• *voltron walking through a cave or something and keith walks into a cobweb
  • Keith: 'urh, the freaking web is in my hair' *annoyed grones*
  • Lance: 'well i guess you could say you've become "the world wide web" '
  • Keith: 'wha- '
  • Lace: 'cos your my world, bro'
  • Keith: 'bro' *blushing*
  • Pidge: *does the "Jim office look thingy"*
Didn’t think it would happen (1)

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I walked in my classroom as usual being the first student to get in there I started to write stupid things on the black board.After 5 minutes of drablling weird things someone enterd the class with a loud sound. I turned my head to the door to see no one but my friend Jackson looking lost at his books that where all over the floor. “I swear Jackson,every time you enter a class you need to drop something."I said lifting his books from the floor and putting them on the fist desk that I found. "Sorry ,I was reading something a text from Ella and I got distracted as always."he responded with a gummy smile,giving me a hug and taking his usual seat in the second desk.I looked at him for a few seconds almost laughting at his extremly concertated face while texting his ultimate girl crush from 6 grade.Jacksonn is an amazing boy and is always there when you need him or when you feel down and sometimes I really can’t understand why Ella is not dating him though. I sighted really hard and started to erase my writings from the board.The class started to fill quickly and soon the teacher eneterd the classroom . Angela was talking to me about her last dream while the teacher was corecting some test when the door swing open and the "bad boys” of our highschool entered filling the class with their expensive parfume smell. “Mister Kim ,you and your friends are 15 minutes late for my class."the teacher said getting up from his seat even tho he was so short comparing to the tall boys. "And the earth is round,do ypu have any irelevant facts for me now ,profesor Park?"V asked taking his seat beside me. The teacher opened his mouth to say something but gave up really quickly and took his seat back. I was allready familiar with V’s comebacks for everyone he didn’t like ‘because after all he was in the same classrooms with me for 2 years now .He and his group of frinds are hands down the most atractiive guys in our high school but the bad thing about them is that they are dangerous ,a lot of people are scared of them because last year ,rumors about them where floating around the school taht they are the kids of the most dangerous mafia group in Seoul. On the other hand I didn’t belive it because rumors where always floating in our school,like 2 years ago when I came here and everyone thought that I was spy send fro CSI to find things about Korea. "Y/n,are you going to stop staring at V?"I heard Minho say and I imediatly snaped not realizing what I was doing . "It’s really funny when stupid girls like you stare at me like they never seen beautiful peoples in their life."V said giving me a smirk and bumping his fist with Jimin. I rolled my eyes knowing how big it’s V’s ego and retun to Angela to listen to the final of her dream. The classes where over and me,Angela,Minho and Jackson where going to the convenience store to pick up some icecreams for Valine who has her leg broke. "Do you think she would like vanilia ove apple?"I asked getting lost betwen flavours. "Just pick whatever and let’s go home,it’s getting dark"Minho said pushing my back to the cashier. "Y/n,you think you could run to the school,I forgot my math paperworks in my locker and I need them for tomorrow or profesor Park is gonna fail me"Angela said coming to me out of breath . "But why me?"I asked whinning about going all the way to the school. "Girl,you have freaking abs and you wined 5 medals at long running marathons and you are still asking us why you?"Jackson sopke paying the icecreams. I groned in respons and got out of the store and started running to the school.In 10 minutes I was enetering the empty hallways of our highschool and starteed shearching for Angela’s loocker when I heard a lot of giglles coming from our math clasroom.I ignored the thinking it was our teacher flirting with one of the nurses as usual and grabed the math papers and walked out . The sun was completly set down