful string-lights wrapped around it. Beneath it, a bunch of poorly giftwrapped boxes cover the area. Groot finds one with his name on it and starts opening the package.

Peter sits on the floor, next to the table. Rocket looks down at him.

“Next time you tell him about Christmas, make it very clear that nobody gets up until noon.” He scoffs.

“At least he’s happy?” Peter replies. They glance at the overexcited twig, now surrounded by the rest of the family. Rocket can’t help but smile.

“Yeah, at least.”

Notes: This initially was about Groot begging Quill for pancakes. I have no idea what happened. I was probably overthinking it. It turned into this as I wrote. I don’t even know. I’ll have you imagine what the team received for Christmas.

Pissed Rocket drinking coffee is me in the morning btw

I Love You Too (Peter Quill x Reader)

Warnings: mentions of drinking, fluff
Pairing: Peter Quill x Reader

You were sitting in the cockpit of Quill’s ship. No one else was on board. It had seriously been a long day.

You almost lost Peter today.

The flashes of him almost dying just kept replaying and replaying in your mind. You closed your eyes in pain as more tears came. Tears for what? He was fine. Barely even much of a scratch on him, honestly. Yet, here you were… curled up in a ball in the pilot seat, balling your eyes out like he died.

You sniffled, looking out at the stars in front of you. You just felt numb from the crying. You didn’t feel like moving you felt so numb.

You heard a noise and stiffened, turning toward the noise. It was Quill. Of course it was.

You turned away quickly and wiped your tears on your sleeve.

“You okay?” He asked as he came and sat in the seat next to you.

“Yes, I’m fine.” You said, never looking his way.

It was silent for a few minutes, as the two of you just stared out at the stars.

“I just needed to let some stress out by crying, I guess.” You said, your voice barely above a whisper.

“It definitely was an eventful day.” He said with a chuckle… but you didn’t laugh.

He stopped laughing when he realized you weren’t and just stared at you. You could feel his eyes and it made you nervous. You gulped but you still never looked at him. You heard him shifting next to you and suddenly his hand was on yours.

You look down at your hands and stare at them. “Are you sure you’re okay?” He said.

You finally looked up to his eyes. “Why wouldn’t I be? We survived, didn’t we?” You said, avoiding your feelings.

He hesitated, but nodded and pulled his hand away. You really had to stop yourself from taking his hand again. He got up and he left.

You turned back to the stars and brought your knees to your chest, assuming that would be the end of the conversation.

The next day, you wake up and make breakfast like always. You help Rocket make new weapons and you tidy up the ship. It was a much slower day that day. You and Quill didn’t talk a lot that day, but it wasn’t unusual for you two to occasionally have a day that you may not see each other a lot.

That night, everyone wanted to go out. You still weren’t feeling too chipper, and you decided not to go.

“So, why aren’t you going?” Rocket asked.

“Because I don’t feel like it?” You said, wondering why he was questioning you.

“Okay…” he said, but he didn’t sound like he really believed you.

“I am Groot,” Groot said.

“What does Quill have to do with anything?” You asked Groot.

Groot walked from one side of your bed to your lap.

“I am Groot,” he said waving his arms around.

“Yes, Quill almost got blown up.” You said, the memory flashing through your head, making you wince.

“I am Groot,” he said in an obvious tone.

Your jaw dropped, staring at the tree baby. You looked over to Rocket.

“He’s got a point,” Rocket said, shrugging.

You looked back at Groot. “What makes you think I love him?”

He sighed and sat down and just looked at you like you knew he was right. You gulped thinking about it. You had never delved into your feelings for Quill. You never let yourself. You knew they were there, but you ignored them because you both work in a risky business. But that risky business almost killed him and it’s had you in a bad mood since.

Groot got up and hugged your stomach. You smiled and hugged him back. He pulled back and looked up at you, smiling. You smiled back at the adorable baby.

Groot hopped down from your bed and over to Rocket to leave. Rocket looked back at you. “You sure you don’t want to go?” He asked.

You looked back up to him and smiled.

