Kasabian were better than ever! I’m so happy I reached the barrier two times, just right in the middle. So much love for everyone around as well, I met some amazing people and I’m so glad to be a fan, seriously ♥

And thanks for the birthday wishes (especially from Tim on stage, the sweetheart) and the setlist and the two maracas, liesdar and I might start a maraca band now and we will obviously kick Kasabian off of the rock ‘n roll throne.

26.06.15 - De Oosterpoort, Groningen, Netherlands

set: bumblebeee, Shoot the Runner, Underdog, Fast Fuse, Days Are Forgotten, eez-eh, Club Foot, Re-Wired, bow, Thick as Thieves, People Are Strange, treat, Switchblade Smiles, Pinch Roller, Empire, Fire
encore: stevie, Vlad the Impaler, Praise You, L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)

notes: Warm-up for Rock Werchter with a debut in Groningen. Serge’s shirt reads “forgot”. He left his usual white shirts at the hotel, so had to fashion his own one with a pen. Shoot the Runner is played without the Black Skinhead intro. After years of snippets, Kasabian play The Doors’ “People Are Strange” in full. Pinch Roller appears in concert for the first time without Orange and Fast Fuse makes it’s first appearance of the year. B.B. King is referenced in Vlad.


Kasabian Club Foot Groningen 2015

My video!!!

Dear photography,

Why have you grown so painfully serious and formal in these times? Where is your playfulness, the skips and jumps, the mucking about, your devil may care attitude that laughs about rules and conventions? Show me the ones who dare have genuine, generous fun - be it with the camera, in front of the camera, behind the screen or with the images they end up making, finding, destroying and reconfiguring.

Sincerely, a curator.


Hester Keijser is curator of The Devil May Care featuring Aso Mohammadi (CH), Augustin Rebetez (CH), Kenta Cobayashi (JP), Eman Ali (OM), and Vendula Knopova (CZ) at Noorderlicht [27 Jun - 16 Aug 2015].


People Are Strange (Groningen, 26/06/15)


Collages of Eduard Bezembinder

Eduard Bezembinder studied at the art school of St. Joost in Breda, Minerva in Groningen and also at Media-GN (the current FMI). Since then he has received several stipends, exhibited in his homeland and abroad, and painted a considerable amount of murals. Besides his painting and drawing he is also a curator, a graphic designer, and one of the first art bloggers. His work is represented in many collections and lending centers for art.

His website and SaatchiArt profile.

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