The Wright Gift

Mikey Wright and the grommet façade

The Well-known Mikey Wright has brought a new meaning the word grommet. He takes the typical grommet surfing to the next level and throws down some of the craziest airs that some surfers don’t even dream about.

Since Mikey is now a local of the beloved Lennox Heads he should be well aware of how to act like a normal Lennox grom but his surfing could give the impression otherwise.   

Stay tuned into Little Critterz to see a Little Critterz short film that might feature some surfing and show what a session or two is like with Mikey Wright. Observe the Photograph below:

anonymous asked:

is your tagline a world of warcraft reference?

Yup! I’m a fairly avid WoW player (maybe not lately, but when I have the time I am!) and Gromm’s line in LoW really stuck with me for some reason ovo