Despite advances in digital technology, the structural engineering syllabus has remained largely unchanged for close to a century. A degree still entails becoming an expert in things like load, leveling, tension, and stress—and students are expected to learn hand-drafting and model construction. But Brazilian architect Márcio Sequeira de Oliveira thought there was a better (and better-looking) way for wannabe-engineers to grok structural mechanics. He calls his solution Mola. It’s the first structural modeling kit you’ll want to snap a selfie with, regardless of your major.

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Boy do I have a good one for you guys tonight.

So, to kick off the game the party had summoned Asmodai to confirm completion of the job put forth by Grok Greenbeard to investigate the tree. Upon seeing they had killed a dragon he took what would have essentially be a photo of the party around the dragon. He then removed the dragon’s head and removed the flesh for the purposes of keeping it as a trophy back at Phaulkon Industries. In the loot the dragon found they found a +1 Arrow, a potion of resistance, a scroll of Haste and an Alchemy Jug. Asmodai identified the jug and told the party all of the things that the jug can produce. Everyone got stuck on the fact that it can make mayonnaise. They quickly dubbed it “The Mayonnaise Jar.”

They told the druids that they had killed the dragon, the druids healed everyone and Asmodai secretly had a bunch of the meat sent back.

Upon returning they agreed to stay for a few days as Asmodai had a surprise for them. On the second day Johan asked the party to accompany him to a room far away within the barracks. Upon getting there he asked the party if they trusted him, to which everyone agreed. He led them into the room, revealing that two vampires had been living in his care. They introduced themselves as Duncan and Isadora (I seriously had just finished watching A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix and those names just stuck out in my head.) And upon hearing of Johan’s intention to find out if vampires could sustain themselves on meal-frequency feedings of blood (as opposed to the normal method) the group agreed to occasionally supply the two with blood. Johan then explained his ultimate goal would be to integrate them back into society as he had done with natural-born werewolves (in my world, natural-born ones have control over their shape shifting and don’t usually have to deal with the negative effects of lycanthropy.)

Now here’s where the night goes completely off the path.

Barakiel receives word via sending spell that the construction of the manor is complete. She also gets word that the Nothic that they party kept ate all of the corpses that they left for it and it has since tried to lure people into its home. They sealed off the tunnel to prevent that from happening again.

The group goes back to Phandalin to attempt to do something about the Nothic. Eventually they decide to try and feed it livestock or other animal bodies. They end up essentially investing in the farmer (cannot remember her name) and in exchange she manages livestock that the party will, unbeknownst to her, be fed to the Nothic. Only after this is done do they realize it might not work.

So, now that they did this they decided to start building up the town (because the farm will need workers, they’ll want their house and the town to have adequate security, etc.) They have many plans (many of which revolve around defending the city because they think they’re important enough for powerful beings to care *scoff*) which includes upgrading their manor to a keep and then building a big enough wall around the town for it to eventually expand into a city. Basically they’re planning city infrastructure.

They did all of this -entirely- because of the fact that one of my players likes that I do Gollum’s voice for the Nothic.

I had had the trip to The Under prepared. I was ready for a time skip of about a week and just have them set off. I had maps made, I had the plans for my dungeon tiles laid out. And I will use them, just not tonight.

when i was like a sophomore in college the first skittles taste the rainbow commercials came out and that tendercrisp bacon cheddar ranch commercial with darius rucker was out and adult swim was new

and i wrote a whole term paper on those commercials and on how “not making sense is the new making sense” and i thought i was sooooo clever, but really i had just grokked surrealism for the first time 

bless that teacher who didn’t make fun of me 

Okay so adore Girls’ Monthly Nozaki-kun.  Damn that show has crisp writing, fresh characters. great comic timing, and lot of artist feels.  I grok Nozaki-kun on a deep, deep level–a workaholic living for his work!  But unlike him, I want to marry every single girl on that show omfg they are all the best.  I’d love to draw everyone looking like Seo all the time ;;……;;

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Knowing how two languages express different concepts is probably useful for grokking important things about logic.

Like, I know exactly when it hit me that properties and identities were different things. I was six, and I’d just learned that the Spanish form of “I am hungry” was “Tengo hambre” - literally “I have hunger”.

Because hunger is a fact about me, rather than “me” and “hungry” being the same thing. Venus is the morning star because facts about Venus are facts about the morning star, and vice versa. But Venus is not rocky in the sense of identity. Rockiness is one of the facts about Venus.

Likewise, that same Spanish class is when I realised that names are pointers which reference existing objects, because “I am Alison”/”My name is Alison” maps to “Me llamo Alison” - “I am called Alison”.

Obviously, you could figure out any of these things without foreign languages, but learning about it in a language class really forces you to notice these things. I wonder what trivial insights I’m missing just because I’ve never made sufficient study of a non-Indo-European language. English concept space is probably closer to Spanish than Chinese or Arabic.

“you don’t want to talk because you think you’re better than us” is a train of thought I have never been able to grok. I feel like it says a lot about either a) that person’s major social fear or b) that person’s standard MO.

Either way, it’s one of those situations where someone has decided a very specific narrative for you and they’re not interested in seeing it rewritten.

