This is for the not-autistic people who assumes I am not aware.

They are the people who says I doesn’t knows what is goes on around me.

In a casinos I notices all the floors patterns, the lights patterns, the blinks and the people moves around me. I sees the moles on a person’s faces. I notices skins colors, hairs colors, clothes, jewelry, accessory, and whether they has drinks, something to smokes, or both. I keeps looks up at the diamonds shapes lights patterns on the blacks ceilings. I knows where all the security cameras are and I sees games screens flash lots of colors.

I hears all the voices and machines and I knows which machines makes which noises. I knows who is does goods and who is does bad by the clinks in their credits chips cups. I can finds my friends by listens for the sounds of their voices. I hears coughs, sneezes, laughs and curses. Sometimes I hears shoes scuffs on the carpets.

I smells all the perfumes, colognes, foods, drinks, cigars and cigarettes. I knows who needs to showers and who has bathes very recent. I knows if I has old credits chips or new ones by which ones smells likes metals.

I feels the soft casinos carpets and the leathers of the stools I am sits on. I feels which directions the airs conditioners vents faces and where the airs blows from. I feels people walks by me by the breezes they leaves behinds. I enjoys the smooths, warms plastics credits chips as I dumps them into the metals slots machines money slots as much as I likes the colds chromes levers I pulls to makes the machines starts.

I tastes the ices teas I just buys and wish there was more sugars because it is bland without a kicks of sweets. I knows if the waters uses for the ices cubes is purify or taps waters. I can tastes if the cigars I am smokes is old or new.

Outsides I notices it is very closes to sunsets because my eyesight gets very, very goods and clears. The sky is turns colors– yellows, oranges, purples, reds and dark blues. I watch how buildings turns into silhouettes against the horizons. I notices sunlight gleams on trees leaf and sparkles on the waters sprays from the fountains. I sees people walks around or gathers in groups to talks. I sees all their clothes, shoes, makeups, hairstyles, hairs colors and accessory. I sees faces with lots of expressions on them. I sees streets signals changes colors. I sees where sidewalks becomes curbs and they looks likes cliffs. I watch people cross the streets.

I hears the roars of vehicles and how they echo off buildings. I hears people talks, laughs and coughs. I hears bags rattles and jewelry jingles. I hears shoes taps on sidewalks. I hears a fountains burbles and I knows if it has a highs pressures sprays or a lows pressures sprays by the sounds it makes. I hears tree leaf rustles in the winds.

I feels the hard sidewalks push up on my feet as I walks. It is more smooths than the tars of streets. I knows where the winds blows from and if it will rains tonight or not by how it feels. I can tells the temperature is drops as the suns goes down. I knows the humidity levels is rises at sunsets because it always does that in the springs on Xandar.

I smells foods and knows what restaurants are makes those smells. I smells the steams exhausts from hovers vehicles. I smells the cleans chemicals in the fountains. I smells rains on the winds and it is comes from overs the oceans because it has a hints of salts to it.

I can tastes the rains in the airs although it will rains later and not rights now. There is still an aftertastes of my ices teas and cigars but I likes that so I doesn’t minds.

Meanwhile, the person who says I am not aware of anything is the ones who is stares at their communications devices while Rocket picks their pockets and swipes their casinos vouchers.


anopalmermaid asked:

Is it just me/a glitch or does Black Panther not have a voice? 😯 I'm not getting Wonder Man so I wouldn't know if he has the same issue. Maybe once I fully unlock his character... 🤔

It happens a lot of times with new characters actually, that their voices get added a lot later (even Pepper and Groot got their voices late). I expect for T'Challa though, they’re holding back on the voice until the movie releases, since he has a very unique accent and they haven’t even shown it in any of the trailers. I’m so looking forward to hearing it though! :D

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This event is so similar to the GOTG event and I do not like that one bit. Also I think it’s ridiculous that Bucky is the grand prize just like Groot. Apparently we can unlock him later on if we miss out now, but TinyCo does not specify when later is and gauging by how they’ve promised Hawkeye and he has yet to be available I figure it would be months before Bucky appears in the main story of the game.

Ultimately, I won’t be glued to my phone for this event because GOTG was enough and I don’t see the point in busting my behind only to fall short like myself and many others did in the last event.

anonymous asked:

Bucky isn't behind a paywall, he'll be able to be gotten after the event through regular play, and he's the grand prize like groot. Of course he wouldn't be shard brought, just because the box is yellow doesn't mean he's a premium.

I didn’t think he was premium.

My point was that he’ll be absurdly hard to get to in time just like with Groot. Almost everyone I saw who actually managed to get Groot got him by paying for either the premium characters or random items, I’ve seen almost no one who got him by just playing through the event and if they DID get him without paying I’ve seen them talk about how they pretty much had to keep and the game open all the time just to make sure they never missed anything. Like, they damn near lost sleep over it.

I did find out after I deleted the game he’ll be added to the main game later but, still, I don’t care. I still find the way the manage these events terrible and they’re pricing is absurd. A single character shouldn’t be 10 dollars. It just isn’t something I want to support. 

karmahitme asked:

Yeah, it seems like they're keeping Bucky on as a permanent recruit but you can get him Early right now, kind of like with the Hulk. It makes my life easier because I'll be out of the country for the end of the event and would actually cry if I couldn't get Bucky.

I wish they did this with Groot as well or at least tell us that. I think that would make people a lot more calmer during this whole event business.