as I was leaving the was school yard and to be honest I was scared as hell to walk alone to my house in this pitvh blacknes so I called Jackson. "Please tell me you and the guys are coming after me right now?"I almost whispered in the phone scared of my own voice in the empty street. "No,we are still waiting for you at the store,where are you tho ,is really getting late."Jackson asked with a wary tone. "I’m on my way but everything is really dark and I can’t see much,could you abd the guys come my way because I’m really scared to be honest."I said and started to walk slowly haering footsteps from my back. "Okey,we are coming your way,see you in 10."Jacskon said an hang up. I put my phone in my front pocket and started to walk on the lonly streets scaring myself everytime a cat apared on the road.While I was thinking about what way to walk to get to some ilumintaed streets I heard someone talking form my back. "Aish,you really are lost in your stupid world,aren’t you?"I heard a low voice say from me back.I turned faster and saw the one and only headass from my school ,V. "I didn’t heard you."I said trying not to stare again at his face. He smiled and looked at me "Trying not to stare at me like a crazy person again?Don’t worry,like I said today ,I’m used to weirdos like you to stare.” “What do you actually want?"I asked strated to lose my interes in this stupid conversation. "You said you where scared to walk alone so I thought that you might want to me take you somewhere close to your house."V spoke pointing to his expensive sports car waiting for him a few steps back. You heard about him and his gang inviting girls to get them home but insted they took them out to drink and made horrile things with them after ."I think I will pass,my friends are coming for me."I said and started to walk away from him.I just heard a short laugh and them a car door closing and the street became silent again. —————Next Day———————————————– As ususal I got early to school and because I did’t want to stay alone in my classroom I took my gym close and headed to the football field.There was no one as usual so I quickly changed my school skirt to some Nike leggings and put on my running shoes and head off to the field.I loved doing sports,I was in the track team back in my home country but now being in the 12 th grade I had to focus more on grades than hobbies. While I was running my last lenght I saw Angela and Minho sitting in the players steats on the field so I started to slightly run trowards them. "What’s up with you guys so early at school."I asked getting a water bottel from Minho. "Well I had to take some books from the library and Angela wanted to make sure she didn’t came late at least to this class."Minho spoke whipping some sweat with his shirt sleve.I changed qiuckly back to my school uniform and headed to class with them. "Do you think V has a think for you?"Angela asked for the 14 time in the last 5 minutes. "No ,I am not the only girl he asked to walk home."I said bored while grabing my notebooks. "Maybe he actually likes you but you are being ignorant as usual and can’t see that."She started jumping excited while holding my free hand. "Angie,for the last time,V is never gonna like me or even look at me ,there are more changes for me to freaking hit a freaking phoneix bird than go on a date with him."I said while moving my hand dramaticaly in the air. When I swing open my locker door I herad a loud sound and everyone from the hallway stopped in their tracks and looked at me worried.I didn’t understand what happend so I closed the door slowly and I almost jumped out of my shoes when I saw V rubbing his hand on his now read forehead. It took me 10 seconds to proced what happend and I imediatly dropped my books and put my hands over my wide opened mouth. "OMG,are you okay?"I asked feelling my cheeks turn red from the embarsement and the stares.Angela was in shock too but she managed to move a few steps away letting me sit there hopeless in front of V and His boys. "You really are some difficult women to deal with."he said still rubbing his forehead"You don’t have other things to do?"Joon shouted loudly and the crowd of students quickly started to move. "I’m so sorry."I managed to say one more time before he passed by me bumping hard into my shoulder………
Tythan Drabble #18

