Here’s our judge, Kora and I, at the end of a long day. It was Kora’s first show, and despite the very new, overwhelming environment, I think she did pretty well! I could tell she was tired on our second run, and I know we have lots to work on for July. She placed 3rd for the first Novice A trial with 96 points (and got that big rosette!), and got 93 points on her second run. She actually tied with a Cairn terrier, but the other pup was a bit quicker. I’m so proud of my girl, and I’m excited for many more adventures to come. One more leg to RN!


It’s been an adventure so far!

To think that just a week ago, I was in Hungary with her breeder and we took her to a specialty show where she did terrible but got nice critiques. Then she was so outgoing and took the airport in stride.

Back home in Chile she was really shy - she refused to leave my room for too long and just lay on her bed, sleeping calmly after crossing the Atlantic. She had a bit of a fear period after that - refusing to get inside the kitchen and just being more cautious about everything. She was shy about my friends but loves my in-laws, totally oblivious about other dogs but social with ham-smelling strangers in puppy class…all in all a pretty odd fear period, specially considering she met my friends in my backyard and my in laws in their house, after a car ride which she hates.

Today? Today she wanted to eat the world (and my clothes!). She spent the morning tormenting Noah and Khali and then proceeded to make a hole in my coat, but somehow behaved calmly when I crated her while I took Noah for some bloodwork.

Now it’s 3 am and I’m doing a night shift. Without her. It’s the first time I’ve left her for so many hours (yay for 12 hr shifts 😑). I miss her.