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Please, if a grooming salon has a window to view pets being groomed, do not take pictures or videos without asking permission, especially if it is not your pet being groomed. Also, do not pound/knock on the window or distract the pet. If you notice a pet getting overly excited or frightened by your presence, please just walk away. Thank you

TalesFromRetail: Insufficient Funds

Alrighty. Been wanting to post this story for awhile now. The usual; first time poster, on mobile, ect.

I work at a pet care facility. We provide an array of services; boarding your pets, grooming, training, rescue, ect. I adore my job, because I really like dogs. Most unfortunately, because our services DO require payment, it falls under the “retail” category, which is where I find the most stress.

One fine day, I was behind the front desk. It was a fairly slow day. A couple walked in the doors, arriving to pick up their pet. Now, we provide a cash discount for those who choose to pay in cash when the total bill is over a certain amount of dollars. This couple wanted to utilize that, so they used our ATM machine to get the cash out. I completely understand this. A percentage off a large bill certainly helps. I waited behind the desk while they were at the machine.

And waited.

And waited.

The woman was huffing and muttering to herself at the machine, while her husband stood to the side, also scowling. She then whips around, strides over to me at the front desk and says, “your ATM machine is broken!” This is what followed:

“M” will be me

“AL” will be Affronted​ Lady

M: “I’m so sorry about that! What seems to be the issue?”

AL: “You don’t have money in your ATM!”

M (very confused): “I’m sorry ma'am, could you please explain that?”

AL: “Yes!! It’s says ‘insufficient funds’!”

Her husband at this point looked quietly embarrassed and told her just to use his other credit card. She does, but not before vehemently telling me how unprofessional it is to have insufficient funds on our ATM. I didn’t have the heart (or the confidence) to tell her what that really meant.

She is still one of our clients, and is still a major pain.

By: MustNeedDogs