Note: I wrote this a while ago for @nerdytrashalert but I had a problem with my editer. I’m so so so sorry for the wait it’s been like a month and I’m so gluten sorry about that!

Drabble #18: “this is without a doubt the stupidest plane you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in!”

Side note: this takes place back when Ethan and Ty lived together

Ethan felt like crying. Or screaming. Or both. He loved working with Mark but Mark never gave him heads up about big projects or deadlines. Normally this wasn’t a problem but Ethan already had a lot of work to do and Tyler staying back to “help” wasn’t very helpful.

“Ethannnn,” Tyler whined “I’m bored!”

Ethan groned “well I’m working so shut up!”

Tyler frowned. Ethan sounded exhausted. The pair had been dating in secret for almost a month now and it was easy to cover up with Ethan living with Tyler and all. After being together for a month Tyler had only ever seen Ethan upset twice, once when Mark took a joke WAY to far. The second time was when Ethan had spent 48 hours awake editing and recording with next to no food or water. Tyler really really did not want it to get that bad again.

“Eth, why don’t you take a break?” Tyler asked hopefully

“Tyler, I can’t.” Ethan said rubbing his eyes “Mark needs this by tomorrow and there’s still a few hours of work left to do.”

“So make Mark do it!” Tyler said getting up off the bean bag and walking over to Ethan’s desk.

“Mark hired me to edit! That’s one of the only reasons I’m here! If I don’t edit than why would Mark want me to stay?”

Tyler really did not want to start another ‘because you’re friends and he like having you around’ arguments. “Tell him something came up and you don’t have time.”

“Tell him what came up?”

“Say something happend at the house, a flood or something, I’ll back up your story.”

“But Ty,” Ethan looked up at the taller man “that’s lying!”

“But E, we could watch that movie you wanted to see. I could make us some food and we could get the fuzzy blanket and cuddle…”

That did sound really good. Ethan had been begging Ty to watch Moana with him for months. And Tyler and the fuzzy blanket did sound really nice…

“This is a stupid plan. Probably the stupidest plan you’ve ever had…” Tyler gave Ethan his best puppy dog eyes and Ethan sighed “of course I’m in.”


“But,” Ethan said quickly “you have to call Mark.”

“Sure, no problem Blue.”

~time skip~

Ethan was in the kitchen making popcorn while Tyler finished up on the phone with Mark in the other room.

“Again, I’m so sorry I stole your editer bit I kinda needed him.” Tyler said to Mark over the phone

“No problem man, you guys sure you don’t need anything? I can help if you need it.” Mark replied

“Honestly the only thing you could do to help it is edit that video for Ethan. He was all bent out of shape about not wanting to let you down.” Tyler told Mark

“He’s not letting me down. Honestly I shouldn’t have dumped that on him last minute anyways.”

Tyler and Mark said there goodbye before hanging up. Tyler sat on the couch waiting for Ethan.

Ethan walked over to Ty he felt kinda guilty about lying but as Ty pulled Ethan down and put an arm around him he felt so safe and happy he knew he’d get over it.


@nerdytrashyalert I am so so so sorry this took so long but here it is

If anyone had any requests or head cannons feel free to send me an ask or message!

The Bakery

So, I was supposed to be writing something else but this idea came to me and I had to get it out of my head. Prepare for a little angst, followed by some fluffs. 

Warnings: Bombing and anxiety

Pairing: Steve x Reader

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Everyone buzzed around the busy bakery. It was amusing to you to watch the different kinds of people. Moms holding tight to their toddlers. Girlfriends embracing and exchanging elated greetings. Members of the staff wiping off tables and cleaning up trays.

 It was fun, relaxing even, to be having such a normal moment. You sipped your coffe and picked at the small slice of cake you had ordered while mindlessly scrolling through your phone.

 But then something caught your attention. Something felt wrong. Out of place.

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Works Progress Administration sculptor (and University of New Mexico graduate) Oliver La Grone casting “Mercy”

Date: 1935 - 1939?
Negative Number 019936



Frisk had been wandering around aimlessly when they were flung into another universe with a squeak, they landed on their face with a grone.
“Sometimes I hate multiverse travels…where am I now?”
They got up to look around, this caused their wing a good amount of pain, they looked at it with a sigh as it was hanging at an aquard angle, their wing was broken…again…
“Grate…and I can’t even reach it…”

preference: hickey

LUKE:  Luke was sucking my neck like a vampire that hadn’t eaten in years. Which kind of true seeing he had just gotten back from tour. 

“God Luke, you’re going to give me a hickey,” I groned/moaned.

“Good. Then all the guys will know your mine,” he mumble considering his mouth was buried in my neck.The sucking then stop and he then began into gently bitting my neck. 

“Luke, be gentle I don’t want you to make me bleed,” I said at him.After this whole session ended I saw that it was already becoming purple. It coverd half my neck! “Good thing I don’t have school tomorrow.” I  stared into the mirror examining the huge mark.

“ I still don’t want those college boys after what is mine,” he said with a chuckle and grabbed my waist from behind while resting his head on my shoulder. 

