They react to you being sexy [Cybertrionian! Reader x Bots] (Requested)

Bumblebee: His whole face started heating up and he had to stop himself from staring at you, it didn't help that some bots and humans decided to make some comments. You felt somebot hug you from behind and it wasn't hard to tell who it was, since he started playing with your armor.

“You need to stop, I don't think I can deal with this any longer.” Bee muttered.

“Whatever are you talking about?” You replied with a hidden smirk on your faceplates.

“I see how you’re going play, sweetspark.” He growled, rushing you into your berthroom. 

Optimus Prime: He had trouble focusing on his leader duties, optics always finding its way towards you and your form replaying in his processor. It took all his might not to pull you into another room and make you start moaning his name. You felt yourself being picked up before looking towards the bot.

“What are you doing?” You asked. He gave you a quick kiss before smirking.

“Starting unfinished business with my mate.” He growled, lowly. Your optics widened before he entered the dark room of your berth.

Sideswipe: He did a double take on you before grinning like an idiot and making his way over. You felt him slid his arm around your waist and pulling you close. 

“What are you do-ING!” You squeaked, feeling him gromp you’re aft. Your head quickly turned towards him, only to be met with a kiss.

“You have succeed in catching my attention, in more ways than one, (Y/n).”

Jazz: He starred for a few seconds before purring and pinning you against the wall, a seductive grin already planted onto his faceplates.

"Hello there beautiful.” His husky voice said, causing a shiver to run through your body. “You don’t think I would let you get away from me that easily do you?” You could feel him graze your main neck cable before planting a soft kiss there. 

“I’m not sure, why don’t you show me.” You said with confidence before it was replaced by a moan as he started getting into more delicate cabins and wires. 

“Maybe I will." 

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I just watched Saturnz Barnz and THE BAAAATH

Oh no! Now you’re aware of the meme! XD

There was a Q & A session last week with Murdoc and 2D. Someone asked Murdoc how it felt being in the bath and he said he knew it was going to be a meme. I have the audio post of it if you want to hear it yourself:

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Ohh not a request but I think I've figured out Russ's aesthetic,, Yellow, but it's like he lost someone close to him (like maybe his friends) or he lost himself, but he's still positive and cares too much. (Yellow from Humanz cover, the border)

ohh, nice! i tend to think his aesthetic is also city lights/neon cause of his history, but i like this.