Quill was waiting outside the ship for everyone, listening to his Walkman when Rocket and Groot came out, you following behind.

Quill literally done a double take. You were wearing a dress. And heels. He had never seen you in anything other than tights and a form fitting t-shirt. Now, you wore a little black dress with heels to match.

As you walked up to him, he blinked a few times and yanked his headphones off.

“Y/N…” he said, looking you up and down.

“Okay, stop making googley-eyes at each other and let’s go meet Gamora.” Rocket said with a roll of his eyes. But you could hear a little bit of happiness in his voice.

Other than the weird encounter at the beginning, it was like any other night out with the Guardians. You drank and laughed. Quill never acted any different with you than he did normally.

“Alright, I think we are packing it up and heading out,” Rocket said as he walked by you and Peter.

“What?” You said. “No! It’s only been a few hours.”

“Yeah, I know,” he said. “But I’m… really tired.” He continued, sounding a little unsure.

Gamora came up behind them and said, “Yeah, I’m heading out too.”

You looked at the three of them and knew exactly what they were doing. They wanted to get you and Peter alone together.

You squinted at the trio as they said their goodbyes and headed out.

“A little strange that they left so early,” Quill said in a knowing voice.

“Yeah, I don’t know what’s up with them.” You said, nonchalantly as you played with your drink.

He raised his eyebrows. “Seriously?”

You looked over at him incredulously. “What?”

“You really are going to keep pretending nothing is here?” He said, gesturing between the two of you.

You gulped, but shook your head and looked away. “There is nothing here, Quill.” You said.

“Call me Peter,” he said in a soft voice.

“What?” You asked, looking back to him in confusion.

“I like when you call me Peter.” He said.

“Okay…” you said in a confused voice. “Peter.”

“You wanna get out of here?” He said. “Take a walk?”

You nodded and the two of you left the bar. Peter and you walked for a moment, not saying a word.

“So…” he said. “I almost died yesterday.”

You winced seeing it in your mind again.

“See!” He said, pointing at you, making you jump.

“What?” You yelled.

“You winced at the thought of me dying!” He yelled.

“Yes, what’s so weird about that?!”

He just looked at you. In a lower voice, he said, “Stop pretending that there’s not something here. There is and you know it.”

You looked away from him and fiddled with your dress. Why did you even wear the stupid thing? When you left the ship you had all this confidence to confess everything to Peter, but now it had all vanished. You didn’t want to loose him.


The lump in your throat grew and your stomach filled with the whole zoo at the way he said your name.

You gathered your courage and looked up at him. His eyes were as gentle as you had ever seen them, begging you to open up.

“I almost lost you…” you whispered. “All I’ve been thinking about is that moment you almost died. It’s been on repeat in my mind since it happened.” You took a deep breath before you continued. “The thought of loosing you kills me. Yesterday made me realize just how easy and quick it would be for you or any of us to be gone. It made me realize how much I don’t want to loose you.”

He stared at you in awe. You couldn’t tell what he was thinking, but he wouldn’t say anything. Peter Quill not saying anything? He usually won’t shut the heck up.

“Peter…” you said, urging him to say something, anything. He still didn’t, just looked at you. “Please say something.”

“I love you.” He blurted out.

Your heart might have literally stopped. Seriously.

You just stared at him for a moment, trying to wrap your mind around what he just said.

He sighed, putting his hand over his eyes. He said, “Jeez, I’m an idiot. Why did I say that? Of course that would freak you out we aren’t even dating! Why did I-”

You grabbed his face, and paused and looked at you. “Peter…” you said. “Shut the heck up.”

He smiled. “Make me.”

You smiled and you pulled his face to yours and you kissed him. He wrapped his arms around your waist and your fingers went through his hair. He sighed into the kiss and it made you smile.

He kept kissing you and kissing you and kissing you. When you finally pulled apart, he rested his forehead on yours.

“So, uh, is there something you want to say?” He asked.

You smiled. “Uh, no, I don’t think so.”

He leaned down and kissed you again. “You sure?”