“Who said I was yours?” I asked turning around and grabbing his face. He bit his lip and gave that signature Luke Hemmings lip bite. 

“ I just dion’t want lose you,” I kissed him and went on to give him one twice the size to prove to all those girls that he was mine. 


CALUM: I was just talking to the fans in the airport as we just had some time. Y/N was checking in, so we all had time. 

“OH MY GOD CALUM WHATS THAT ON YOUR NECK?! OH MY GOD IS THAT HICKEY!” The fan screamed at me. Oh shit, I forgot about that. I had forgot that me and Y/N got pretty wild last night so of course I had the evidence on my neck and my collar bone but no one could see that one. Only the massive one on my neck.

“What no its nothing just Michael threw something at me and it hit my neck,” I tried to laugh it off.

“NO! Thats a lie! I heard them last night,” Michael said. With the truth out I blushed. 

“OH MY GOD I HAVE TO TAKE A PICTURE!” The girl was at field day with this. She took out her phone and took a photo of me standing there trying to make sure this was all a bad dream. Some how this got worse because more fans saw it and then Y/N came over and was wearing a scarf around her neck. You would think that would be enough but no the purple was peaking out. We were soon invaded with all these tennage girls phones.

We were finall safe when we got through security. As we sat at our terminal I went on twitter and #calumgotwildlastnight was trending. 

ASHTON: It was the morning after and I turned my head to see a sleeping Ashton.  I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and went stright to the shower so I could get ready school.  After I turned on the shower, while I was waiting for it to heat up I looked in the mirror. To my horror, I saw the biggest hickey the world had ever seen on my neck. I was stood in shock at it. How was I going to cover it? Concealer wasn’t even going to begin cover the huge, purple lovebite


“What……..,” I felt a slight twinge of gulit have woken him up. He then notice the giant hickey that I was pointing at on my neck. “ Ohhhhhhhhhhh,” he said.

“How do you think I’m going to cover this up.”

“Well you could wear a scarf.”

“ In the middle May Ashton,” I guess it will have do. With that I went to the shower. As I turn I saw Ashton smirk like a proud artist looking at his work of art that was painted on my neck.

MICHAEL: We sat in the back of the bus making out. Pretty hard core. I then moved from his mouth and on his neck. I knew this would result in a hickey and the boys would tease for it but it would result in him telling them ,“ At least I’m getting somewhere, what are you doing?" 

I finish and it wasn’t too big I didn’t want him to have to wearr as scarf or makeup. But it was big enough to be seen. He then proceeded to give me one now I knew Michael wasn’t going spare me he was going to gave me the biggest one possibe. Which means me wearing a scarfs in the middle of summer. All of a sudden the door to the back of the bus silde open to reveal Calum.

"What are you doing to her neck Michael,” he screamed, scared a the sight in front him.

“ GET THE FUCK OUT CALUM,” Michael got out his position that was sucking on your neck to scream at his best firend. With all the commotion Luke and Ashton came to see what was happening. 

“OHHHHHH! Michael is getting some,” Ashton said laughing taking his phone to take a video.“ HI GUYS! So we just found Michael and Y/N making out in the back of bus,” he put the camera on you guys and all I did was hide a my face in Michael’s shirt. 

“FUCK YOU ASHTON!!” Michael yelled at the blonde boy. Luke and Calum were laughing so hard at this point plus Ashton and his 10 differnet laughs. Michael then got up and pushed the button that closed the door. “Fuck all those guys,” he then tried to comfort you from what just happened with his bandmaes. 


Och uti gröne Lunden, där dansar ett par.
Och uti gröne Lunden, där dansar ett par.
Den ena var vännen, den andra var Jag.
Den ena var vännen, den andra var Jag.

A personal favourite of mine. Seriously cannot wait to see them this summer! 

The Witches’ Song

October Challenge: Day 1

“I have been all day looking after
A raven feeding upon a quarter:
And, soone as she turn’d her beak to the south,
I snatch’d this morsell out of her mouth.

