grocery shopping for food allergies

Shop Groceries for Food Allergies
  • Manja:what is your food allergy petpeeve
  • Foodies with Food Allergies:grocery shopping! We look insane reading labels for hours. No we are not vain and "allergic" to calories? Just looking for some non processed food here.
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Food Pyramid For Allergy Elimination Diet: Healthy Eating for Food Allergies

Need some ideas for what to buy at the grocery store? Shopping with food allergies or for a loved one with food allergies is not always easy.

Food in its natural form and state, meaning not in a box or bag, is the least likely to be cross processed with allergens and other ingredients containing allergens.

Look to the Raw Food Pyramid above for aid in a balanced diet. For example, if you have tree nut allergies but consuming seeds seem to be okay, try substituting fat and omega needs (nuts) with seeds. Instead of almond milk, try hemp milk. Instead of pine nuts in your pasta or salad, try Hemp Seed Hearts.

Grocery shopping for a foodie with food allergies just got simpler.


Manja's Tips for Shopping the Local Farmers Market

Helping Foodies with Food Allergies Everywhere Get More Bang for their Buck

1. Shop Early for Best Selection of Goods: Most Farmers Markets begin on Saturday or Sunday at 8am and end around 1pm. Farmers are naturally early risers so the closer you get there at 8am the better selection of goods you will have to shop.

2. Shop Late for Savings: Most farmers would rather sell to you in bulk at a lower cost then pack up and travel with more goods. The closer you arrive and shop at closing time, the better discount you will get (may have to sacrifice variety though).

3. Have a Taste: Sample anything and everything before purchasing. It is encouraged here. Also most booth hosts are the farmers themselves or a specialist in the product. They take pride in their product and will not lie to you about containing ingredients or risk of cross processing. Please discuss food allergies before sampling or purchasing.

4. Try New Things: At the local markets you get the best of the best. Try figs, Indian sauces, Afghan Foods, Kohlrabi, Sunchokes, and Purple Carrots.

5. Stock Up on Rich Produce: Unlike grocery chains who harvest weeks before produce is set out, local markets feature produce harvested the day before. As fresh as it gets.