“I don’t know, maybe you should check again.” You said.

He laughed and kissed you again. “How about now?”

You laughed and finally said, “I love you too, Peter.”



Good morning!

Quick update:

Top photo is my new rescue pup. (His name is Groot. He’s eight weeks old!) Bottom photo is just your average Great Pyrenees adult–hanging out with his human. Adopting a polar bear and biting off more than I can chew is all part of my recovery plan😂

Looking forward to posting more about this sweetie after I pick him up in Dallas mid-July!

Happy Tuesday!

Guys… just.. look at him! Look at his expression when Peter tells him that he made a light ball!

How precious is he right here???!! XD <3 I just love this big grumpy smurf!

things i loved about guardians of the galaxy vol.2

•the opening credits scene
•gamora and nebula’s relationship
•more baby groot
•the unspoken thing going on with peter and gamora
•the friendship between mantis and drax
•those video game-like ships
•the bond created between yondu and rocket
•"you wanted to win, i wanted a sister"
•the stupid fights between peter and rocket
•ace mantis
•that one little dance scene with peter and gamora
•peter waking up from his trance and shooting ego after learning what he did to his mom
•rocket being a caring and loving friend but hiding it behind “let’s save him so I can rub it on his face forever”
•I like how they could’ve added romance to the movie but they decided not to (starmora is slowburn af)
•nebula slowly hugging gamora
•the sad firework scene at the end
•drax remembering his family
•how synchronized the music was
•ayesha aka yellow diamond
•all the taserface jokes
•just all the jokes in general tbh
•every single character but ego
•I need to stop now i loved everything about it bye

Adventures in Raising a Space Twig: Part 1

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Post-Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Quill struggles to come to terms with the loss that he’s suffered, the reader and Groot try to be there for him.

Peter Quill x Reader

Words: 1,399

How long does it take to grieve the loss of a loved one?

 It was an impossibly complex question that came to you in the simplest of ways when Groot shimmied up onto your shoulder, peaked through your hair and sighed, “I am Groot.”

You held your hand out to him so that he could jump into it and held him out in front of you, “I know that you want him to feel better Groot but we have to be patient. Quill is going through a lot now; we just have to be there for him. Okay, baby?”

He nodded and you put him back on your shoulder so that he could curl up against your neck as you both watched the empty doorway that Quill had fled through.

It had been a couple of weeks since Yondu had passed, a man that you admittedly had mixed feelings about, but it had obvious to you that there was more to how he treated Quill than the latter understood.
You’d known Yondu since you were small, your father was the Captain of another Ravanger crew and he made a point to see you as often as possible, on occasion he brought others with him like Yondu. But you’d not known about Quil’s existence until many years later and even that was by accident when you’d confused their Ravanger ship for your fathers.

 There was an instant friendship between you, he was cheeky and protective and not afraid to ruffle your feathers just because of who your dad was, maybe that was why you didn’t tell your Dad that Yondu had broken the Ravanger law of no children, because you feared what could happen to Quill if you did.

But you stayed in sparse communication until your Terran friend decided to go out into the Galaxy on his own, you caught up with him and travelled together until you met the rest of your little messed up family.

 Still, however he had felt before, Quill was struggling to come to terms with losing the man who had tried his best to do right by him, even if it hadn’t seemed that way at the time. You’d been travelling towards Xandar when a Ravanger ship passed you; they’d stopped and then released another Ravanger funeral salute. The bright colours in respect to your lost friend had been like a punch to the gut for Quill, he’d quickly made his excuses and left.

 "Big baby.“ Rocket mocked but his voice was heavy with sadness, his heart wasn’t in it.

You leaned down to where he sat next to you and gave his shoulder a gentle squeeze before leaving after Quill.

You didn’t bother knocking on Quill’s door, you’d been friends so long that it was an ongoing joke about your lack of privacy with each other. He was sprawled on his bed flicking through songs on his zoon but the headphones dangled idly down beside his arm.

"Room for a couple of little ones?” You asked softly, afraid to break the quiet of the room.

