After a month of hard work and late night tater tots, I’m finally back.  Not blogging is pretty much the most strenuous activity I have ever had to endure.  I don’t even remember why I stopped to be honest.  I think it had something to do with a boring test that Papa had to take.  Oh well, I included a shot of the rest of the crew in case you guys wanted to see them too.


((Festival of Fire Outfit request/concept roundup from today’s sketch session. :D (except Val that was yesterday) Requests/concepts for:

arkyn-iceborn-vindication jinxite dianamoonfall ask-sivir @inspire-and-defiance ladykraken askdragonbladetalon gromp-the-wight-eater @wanderingberseker arcadesonas askriven-theexile rinidinger grand-general-of-noxus kitchel b1ueflame asktheabysskogmaw I think that’s everyone? Might be missing a few. But please enjoy! (there are tiny comments under each picture))

what i’ve learned so far about new jungle:

  • standard route is gromp (smite), blue, wolves, recall, golems (smite), red, wraiths (smite) -> gank/clear wards/ward
  • start machete 2 pots, on first base upgrade your machete (ranger’s or skirmisher’s) and buy 2 pots (if you don’t have a lot of sustain) or 1 sight ward (on champions with a lot of sustain, i.e. ww, you only use 1 pot on first 3 camps)
  • ranger’s is the standard upgrade and skirmisher’s is good for junglers that previously bought feral flare. the other two are bad
  • tank junglers that have shields or sustain seem to be pretty strong because they aren’t as easily countered early and outscale. champions include maokai, malphite, nautilus, and others
  • feral flare junglers (yi, ww, etc.) are strong in solo q but likely won’t translate to competitive play. the exception is ww because he’s good with ranger’s and skirmisher’s, so he’s not dependent on farming the entire game like yi is
  • raptors (wraiths) are by far the most important small camp to smite and you should try to always save smite for them. they are the best to counter jungle and laners should almost never farm their own jungler’s raptors. stealing enemy raptors prevents them from getting oracle’s and taking your jungler’s raptors does the same thing to your team so… don’t do that. always farm wolves instead because those don’t mean anything
  • mr. crabs is pretty useless to kill early on because it takes too much time and you often reveal yourself in a ward by doing it, which relieves pressure on the other lanes. the only time i prioritize killing mr. crabs is when we’re setting up for a drag or baron and we want the speed shrine to help us kite in the fight. it can also be useful to take it if you’re afraid of the enemy forcing an objective when they’re stronger than you because it’s a ‘ward’ that can’t be cleared