I have my ticket back to the US! Which, one, holy shit, the year is nearly over(and to be fair my entire perspective on Judaism has changed and I’ve actually grokked charitability so I’ve gotten stuff done). Two, what the fuck am I supposed to do with a seven hour layover in chicago on June 6th? Anyone have A) advice or B) interest in hanging out with a probably jet lagged and thus exhausted-cuddly-unfiltered SDHS then?
Our Fortress Can Hold Back The World And All Its Horrors - gigglingkat - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
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SPOILERS FOR MARVEL MOVIE CIVIL WAR. If you have avoided the Ant-Man end credit scene, you want to avoid this fic.

This is what I’m telling myself happens next until proven otherwise.

@caffienekitty and this is the one with the arm - not as explicit as your head canon

@xenon-exe - Don’t worry, I still went to Cafe Du Monde (just not at that particular moment)!

Call me a heretic, though: I’m not entirely sure I grok the fanatical loyalty to the place. I found it to be reasonably good, but certainly short of amazing. Although, to be fair, I don’t drink coffee and I’m not a huge fan of sugary fried dough, so I’m probably a terrible judge…

Robots that have whole dictionaries stored on their hard drives, but don’t understand the difference between slang, archaic language, and common speech, so they just pick the most efficient string of syllables. “Whence came you” rather than “where did you come from,” “grok my jive” instead of “understand where I’m going with this.” “What’s so funny” instead of “why are you laughing at me.” “Weirdo,” not “I don’t understand humans and your strange sense of humor.” “I’m at max efficiency” instead of “stop laughing at my word choices, I’m the sensible one here.”
The Brooklyn Bridge Job (Let’s Go Steal A HYDRA Asset) - gigglingkat - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
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Series: Part 1 of People Who GROK Bucky Barnes

The Leverage team gets called in to find and help someone caught between something he doesn’t think he’s earned and something no one deserves.

A MCU Leverage AU that solely exists because Parker would GROK Bucky so fucking hard, y’all. This started as a joke about Magic Mike XXL, and is, in whole, the fault of Katemonster, They Who Transcend All Genders.

@caffienekitty - I never remember to crosspost my fic to tumblr

From Facebook:

K.L., L.B, and D.J. are looking for survivors of the Judge Rotenberg Center to be part of a (not yet created) closed Facebook group where they can get mutual support. It became clear to them when talking with a JRC survivor in another group that there is a great need for this. They are not survivors themselves and feel strongly that such a group should be survivor-created and run, but are willing to help promote and bring survivors together for this.

It is obvious to them that JRC survivors are highly traumatised in ways that only other survivors can truly grok.

If you are a survivor, email so that K.L, L.B., and D.J. can connect you to others so you can create a closed support group as a safe space for yourselves.

freeze peach

The main thing you have to understand, if we’re going to have a productive discussion, is that free speech is about more than legalities to me.

It’s part of my personal value system. It’s something I care about in all aspects of my life, and I try to conduct myself accordingly. And I fundamentally disagree with people who reduce it to law alone. That perspective is quite troubling to me, in fact: it ignores the reality that social forces can hold just as much oppressive sway as legal ones. I wouldn’t dare assert, for instance, that racism is over just because black people have the same legal status as whites. Nor did marriage equality magically end homophobia. I’m suspicious of the argument that oppression by government is more “legitimate” than oppression by public opprobrium. To go full Godwin: Neo-Nazis have little to no political power worldwide, yet the threat they pose to the objects of their invective is still very real.

The left seems to grok this concept - see above re: racism and homophobia. But there’s a certain reluctance to apply it to free speech that I find frankly baffling. Is it so unthinkable that social prejudice, of one stripe or another, might inform the parameters of what’s allowed to be said? Of what people feel comfortable saying? Common sense would hold that it’s not - there are certain positions we’ve all but driven from the Overton window. Some, I think, for good - but I don’t buy that consensus by popular opinion is prima facie good.

It’s here, I think, that people confuse legality and morality. If a majority Protestant neighborhood reacts with disdain to any hint of Catholicism, such that a visiting Catholic speaker is drowned out with a chorus of boos - well, that’s certainly their right. They haven’t infringed upon said Catholic’s free expression in any legal sense, but I’d argue that by disrupting his speech, they’ve limited others’ right to freedom of association. They’ve curbed my right to hear what he has to say. They haven’t done anything illegal, and I certainly wouldn’t call for their arrest, but a legal act isn’t automatically morally defensible.

A few months ago, Donald Trump held a rally in my city. I’m no fan of Trump, to be perfectly clear. But I was frustrated and disappointed by the reaction of my community, a significant portion of which circulated a petition to have his speech shut down. To be once again perfectly clear, I do not think they did anything illegal, and I recognize that petitions are a valid form of free speech. That said, if a few thousand signatories can be enough to remove an event from a public space, we should all we scared. Access to information should not be controlled by those who scream the loudest. Suppose the next controversial speaker is a representative for Planned Parenthood. Suppose the local evangelical population makes enough noise to get it canceled. Such silencing isn’t illegal, but it’s silencing nonetheless.

Finally, as tumblr user @academicianzex puts it:

A community where you’re perfectly at liberty to become a Muslim, but at the same time your mosques get shut down and you will be fired from your job and unable to find a new one is not one of religious freedom, no matter what the first amendment says.  And a community where political events can be shut down at the whim of the majority and where you can be fired for supporting the wrong candidate does not meaningfully have freedom of speech, no matter what the laws say. Freedom has to be inscribed on the hearts of the people as well as on the paper of the laws for it to be effective in the real world.