groot cosplay


Thanks to everyone who I got my pictures taken with! Yesterday was a whoooooooole lotta fun! If anyone was wondering, I went to Anime Boston 2017! If you wanna meet me next year, make sure you catch me on a Friday or Saturday!


Guardians of the Galaxy

Starlord: mppdg

Gamore: radicalkevin123

Groot: kthammer

Rocket Raccoon: barberzoey

Drax: warrant-to-arrest

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After seeing, and loving Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, I decided to make a picture with the cast of Sonic Boom dressed as the main characters from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Sonic as Peter Quil/Starlord
Amy as Gamora
Tails as Rocket Raccoon
Sticks as Groot
Knuckles as Drax

Love Your Fursuit

Here it is please burn me at the stake @jasondeansminidick

I’ve been through ten high schools
They start to get blurry
No point planting roots when
JD is a furry
My dad always keeps his fursuit on
He’s just waiting for furrycon

At furrycon
I’m allowed to run wild
Nobody there treats
Me like a child
Seems every time I’m about to yiff
Some other furry gets a stiff

Each con is the same
From Las Vegas to Boston
Big crowds of Furrys
That I love to get lost in
I wear my fursuit daily
Just kidding I am a scalie

Love your fursuit
The kinkshamers are in hot pursuit
When furrycon comes
The kinkshamers are dumb
Penguin furrys go noot noot
Love your fursuit
Love your fursuit

Care for a yiff?
Does your mommy know you’re into that?
Not anymore.

When mom was alive
Zootopia was banned
Now it just me and my dad
We are fans
I learned about furrys
I learned about scalies
Learned lions can love gayly

You’re planning your future
Not-furry Sawyer
You’ll go to a furcon
Meet a guy in the foyer
The guy will be a frog
You’ll get married in a bog

Wash your fursuit
You smell worse than that cosplaying groot
Shut your eyes tight
So you don’t have to fight
That penguin noot

Love your fursuit
Shatter that scalesuit
The scalies are cute
Find out who you are
Unburden your load
Forget there are furrys
Who say they are toads
When the voice in your head
Says furrys are bad in bed
You gotta refute
Love your fursuit
Love your fursuit
You gotta wash your fursuit

Try it.