Bulbous Creation


First of all, let me start by passing kudos to Seth and saying that I greatly appreciate the opportunity to write for this blog. Now, for this update I decided to shift gears a bit and introduce some real heavy, underground shit. Bulbous Creation was a ridiculously heavy psychedelic band for their time, essentially trading in the cheesy parts of acid rock (such as pointlessly-extended jams, singing abstractly about “peace and love”, and those goddamn organ-style keyboards) for crunchy guitars and lyrics dealing with Satan and drug-addiction. They only recorded one album, entitled “You Won’t Remember Dying”, in 1970, and although never officially released, it is an easy find online. The quality is very 1970’s-basement like, but in many ways this boxed-in sound only adds to their heaviness. If your a fan of the first four Black Sabbath albums or just like good old-school psychedelic, make sure to look up this underground gem.



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