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So I’ve been slowly working on this idea for 6 months hahah.. I was like “oh CARTOON NETWORK SHIPPUDEN ! that sounds cool. I’ll just make a lineup with (almost) every CN franchise and dress them as Naruto characters”. It makes no sense haha, but I had a lot of fun, and it taught me a lot as an artist to work with all these different styles.

I looked up prices to print out posters, and I found out I could print OK quality A2 size (33"x23") and sell them for like 9$ (not including shipping). Would you be into that ? you should PM me if peeps are interested I’d totally do that :)

Cartoons I really Miss, and Wish to have a few rebooted because come on they were awesome!

Danny Phantom.


2003 Ninja Turtles. (Don’t judge me…. I really liked that version.)

Avengers Earth’s Mightest Heroes.

American Dragon:Jake Long

Kim Possible


Teen Titans The Original.

Everything on CBBC 2006 - 2008.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

There’s a few more that I can’t remember the names of and I am asshamed…

FOR REAL THIS TIME! Teletoon has confirmed that the NEW episodes of #Grojband will indeed start playing tonight! Thursday March 5th at 7:30pm on Teletoon. It will keep running in this time slot every week this month then switch to the 6:00pm time slot in April. It would mean the world to me and everyone on the team if you could watch or at least set your PVR’s. Viewing numbers REALLY do count and Teletoon could renew this awesome series if the ratings are kickass. WE CAN DO IT #GROJFANS!!!!!! #animation #cartoon #tvseries #TELETOON #freshtv #cartoonnetwork #neptoon #cantmissthursdays #toddkauffman #markthornton

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