FOR REAL THIS TIME! Teletoon has confirmed that the NEW episodes of #Grojband will indeed start playing tonight! Thursday March 5th at 7:30pm on Teletoon. It will keep running in this time slot every week this month then switch to the 6:00pm time slot in April. It would mean the world to me and everyone on the team if you could watch or at least set your PVR’s. Viewing numbers REALLY do count and Teletoon could renew this awesome series if the ratings are kickass. WE CAN DO IT #GROJFANS!!!!!! #animation #cartoon #tvseries #TELETOON #freshtv #cartoonnetwork #neptoon #cantmissthursdays #toddkauffman #markthornton

doodled up some quick Corney concepts the other day! Here we have 30-something married Corey n Laney, where Corey is ageless and Laney has gotten used to being constantly tired. Because Corey won’t do it, Laney cuts his hair a few times a year and just lets it grow back out to its usual length, but those few times a year he looks SHARP (she still prefers his hair long.) Corey’s collected even more jewelry as he’s gotten older, which doubles as stim toys for when his neuroses get extra fidgety.

Also featuring their future children + their teenaged selves, Marshall (Persian, adopted at age 3,) and Lucy ‘Lulu’ Riffin, born about a year or two later. Nothing’s super set in stone yet, but here they are for now.

I need some more blogs to follow

Heyy! My dash has been a little bit poor lately so I thought that you (yeah you, you’re special) could help me! If you have a blog on which you post cartoons/animes, including:
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