Immigration Images

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Canada is distinguished from most other countries by the diversity of its population. Our unique cultural, ethnic and linguistic mosaic is reflected in the wide assortment of holdings at Library and Archives Canada associated with the different ethno-cultural groups.

The holdings include: immigration records and guides, travel guides, passenger lists, letters, diaries, journals, memoirs, newspapers (some ethnic titles), maps, art, photographs, music and film.

By: Library and Archives Canada / Bibliothèque et Archives Canada


  Groot would never say no to Mittens, especially with how she had been feeling recently; but after seeing Sora and doing what he did to the boy he couldn’t help but feel worried and ashamed. Not that he could hide anything with the bruising that had built around his knuckles. He waited around for his sister and the second he heard her at the door he called out. “It’s open! You better be ready to build the best fort you have ever seen.”