I have beene gathering wolves haires,
The madd dogges foames, and adders eares;
The spurging of a dead man’s eyes:
And all since the evening starre did rise.

I last night lay all alone
O’ the ground, to heare the mandrake grone;
And pluckt him up, though he grew full low:
And, as I had done, the cocke did crow.

And I ha’ beene chusing out this scull
From charnell houses that were full;
From private grots, and publike pits:
And frighted a sexton out of his wits.

Under a cradle I did crepe
By day; and, when the childe was a-sleepe
At night, I suck’d the breath; and rose,
And pluck’d the nodding nurse by the nose.

I had a dagger: what did I with that?
Killed an infant to have his fat.
A piper it got at a church-ale.
I bade him again blow wind i’ the taile.

A murderer yonder was hung in chaines;
The sunne and the wind had shrunke his veins:
I bit off a sinew; I clipp’d his haire;
I brought off his ragges, that danc’d i’ the ayre.

The scrich-owles egges and the feathers blacke,
The bloud of the frogge, and the bone in his backe
I have been getting; and made of his skin
A purset, to keepe Sir Cranion in.

And I ha’ beene plucking plants among
Hemlock, henbane, adders-tongue,
Night-shade, moone-wort, libbards-bane;
And twise by the dogges was like to be tane.

I from the jawes of a gardiner’s bitch
Did snatch these bones, and then leap’d the ditch:
Yet went I back to the house againe,
Kill’d the black cat, and here is the braine.

I went to the toad, breedes under the wall,
I charmed him out, and he came to my call;
I scratch’d out the eyes of the owle before;
I tore the batts wing: what would you have more?

Yes: I have brought, to helpe your vows,
Horned poppie, cypresse boughes,
The fig-tree wild, that grows on tombes,
And juice, that from the larch-tree comes,

The basiliskes bloud, and the vipers skin:
And now our orgies let’s begin.”

Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, Percy, 1906

Boer Zoekt Vrouw 2015, aflevering 9: Glenn Medeiros, Schraalhans, mijn moeder haar stoofpeertjes en een hoofdstad met een R.


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My brothers best friend (Calum Hood smut)