“I am Groot.” Groot added from your shoulder.

He nodded and placed his zoon down on the side table and budged over so that you could crawl onto the bed beside him. You lay on your side so that you could face him and Groot ran down your arm, jumped onto Quill’s arm and ran up towards his face.

“I am Groot.” He said tenderly and patted Quill’s cheek with his tiny hand.

“Thank you Groot.” He mumbled and rubbed his red eyes. It was still guesswork for Quill, trying to understand the things that Groot meant but he was getting better at it, it gave him something to focus on.
“Wanna talk about it?” You asked, even though you were fairly sure on the answer. 

Quill sucked in a breath as he rubbed his finger up and down Groot’s back, “That’s pretty much the last thing that I want.” He said, his eyes welling again. Groot noticed and let out an upset squeak, sometimes it was hard to remember that he was just a baby.

 "C'mon, come here.“ You mumbled and gently maneuvered yourself to lie on your back and pulled Quill until he rolled over and rested his head on your chest. Humming softly, you rubbed his back. His body shook with each sob pressed into your chest; his hands twisted your shirt as he clung to you, tears soaking into your shirt.
Groot sat on his neck, his small hands brushing Quill’s sideburns and offering his cheek a plethora of tiny, loving kissing.

It was a few minutes until Quill sniffed and wiped his eyes with the sleeve of his shirt before following the outline of tears that he’d left on your chest with his finger. His voice was thick, "You must think that I’m being such a dork.”

“Oh yeah, the biggest dork.” You teased and hugged him closer, “Star Dork.”

“I am Groot.” Groot chirped from his seat on Quill’s neck.
“Hey! I didn’t deserve that.” Quill said, his voice full of mock hurt and real tears, he reached one arm up so that he could tickle Groot with one finger. Groot giggled, high pitched and childlike, in Quill’s ear before falling from the man’s neck and onto your stomach.

“Well that’s just not fair now is it, Groot?” You asked and his shook his tiny head, “We’re just going to have to get him.”

“Don’t you dare!” Quill managed to choke out before you’d flipped both of you over, straddled him and held him down with his arms across his chest. Groot frantically ran up and down his sides tickling him.

Quill bucked and tried to throw you off, shouting that this was a mutiny but that only made Groot more excitable. You all froze when the bedroom door opened and Drax stood watching you all, you could only imagine how it must have looked, you holding down red faced Peter while Groot squealed excitedly.

“I didn’t see anything.” Drax mumbled, turning ready to leave.
“Sorry we can’t take that risk,” you grinned, “Get him Groot!”

 Groot jumped down from the bed and ran after the giant warrior screaming, Drax for his part pretended to be scared and ran. Drax must have made a wonderful father.
Laughing you fell back off of Quill and onto the bed side him; gently you took his hand in yours and gave it a light squeeze. He’d stopped crying but his eyes were red.

“I bet I look so hot right now.” He joked and wiped at his eyes again.

“Nah you’re pretty much always stomach churning, like just so ugly.” You teased and he squatted at your arm with his spare hand. After a moment in silence you asked, “Do you want me to leave you alone for a while?”

 He shook his head and squeezed your hand back, “We should probably go save Drax from Groot.”

Quill stood, fixed his hair in the broken mirror above his bedside table and threw one of his shirts at you. It hit you in the face and you gave him the finger in response, you stopped his laugher to give him a questioning look and he gestured on his own chest where you had the wet patch from his tears.

You quickly changed, as Ravanger kids and good friends you’d gotten changed in front of one another untold times. The pair of you followed the sounds of shouting around the ship until you found Groot sat on of the chairs crying and holding his hand as though it hurt and Drax and Rocket brawling on the floor.

“You’re Captain, you can deal with those two idiots.” You laughed and sidestepped the fighting to pick up Groot and kiss his hand better. He grinned at you and took residence on your shoulder while you watched Quill threaten to fetch Gamora if Drax and Rocket didn’t behave.

 You never really finish grieving for loved ones, but it helps to have other people that you adore around you, even if they do make a mess of your ship.

