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So I’ve been slowly working on this idea for 6 months hahah.. I was like “oh CARTOON NETWORK SHIPPUDEN ! that sounds cool. I’ll just make a lineup with (almost) every CN franchise and dress them as Naruto characters”. It makes no sense haha, but I had a lot of fun, and it taught me a lot as an artist to work with all these different styles.

I looked up prices to print out posters, and I found out I could print OK quality A2 size (33"x23") and sell them for like 9$ (not including shipping). Would you be into that ? you should PM me if peeps are interested I’d totally do that :)

It’s a Funny Old Omniverse!

Total Drama: “We’ve got five seasons and one spin-off show under our belt, with a sixth on the way! No wonder we have so many fans!”
6teen: “Well, we might only have four seasons and didn’t last as long as you, but our fans still remember us!”
Looped: “We only managed to churn out two seasons before ending and don’t have a strong fanbase yet, but… Hey, you OK, Grojband?”
Grojband* (drunkenly singing): “Hello, darkness, my old friend…!”

*Only one paltry season, got treated a bit badly round the schedules, and no sign of any surviving Grojband fandom groups here yet!


Something that’s been in the back of my mind for a while, so I’ll just throw it out here.

It’s a reverse AU for the cartoon Grojband, which was cute but mediocre and didn’t last very long. I’m switching out the band members. 

Trina takes Corey’s place as front woman of her own grojband (Jrogband?) and the characters in her circle become the new band members, Mina (still shy and easily taken advantage of by Trina, is the drummer) Nick Mallory (hunky but no longer the “hunky”, is pianist), and maybe someone else as well.

The original band members get new identities outside of the band.

Corey becomes “Hunky Corey Riffin” a loner and rather successful poet. He trades Trina his poems so she can use them as lyrics in her songs in exchange for favors.

Laney is Corey’s biggest fan. She’s from a really strict and straight laced family. She tries hard to be the good girl her family wants her to be, but she has really aggressive and violent thoughts. She hangs around Corey a lot and is really blatant about her feelings for him. He acknowledges her as something of a friend but is (still) completely unaware of her feelings for him. She’s a blue belt in karate.

Dunno what to do with characters I haven’t mentioned yet, so if this gets developed any further, we’ll see what happens there.

Multiverse Theory and Why It’s Your Friend

The multiverse theory in the most simplest of terms states that there are an infinite amount of parallel universes to coincide with the infinite possibilities that can occur throughout time and space.

So you’re probably wondering why you’re seeing this in tags about your favorite shows and whatnot, well it’s simple.

Everyone has headcanons and AUs about their favorite shows, and not to mention the wonderful fan theories about hidden secrets or future events.  And some, not all, but some people wish deep down that their headcanons/theories become true.  Sadly when a show is either finished or canceled, for many these things don’t happen.


You believe in the multiverse theory, such as I do.  Because by law of this theory all headcanons and theories are true, within their respective universes of course.

You may have a headcanon that isn’t true here, but there is a universe out there where it is true and maybe another where it’s true with a theory of yours, the possibilities are limitless!

For instance a universe where Bill Cipher is voiced by Morgan Freeman!

or a universe where Lincoln Loud always wears a pink shirt instead of an orange one!

or a Steven Universe where Jasper did join Steven instead of getting corrupted!

or a universe where Marco Diaz is openly trans, Star’s gay with Jackie and Ludo is actually just an angry banana with a face!

Literally endless possibilities!

Now you’re probably wondering why I made this post right?  Well it’s because we should be happy, and no matter what happens to our favorite shows, whether our theories aren’t right, or our headcanons get disproved.  They are true…somewhere.

So let’s all sit back, relax, and enjoy some quality entertainment…after this commercial break!