Here I am again, night three of babysitting my brother while my parents are away for there holiday. I have no idea why a grown boy of eighteen still seems to need a babysitter but apparently my parents think it’s only for the best that I stay in and put my social life on hold to make sure that he doesn’t do anything stupid.
It’s not like i’m a massive socialite or anything but there’s something about being told that I’m not allowed to leave the house that makes me want to go out and have a massive party.
It wasn’t two bad, over the past two days I’ve been sat in the living room with my brother Michael as he played the xbox, we get along well but day three and he’s starting to get on my nerves.
I love him and all but there’s only so much I can take of his sarcastic remarks. He could be a compete dick at times. Tonight was different as well, he had his best friend Calum over so I thought it would be better if I stayed in my room and let them get on with whatever they wanted to do and by the sounds of it what they wanted to do was play fifa, all I could hear was the two of them shouting at the T.V and by the sounds of it Michael was winning.
*Buzz* *Buzz*
I nearly fell off my bed when my phone started to vibrate, I wasn’t sure if it was because it had made me jump and caught me off guard or if I was because I tried diving for it as quick as I could due to the possibility of it getting rid of my boredom.
When I look at the screen I see that it’s my best friend Amanda calling me, We both work together at a shop called ‘Ann Summers’ it’s a half sex shop half underwear shop and she would normally phone me at about 7 O’clock to tell me any news about what had happened in the day.
“Are you at home? I’M SO BORED, Come out.. pleaseeee (Y/N)”
“Well hello to you too”
I couldn’t help but laugh at her when she answered I could tell she was just as bored as I was.
“No can do, babysitting remember”
“Surely your brother is old enough to look after himself? He’s eighteen”
“Well my parents seem to disagree so there’s nothing I”
I have no idea what happened but I heard a massive bang coming from downstairs.
“One second”
I put the phone on my desk and shout down to my Michael
“What the hell was that”
I could always tell when Michael had done something, he would always give a one word answer when questioned about it while trying to fix whatever he had done.
“Michael Gordon Clifford what have you done”
He could be a cheeky little shit, ever since I started working at the shop he’s been making comments like that, I knew it was just meant as a bit of banter but it could get annoying when he always talked to his friends about how I worked as a ‘Freaky Fetish Supporter’
I closed the door and walked back to my phone
“Sorry about that”
“What happened?”
I could hear her laughing in the background
“Just Michael and Calum messing around”
“Ohh, Calums there? You flashed him your tits yet?”
“In his dreams!!”
I rolled my eyes and started laughing, Amanda had been my best friend since I was about ten and Michael and Calum had been best friends for longer. Calum has had a crush on me since he was about 15 years old and Amanda has always been around to notice it so she always makes jokes about it.
“He’s a baby Amanda!”
“He’s eighteen, he’s a big boy now (Y/N) and you can’t deny that puberty has served him well”
“Oh give over!”
“That’s it I’m coming round for a bit, see you in ten”
and that was it, the phone had gone down. She would always invite herself round without me asking, she was more like a sister to me than a best friend.
I opened the door and thought it would be best if I went to see what had gone on downstairs. I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to know, if he’d broken something I knew it would be me that would be in trouble if anything happened.
I shouted out but I couldn’t find him in the living room.
“Michael where are you”
I could barely make out what he was saying and when I walked into the kitchen I could see why. Both of them had faces full of food and were both laughing around like kids.
“What the hell are you two doing”
I stood at the doorway with confusion on my face. I couldn’t help but laugh a little bit as well. As soon as they both saw me Michael just started laughing harder as Calum spat it all out in the bin.
“Seeing who can eat the fastest”
Michael spat a bit when he tried to explain and Calums cheeks flushed red.
“Would you pack in it please, you’re not kids anymore and Amanda’s coming round soon by the way, so I want the living-room”
“Oh come on (Y/N) were playing fifa”
“Yeah but I don’t have a TV in my room”
“Can we share please?!”
“Fine just don’t be annoying”
Both of them just smiled and high-5ed each other, I couldn’t help but see them both still as kids.
All three of us walked into the living room and sat down just talking, Michael focused on beating Calum, Calum focused on making sure his hair was in place and looking in the mirror constantly and me just chilling with them.
Finally the door sounded and I jumped up out of my seat. As I opened the door I saw the bottle of vodka in her hand and just laughed.
“You’re kidding me right?”
She just shouted as she entered the house
“We’re sharing the room with Michael and Calum Amanda”
“Oh that’s cool they can have some too!”
An hour or two passed and we’d all had a few shots, Michael and Calum slightly more affected than me and Amanda
“So creepy, still like(Y/N)?”
Amanda could be really upfront when she was drunk, she never meant anything in a mean way she was just a good fan of banter
Calum just blushed a little and looked to the floor I could tell he was a little unconformable.
“Amanda don’t be a bitch”
“Oh come on the little boys wanted you for years it’s obvious, he’s probably got a hard on now looking at you”
“Who wants to watch a movie”
Michael interrupted trying to help a friend out, I felt back for Calum so I decided that me and him would go and look for a move together.
“Me, You coming Calum? I have loads of movies in my room”
He just stood up not saying anything
Before we go to my room I wanted to say something to make him feel better
“I’m sorry about Amanda, you know I don’t think any of that right?”
I always saw him as a lovely guy and never thought he was creepy just because he liked me.
“Well, it’s kinda true though isn’t it”
He laughed it off.
“I mean I’ve been wanking over you since I was 14”
The only thing worse that a drunk person, was a drunk person who’d gotten to the stage where they don’t care what they said anymore.
“Calum honestly, to much information”
I started to laugh if off. We both went into my room to find the DVD and Calum just stood there looking at me
“Are you alright Calum?”
The next thing that came out of his mouth was more than unexpected.
“Let me fuck you (Y/N), please”

