Thomas Gromas is a Belgian independent contemporary artist, lives and works in Dottenijs, Belgium.

The theme I pursue in my work is everyday life. Our lives are being influenced by many things such as politics, TV, advertisement, work, etc. Because of this cascade of influences, we are not in control of our life.We are dreaming it.We follow a preprogrammed path. Because of that, we’re always missing out on something. There’s always something we’re wishing for. We’re always looking for more. There is always a better place, a better thing. 

These are the themes I pursue: the fake reality, the manipulated environment, the artificial life. The fairy tale series, for example, is based on this imaginary life, that fantastic world. The repetition of words and text is a way to emphasize the idea behind it.

It reflects the need we have of always wanting more and never being satisfied. That is also why I like to use the word ‘more.’

The fairy tale quotes, “once upon a time,” and ”happily ever after,” reflect how we (I) try so hard to live the life we dream of without really knowing where we go.


Art is the only way to run away without leaving home - run with us !


I love typewriters like these because you can really see how typewriters evolved. First, this model, the Groma Model N, was made with glass round keys. Typical fancy antique typewriter style. But at one point they just decided they wanted to make it more colorful and also not out of breakable glass anymore, and so they decided to make these green keyboards.

Of course, it was the beginning of the and for the original glass keys, but somewhere, I just love that they made it such a bright green color on a machine that’s otherwise still antique.


The Brillant-Junior is the export name of the legendary Kolibri typewriter. One part of the production out of the Groma factories was being re-branded for export to the other side of the iron curtain, and there, distributed by Neckermann, the big West German general distribution company based in Frankfurt am Main. Besides the name, there are no design differences between a Kolibri and a Brillant-Junior.

Notice, on the back of the machine, the typical GDR quality logo.

Available here.