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Hey I love your writing! Could I get some really fluffy Husband!Cal? Maybe like on your wedding day, or something cute like that. Thanks!!

why thank you, darling! xx

husband!calum would be so cute in his tux - one of the groomsmen loosening the tie around his neck - with his dark hair all ruffled and the amount of champagne he’d have consumed would leave him giggly and nuzzling into your neck with his breath all warm before lightly tugging on your hand and wagging his eyebrows whilst the corners of his plump lips were curved upward in mischievous grin before twirling you across the dance floor in small circles as you balanced on the tip of your toes to humor him in his buzzed stupor, him taking a step back to swivel his hips with his hands on his waist and shouting out “MY HIPS DON’T LIE, BABY” at the top of his lungs, and pulling you close to his chest and pressing sloppy kisses across your cheeks whilst slurring “i love you’s” above your ear and your face would get flushed as he now began boasting about he managed to marry the cutest cutie in the entire world.

  • ZAYN:so i've decided that my cousin Jawadd is gonna be the best man, and everyone else can be groomsmen, because word on the street is certain people are talking shit and i'm kind of just over the chaos, over something that's supposed to be about me and you, and not them.

Imagine Iwaoi’s wedding tho like tooru slaying in an all white suit with that look (we all know the one) and then Iwa-chan is like randomly wearing a wedding dress and looking super embarrassed bc it’s like falling down and shit……somebody draw this…..and it’s a super pinteresty wedding and daisuga in matching suits omg and then the rest of the squad as the groomsmen and kagehina’s v awk dance bc height difference……..guys I think I just wrote a fanfic lol