I couldn’t believe how up front he was being, I couldn’t have sex with my little brothers best friend it would be wrong.
“Calum you’ve had far to much to drink this is ridiculous”
“So have you”
Calum pulled my body into his placing a wet kiss on my lips, I pushed away
“Not enough clearly”
“I know the only reason you’re saying no is because I’m younger than you”
Calums voice had become ‘matter-of-factly’ and he almost sounded smug as if he was proud of it.
“Why are girls so obsessed with older men, I’ve seen you walk upstairs with your old boyfriends and never have I really heard you scream, the odd moan here and there but nothing that tells me you really got the ending you ever wanted”
“So basically you listen when I’m fucking my ex-boyfriends”
Calum broke out into a light laugh, I could tell he wasn’t trying to be overly rude, he was just trying to prove a point.
“Thats not what I meant, what I mean is maybe you should try a younger guy for a change, somebody with a fresher perspective, somebody more open-minded”
Calum pulled me in again and pushed his hand through my hair moving my head so his mouth was next to my ear and he was able to whisper to me
“Somebody with a bit more, Energy”
I could feel his lips travel up and down my neck as his hands slid up my hips and up my back pulling me closer and closer to him.
“Calum, you’re my brothers best friend we can’t have sex”
I don’t think I’ve ever been this unconvincing. I’ve never considered doing anything with Calum before it’s never even come into my mind, but that’s before he got his hands on me and before I let his words linger in my head. His hands were soft but strong against my back and I could tell even at eighteen he was more of a man than anybody I’d been with before.
“Then, just let me touch you”
Calums hands both wondered down to my ass, grabbing it tight in his hands with one of them continuing to move to the front of my body cupping my covered pussy in his hands gaining a small, sweet breath that took my body by surprise.
“Please, just say yes (Y/N), Give me something to think of next time I touch myself”
Calum removed his hands and his body from mine and got down to his kneels, he looked up at me and started kissing just above my jeans pushing his hands up the back of my legs to once again grab my ass as he kissed me. I couldn’t take it any longer and something took over me.
“Touch me Calum”
I heard a grone come from Calums mouth as he stood up immediately, I felt a push on my shoulders and before I even had time to think I was against a wall with Calums hands playing with the buttons of my jeans. Calums eyes were locked onto mine and I had never seen so much desire within a person, His mouth was open and he bit his bottom lip as soon as he had gained access into my clothes. I felt his finger run over my clothed slit and I had never felt naughtier. Without bothering to removing any of my clothes he moved his hand back up and back down underneath my underwear and pushed his fingers inside me. I let out a small moan and I could see a smirk grown on his face. He continued to push his finger in and out of me slowly so I could feel every little bit of his finger filling me up. His other hand came and pushed through my hair stopping still as he got to the back of my head grabbing on and pulling my face into his neck.
“Ready for more baby”
Calums voice had changed ever so slightly, he sounded older and more in control. I just whimpered at the sound and when I did he pulled his finger out once again slamming two inside me fucking me with them faster and deeper than before. I couldn’t help but moan out loud. As he heard me moan his name all I could here was a chuckle.
He pulled me and turned me around removing his fingers from my body.
“Go kneel down in front of your mirror baby”
He was referring to the wall length mirror next to my wardrobe and I instantly got nervous and he could tell. He pushed his chest up to my back and started stroking my arms as he moved me forward in font of it. I could see him admiring me in the mirror and as he stroked back down my arms he continued his hands and pushed my pants and underwear down along with his body. He moved himself round my body and looked up at me.
“Can I taste you baby, please”
I never knew somebody begging for you could be so hot but there was no possible way I could deny him or myself even of this pleasure. Every second that went by made me forget about the possible consequences and as I nodded to give him permission i certainly didn’t care anymore.
As soon as I nodded I felt hands crawling up the outsides of my thighs and a tongue pushing up the inside as he got to the places I needed him most he licked a bold stripe up my slit stopping when he got to my clit taking that in his mouth and sucking.
I moaned and it was loud, he kept his attack up on my clit kitten licking it as fast as possible every now and then stopping to pull it into his mouth again making me squirm.