Part one
Part Two
Part Three 
Part Four

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You know why I love this little scene here? Not only because I love Groot, like the fact that although he is a baby he can still fight, or because Retch is an a-hole and deserved that revenge.

No, what I especially like about this scene is – Groot was sitting on Yondu’s shoulder only seconds ago. Rocket was right next to him.

If they had wanted to, they could have stopped him from going up there and getting rid of Retch. Even with Yondu being busy he could have stopped Groot or killed Retch off before Groot could even get up there, and Rocket had all the time to stop Groot.

But they didn’t. They let Groot go up there and take care of things by himself, because they trust him to do that on his own (they could still intervene when he is in trouble), and likely because they were fully aware that those guys had made Groot cry and figured that it was only fair that Groot can take revenge by himself.

Yondu literally just keeps walking, trusting lil’ twig to come back, and Rocket just looks after the falling Retch and is like “Huh, neat”, and I think that’s the best thing ever.

Protect the baby tree, but also trust him to take care of certain things by himself. They may not have the best parenting-style, but hey, for Groot, it’s working well enough.

avengingphoenix  asked:

Oooh! I'd love the Guardians being protective of Tony. Because the Avengers are being jerks. And space family because baby groot is their smol son.

“Why are they still living here?” asks Peter one morning and Tony shrugs.

“They were my friends.” answers Tony then and Peter shakes his head.

“Yeah were! They treat you so bad, starlight. I wish i could hurt them.” says Peter and kicks against the table. Tony frowns.

“Please don’t hurt them!” says Tony at that and Peter shakes his head at him.

“You know i won’t. But only because you have a heart of gold.” sighs Peter and then kisses Tonys nose. Tony smiles.

“What do we have to do today?” asks Peter when they go to the kitchen to eat something.

“Oh nothing wild. I have a meeting after lunch. And we promised we would take Rocket and Groot to the playground right? I want to see how Groot enjoys the slide.” Tony giggles at that and Peter squeezes his hand.

“I know why i love you.”

“I am Groot.” says Groot when he sees them and Peter goes over to him.

“Hey Groot. How are you?” asks Peter and lifts Groot up. Groot cuddles up to him and smiles.

“I am Groot.”

“Oh i know you are hungry. I think Tony makes us something if we ask really nice.” says Peter sheepishly and Tony laughs.

“Course. Sit down. Where is the other son?” says Tony and Rocket growls form the other side of the room.

“Psht! Starlight you know that he is a teenager. He doesn’t wants to be called that.” laughs Peter now and Tony grins. Rocket says nothing. He tried that a hundredth times already.

“Here we go. Pancakes for my favorite boys.” says Tony and places them on the table.

“How sweet.” says someone from the doorway and Tony looks up. Wanda.

“Can i get a pancake, too?” laughs Clint now and Tony frowns.

“I made them for Peter, Groot and Rocket.” answers Tony slowly and Clint makes a noise of protest.

“Don’t care.” is all he says and then he takes Tony own pancake and eats it. Tony doesn’t say anything.

“Make me some pancakes, too.” says Wanda and Tony stands up to make her another one.

“He really does it.” says Rocket and he sounds angry. Not at Tony, but Wanda.

“Course because he knows what i can do, when he doesn’t. He is afraid.” says Wanda and thats it. Groot growls and in the next minute, Wanda is against the wall. Groots roots around her neck.

Rocket has a gun pointed at Clint.

“I’m going to say this only one time. You will leave. Not tomorrow, today. And i never want to see you here again.” says Peter slowly and he can see how scared Wanda is.

“Guys…” tries Tony but Rocket plays with the trigger.

“Was that clear enough?” asks Rocket and he waits before Clint and Wanda nod. Then he sits down and eats his pancake. Groot releases Wanda and holds his napkin up to Tony.

Tony smiles a bit wary but helps Groot with it.

Wanda and Clint are nearly running out of the kitchen and Peter helps Tony on his lap and feeds him with his pancake.

Nobody is an asshole towards their space prince.