He pushed his hand down to the back of my knee and pulled it over his shoulder giving himself better access. He moved his head down and pushed his tongue into my pussy making my hands fly to his hair, that was it for me, I’d finally lost control.
“Calum let me fuck your tongue”
Calum looked up immediately and I could tell he was surprised, he started nodding no words coming from his mouth, he was like a little kid being asked if they wanted cake before there dinner
“Good boy, stick your tongue into my pussy and I’ll do the rest, can you do that for me baby”
I felt alive, I could tell he liked the way I was talking to him as he did it immediately. As soon as he pushed his tongue inside me again I grabbed the back of his head and started to move my body up and down fucking his face. I could watch in the mirror as this was happening and nothing turned me on more,I could see him pushing his face more into me as I grind on his mouth and I could watch as his hands roamed around my hips and my ass, I could feel him moaning inside me and on my clit and after much trying not to I couldn’t help but join in with the moans. I could feel a pit in my stomach and I knew it could end here as I continued I asked him one question.
“Can I cum around your cock Calum please baby?”
If he didn’t look surprised before he did now. He stood up immediately kissing me. I could taste myself on his lips and nothing had every tasted that good. he discarded his clothes only breaking the kiss to remove his shirt. After all his teasing I thought it was now my turn.
“Let me show you how a woman fucks a man Calum, no more girls for you”
I pushed him onto the bed and removed my top and bra for him to watch and I noticed he’d started to wank.
“How is it? Better than what you thought it would be”
He just nodded his confidence seemed to drain from him.
“How do you want me Calum? How do you want to take me?”
I could see all the possibility’s running around in his mind and when he finally decided he stuttered as he answered.
His voice was barely audible but I knew what he wanted and I smiled at him.
“Good choice baby”
I took his hand and pulled him back off the bed and pulled his body to mine softly looking up at him innocently.
“You wanna fuck me from behind baby
He nodded.
"Wanna fuck me hard baby”
“Good because I want you so bad, I want every inch of you”
I moved my hand down and started to pump his cock
“I want you to make me feel so fucking good Calum, I want you to be a man for me”
I winked at him and my words seemed to trigger something in him.
He genteelly pushed me on the bed and demanded I got on all fours and I did exactly that looking back at him I could see him admiring my pussy.
“Please Calum come fuck me, I need you”
As I begged he pushed his face into my pussy licking up it one more time before getting on his knees behind me joining me on the bed.
“Ready baby”
I just nodded my head with my bottom lip in my mouth waiting for him to fuck me. And he did. Immediately he pushed into my pussy as hard as he could leaving me to scream for him. I’d never felt a cock so thick before, he left it buried there for a second and pushed his hands up my body grabbing my shoulders before pulling out and pushing in again. making me moan once more. I could feel every inch of him filling me up and I couldn’t help but pant. His speed grew but his harshness never changed. He was fucking me fast and hard and I was a mess clenched around him. I fell down onto my elbows and started moaning into the pillow trying not to make to much noise. He wasn’t letting up. His body fell onto mine as he continued to push. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head up.
“If you can fuck my tongue you can fuck my cock”
He immediately stopped one again buried inside me and I got the hint. I started pushing my hips back and fourth as he moved back up and pulled my hair with him so my shoulders were against his chest. He got so deep inside me from this angle and now my moans were no longer muffled. I could feel the knot in my chest building up but I couldn’t make myself cum at this point, I couldn’t fuck myself fast enough on me.
“Calum please I need to cum please Calum fuck”
Thats all he needed to start fucking me again, fast and in this new position it felt so fucking good I could hardly breath.
“Fuck yes Calum, I’m gonna cum, cum with me baby fuck”
Calums speed go to its maximum and I knew he was trying to make himself cum with me.
I started screaming, I’d never made this much noise before but my orgasm was hitting my hard. As soon as I felt Calum pulsing and cumming inside of me I let go. Calum continued to fuck me and ride out both our orgasms grabbing my tits and playing with them as I came.
He put his hands around my body and slowly rested both of us down on the bed.
All you could hear was our breathing as all the moans and screams had gone.
I looked at Calum who was looking at me and all I could think was fuck.
I just fucked my little brothers 18 year old best friend.